Vitamin G

Like other nutrients which we require and receive through the environment (oxygen and other elements in the air and water, vitamins, minerals Etc. in food), there are indispensable and essential “nutritional factors” derived directly from the Earth-connection. Humans and pets now suffer from a profound deficiency which must be remedied…

Vitamin G, 2

Vitamin G


Some of the essentials automatically available when we are “grounded” cannot be taken as a pill or in food.

NASA and other space agencies recognize that lack of “Earth ground” is big problem for which they have no suitable answer. But one does not need be 200 miles above the Earth to suffer from the ‘vitamin G’ deficiency.
Just as sitting right next to a crate of limes will not prevent or cure scurvy (vitamin C, ascorbic acid deficiency), the scourge of Britain’s sickly Royal Navy hundreds of years ago; we must actually partake.

We must eat/drink vitamin C to prevent or cure scurvy. We must touch-the-Earth, so to speak, to prevent and cure the many ill conditions directly caused and contributed to by the ‘lack of connection’, the ‘ungrounded syndrome’. We must eat the lime… We must touch the Earth…

Physical/electrical connection to Earth-Ground (Vitamin G)

The great unrecognized deficiency suffered by humans and often their pets as well, is the Vitamin G deficiency (…the chronic Vitamin G deficiency very clearly demonstrates the underlying ‘Electron Deficiency’ from which most humans and captive animals suffer…). We benefit from exposure to (interfacing with) the natural elements and we MUST connect (physically and electrically) with Earth. Regular, long duration, long term Earthing / Grounding of the broad population would diminish and dissolve much of the pain and suffering which our society deals with… The drug companies would not like that, but our bodies and our minds would love it.

As humans have moved indoors and off of earthen floors we have enjoyed greater sanitation and enhanced comfort, but a negative tradeoff is the initiation of a whole new limitation to our well-being.
As we have further removed ourselves from, and shielded ourselves from the natural world we have literally created an epidemic of illness. The “ungrounded syndrome” really took off like wild fire in the developed world in the mid 20th century. That’s when people began to choose driving over walking (the birth of suburbia), Supermarkets over gardens, moved more indoors (living on nylon carpets and vinyl floors at home, and trading Earth-based livelihoods [farming, ranching] for office and factory work). Where we did still walk, it was more on pavement than ‘Earth’ and (a biggy) wearing rubberized, insulating soled shoes.

For a species evolved in direct, constant contact with the planet it has been a shock to sever the life-line so abruptly.

This time of great change (the birth of rampant vitamin G deficiency) began in earnest about the same time that we brought new stressors into the equation. The general stresses associated with the quickening pace of life meant that we needed more of what we were getting less of. Likely the biggest and most harmful stressor which came on the scene in a big way in the 80’s and has exploded more recently is electro-pollution. The thick soup of electro-pollution which we now live in, puts very high demands on our requirement for just the same stuff that ‘connection’ (EARTHING) provides.

Simply paying attention to how we feel can tell us a lot. There are now numerous ways of testing and assessing the harmful effects of electro-magnetic pollution and the protective effects of grounding scientifically. One [of the harmful effects] which has gained attention (even in some allopathic medical circles) is the condition of ‘chronic systemic inflammation’. Again, this is but one example, but a very important one to be sure.

We know, in general terms and in some cases, very exact terms, that constant and frequent exposure to the electro-magnetic fields and radiant energy from, modern house wiring, countless electric/electronic tools and toys, ubiquitous telecom devices, computers and computerized appliances and vehicles, medical testing and intervention equipment, just to scratch the surface, directly upsets our own biological wiring, and causes and sustains very high levels of chronic systemic inflammation.

Inflammation is an important healing response to injury or invasion. That right there should help convince anyone who still thinks that the cell phones, computers, MRIs and so on are benign; in fact are anything but.

These things are not going away.

The point is, that many of technological wonders that we live with, and the children now grow up with, while convenient, fun and even life saving, are hurting us dramatically.

One way that this occurs, which is easily measured is by causing perpetual systemic inflammation. This is not limited, short term (appropriate) local inflammation; that which initiates the killing of infectious agents at the site of infection and starts the healing process for broken bones. We could not life without the short-term, local inflammation response. Some wonder how long (or how well) we can go on living with chronic systemic inflammation (CSI).

It just so happens that, simply not being grounded, allows CSI to set in and hold on. But CSI really kicks in, in response to our exposure to the invisible pollution of electromagnetic fields which are quite new to the human race.

The prevention and the remedy to CSI is Earthing.

When we are Earthed (grounded):

  • Our bodies do not absorb nearly so much of this pollution (the surface of the skin acts as a shield while we are connected).
  • Our bodies have a channel through which to expel harmful influences (there are influences and agents normally created in the body, even without the damage from electro-pollution which cannot be expelled through urine, feces or perspiration).
  • Our bodies are generously flooded with free-electrons which act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

This is essential nutrition, and it’s virtually free.

We can look at this ‘Elemental Insulation Process’, where we cut ourselves off from any interface with the natural environment (intimate contact with the Earth) as a huge experiment. How do you think we’re doing?

In effect, we are all “inflammatorily constipated”, and the only truly effective laxative, with no negative side-effects is Earthing.

Vitamin G is essential nutrition!

It makes no better sense for the stressed-out, emotionally unstable person to refuse all foods well endowed with B-vitamins, or the scurvy ravaged sailor to shun vitamin C rich foods, than it does for any of us to refuse vitamin G.

We must make a greater effort to be connected than our grandparents did and we need that connection much more than humans ever have since we first started ‘Walking on Planet Earth’.
You get vitamin G if you grow a garden (only while your bare hands and knees are in the soil) but not from the eating the food.

You cannot buy vitamin G at the market; you cannot buy vitamin G at the health food store.
You must go directly to the source.
Back to the Earth.

Bare Feet, 1

Plant Ten

Vitamin G is always available but must be considered ‘time soluble’, it does not last long in the body. We need at the very least frequent replenishment, at best constant input.

As people begin to understand the importance of Earthing (vitamin G) they are sitting on the ground, removing their shoes, embracing the elements again and using various sorts of Earthing tools to bring the connection into the home and office so as to extend the hours-per-day that they are connected. This is the best most of us can do… This is the least we deserve.

Hopefully more and more people will realize that vitamin G is just as essential for the non-human animals. The wild animals of course or covered in this regard, and their profound vitality expresses this. Caring pet-keepers need to get the furry ones out of the apartment and onto the ground and to provide them with a suitable connection inside the home too.

Some attention to vitamin G pays us back many-fold.
We need vitamin G, get yours today and every day.

Earthing, bed in house on earth, sm.

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See: The Importance of Earthing

Vitamin G supplementation, food for thought:

In these modern times, any effort we make towards connecting with the Earth may be considered “Civilized Supplementation”.

Civilized Supplementation:

This refers to known nutrients which may sometimes be in short supply, difficult to access or under-functioning due to the ways modern humans choose to separate and shield themselves from natural elements and because of the degree to which we have damaged the life-supporting properties of our only home planet. Three primary examples are Vitamin D (ideally produced when the skin is bathed in full-spectrum sunlight), Vitamin B-12 (manufactured only by bacteria) and Vitamin G.

More on ‘Civilized Supplementation’ here

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Vitamin G

The Importance of Earthing

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