Almost the only radiant stuff that serves the people well, It’s been growing our food since lesser Angels descended to hell. ‘Sol’ has blessed us with loving rays since our story began; Quite unlike the toxic, ‘for-profit’ kind, now made by man. When you really think about it, you needn’t look to hard to see, It may sound hyperbolic, but the wireless craze is an ‘STD’. ~ (SOCIALLY Transmitted Disease) – (sharing the acronym) ~ For this acronym, it qualifies perfectly. Indeed, wireless EMP is an STD. It’s harmful and contagious; we’ve established that for sure, The lusty-lure built right in, makes it damn hard to cure. Being not-promiscuous and practicing ‘SAFE-TEXT’; Can help you be healthy today and the days next. Don’t let that dirty thing, always in your pocket, Have the same effect as some ‘nasty’ in your socket.

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