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Honor Your Aethers… Part 2

Honor Your Aethers… Part 2

Part 2:



Just a drop in the ocean…

We All Deserve to Know:

Much clear proof of clinically significant disease tied directly to use of cell phones and assorted common wireless devices was documented literally decades ago, and has continued to amass through the years. Generally, this important information has, from the start, been suppressed, hidden, blacklisted and dismissed, often by individuals and organizations who have not even reviewed it, and who have demonstrated an inability to defend their claims of harmlessness. This is information which we all deserve to know…

Humans of all ages, and perhaps most disturbingly, young people, are being harmed (undeniably) through the use of wireless devices, voluntarily by themselves, and by others in their immediate space, and by the e-poison actively and constantly disseminated throughout the biosphere even when not in close proximity to ‘users’. This; we all deserve to know…

Much of the harm directly resulting from the typical use of wireless devices is accumulative; some may be classified as ‘irreversible’, some will be very difficult and costly to treat. It gets worse. This; we all deserve to know…

Chronic exposure to wireless EMP negatively effects biological systems [humans] on various levels and in numerous ways. This; we all deserve to know…

[…] You can see what just two minutes of exposure to a smart meter does to human cells. Three different subjects were asked to stand about 1 foot from the smart meter for two minutes. Blood samples were taken before and after exposure.

After this extremely limited amount of exposure, you can clearly see cell wall degradation and trauma to the blood cells occurring in the samples. If big-tech proceeds as planned, use of “small cell” bases placed in close proximity to each other, most neighborhoods will eventually be bathed in even more powerful 5G frequencies. This; we all deserve to know…

We know from research done over 20 years ago that EMFs at frequencies commonly found in most homes can re-activate EBV (Epstein–Barr virus) and cause people to have symptoms. Good to know…

Much more is now being learned, exposed and documented regarding ‘finer detail’ specifics on how wireless EMP exposure causes damage to biological systems at the cellular and sub-cellular levels, and with ever increasingly granular detail as research expands. Such an intricate understanding should never have been necessary to convince people to ‘back off’; and, the practice of waiting through the period of ‘obvious evidence’ – all the way through to ‘even greater, irrefutable, super-fine detail evidence/proof’, places the procrastinators and skeptics at greater risk, with more harm already done by the time they act. Even the newer, more detailed evidence is, and will continue to be suppressed and attacked by those interests profiting from the wireless invasion. This; we all deserve to know…  

It is possible to partially protect oneself from wireless EMP harm to some degree, in the best of circumstances, but it is virtually impossible to remain free of EMP induced harm, even for those not personally using typical wireless devices by choice. This; we all deserve to know…

Please don’t misinterpret the above paragraph. Wireless poison is everywhere, all the time; but one’s personal exposure/harm can be dramatically reduced with simple lifestyle adjustments, at least in environments where there is some personal control (home, car) and often, to a lesser degree in wireless pollution-rich public and work spaces. One disappointing caveat is that, according to the experts and developers, materials typically relied on to shield people from legacy EMP and earlier versions of wireless poison are not expected to be reliably effective at shielding us from G5. This; we all deserve to know…

The U. S. and State Governments (not everyone in service) are complicit with tele-com corporations and their lobbyists, at aggressively pushing the poison technologies onto the citizenry and deeply embedding them into many aspects of our lives. The representatives with a conscience and some scientific aptitude face great pressure and are fighting an uphill battle. These people of conscience (who are a rarity within Congress) risk their careers and deserve strong support. Those individuals within relevant government agencies, who oppose the wireless insanity in favor of performing their jobs in service to the people, are typically blacklisted, threatened, fired and forced out through targeted attrition efforts, particularly since ‘adjustments’ after the 2016 election aimed at actively and dramatically downsizing and underfunding agencies and departments instituted to protect the welfare of the citizens and of our only Planet. This; we all deserve to know…

Mainstream media is complicit-by-omission in the wireless invasion, and as such, demonstrates its unreliability as the important check to injustice. This attitude and functional failure represents a critical, missing and necessary element to democracy. The so-called ‘Fourth Estate‘, is failing the people. This; we all deserve to know…  

The aethers/airways are (is) a unique aspect of our naturally-occurring infrastructure which must be well managed and equitably regulated. This aspect of ‘the commons’ is finite; its volume doesn’t change no matter how much stuff is jammed into it. In the early days of radio, use of the PUBLIC airways was considered and agreed to be a limited privilege and to be used as a public service. In the late 40s, the U.S. FCC instituted the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ to help guide broadcasters to do something good for the people in return for the privilege of holding a broadcast license. Reagan’s anti-fairness – pro-corporate machine blew that up, and Hate-radio (Rush) started selling divisiveness ‘moments’ later… Slight digression admittedly, but importantly related… The point: use of the radio spectrum was meant to support actual service to the people; any economic profit was to be secondary. The [sacrosanct] aethers/airways cannot, in fairness, or to any ultimate good, be used (overused) as a means of shifting wealth from the people to the <1%. It’s not rightly, a cash cow; certainly not when the selfish profiteers use it to harm the people. This; we all deserve to know…

It is neither hyperbole nor unsubstantiated opinion to state that: The continued full embrace of the wireless revolution (and, for that matter excessive, unshielded screentime, even if not on wireless devices) will cause more harm that it prevents or that it will cost much more (in economic and other terms) than it will save. This; we all deserve to know…    

‘Repetitive placement’ conditions (localized issues which develop in/on body areas adjacent to where the phone is repeatedly used and carried) are old news and should surprise no one. Nevertheless, people all around, all the time, repeat the same self-destructive behavior as if it doesn’t matter. I think otherwise; but maybe they don’t know how easy it is to produce gross and threatening conditions by chronically using and/or carrying a device on or near the body. This; we all deserve to know…

BTW; there really is no such thing as a [completely] ‘localized’ condition/illness, as all conditions, good and bad, are systemic.

In the U.S., for the first time in history, in the past few years, both human fertility and life expectancy have been declining. Sure, we can assume that we’re dealing with multiple contributing factors; unless we count all forms of pollution (chemical, electromagnetic, radiological Etc.) as one. If we place all pollutions under a single umbrella, we might say that the modern pollution factor accounts for 80 – 99% of this disturbing trend. A pollutant doesn’t have to qualify as an endocrine- disruptor to whack out the unknowable hormone system (thus, directly effecting fertility) or to otherwise screw up and shorten life, but EDs are good at that bad stuff. Wireless EMP of course is a powerful penetrating endocrine- disrupting poison. I’m just saying… 

Honor your Aethers … About the Wireless Pollution Epidemic! 2.0

Honor your Aethers

… About the Wireless Pollution Epidemic!

Honor and respect our aethers or harmful consequences are assured…

The bulk of this post, this ‘call-to-action’, was originally published in early 2018. It was meant, in part, to align with the growing ‘Screen-Aware’ movement and the 2010-initiated ‘Screen-Free Week’ effort / invitation; and to support and inform the very legitimate growing concerns over ‘device’ related, illness, pollution, societal devolution Etc.

From the Screen-Free Week site: “Screen-Free Week is an annual invitation to play, explore, and rediscover the joys of life beyond ad-supported screens.”

That single-sentence excerpt indicates the main focus of their (SFW) concern. This is important, but the ‘device’-related problems go much further and dramatically deeper. The screens, which people now focus their eyes on more than anything else, are proven problematic, but are only the window to the even more potent invisible poisons emanating from behind the screens, and shooting at us from all directions, all the time. This is an inescapable artifact of the wireless invasion which animates and activates the totally-unnecessary, but voraciously consumed wireless toys which the average person “never leaves home without”, and worse, keeps within arms’ length at all times, in all places.

EMP = Electromagnetic pollution

For two decades +, I’ve been carefully watching the advancement of the increasingly toxic wireless EMP invasion and arguing against it, and looking for signs that the populous might be getting a clue; looking for some sign of resistance, and hoping, beyond reason I guess, for signs of outright  rejection. But, alas, the situation continues to worsen. It seems that the more the promoters lie, the more the people buy; the more poison gadgetry they offer, the more we self-sicken and the more we retreat from authentic communication and wellness-supporting behavior. Witnessing this slow-motion self destruction is dismaying to say the least. Knowing that it need not be this way is frustrating in the extreme.

Because you deserve the best of life, and because hurting others is not cool, please consider the argument, the information and the FACTS presented herein.

Thank you!

It’s Screen-Free Week! Turn off those devices and go outside.

Just a thought:

Look where you’re walking, look where you’re driving, look at who you’re communing with…

Terms used in this rant:

Aether / aethers / the aethers

aether ~ noun:  

1. a medium which fills all space and supports the propagation of electromagnetic waves.

2. a medium that permeates all space and transmits waves (electromagnetic energy)

Aether / aethers / the aethers: An invariable word (doesn’t change its form in cases where other verbs do: A meaning having the same form in both the singular and the plural.

EM = Electromagnetic

EMP (primary) = Electromagnetic Pollution (encompasses EMF, ELF, RF, MW, EMR Etc.); It’s what we’re here to talk about. EMP is, for our purposes, the umbrella term under which fall all the other familiar acronyms. Most or all of the others are more specific regarding type or source; it’s all polluting – it’s all harmful, so my preferred coverall is EMP.

EMP (secondary) = Electromagnetic Pulse; Simple, but not necessary to understand for the purpose of this discussion. Nevertheless, this type of EMP could take the main power grids offline for years, and that would impact (in a positive way; that is; cause a reduction in) problematic Electromagnetic Pollution.

EHS = Electrohypersensitivity or Electro-hypersensitivity or Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

‘Blue-lit’ and ‘blue light dominant’ refers to the inherently grossly imbalanced light emanating from the screens of modern electronic gadgetry (flat screen TVs, phones computers Etc.) 

H = Hydrogen

Hi = Helium

PAC = Political action committee

SCOTUS = Supreme Court of the United States

CC = abbreviation for Climate Change


Acronym expansions:

EMR = Electromagnetic Radiation (whatever the source)

EMF = Electro-Magnetic Fields and/or Electrical and Magnetic Fields. These fields are present and surrounding virtually all electrical devices when connected to a power source; whether turned on or off.

ELF = Extremely low frequencies (frequencies from 3 to 30 Hz, )

VLF = Very low frequency (frequencies in the range of 3 to 30 kilohertz (kHz))

RF = Radiofrequency (frequencies in the 3khz to the 300mhz range)

MW = Microwave (frequencies in the 300mhz to 300ghz range)

Note: There is no EMF (Electrical Magnetic Field) or EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) without electricity.

Clarification on these abbreviations with Z-cabooses (just to keep the numbers straight; for what it’s worth)

Hertz – Hz is defined as the number of cycles per second of any oscillating or repeating phenomenon, but usually used to define electrical signals, or electrical field frequencies such as those of electromagnetic fields, radio signals; 1 Hz = one cycle per second.

Kilohertz – kHz = thousands of cycles per second.

Megahertz – MHz = millions of cycles per second – 1000 x more than kilo.

Gigahertz – GHz = billions of cycles per second – 1000 x more than mega, or 1,000,000,000 cycles per second – Microwave towers, UHF and EHF transmission – operate in the 1GHz to 100GHz range.

Terahertz – THz = trillions of cycles per second- Wavelengths at frequencies still higher than EHF – GHz are referred to as Terahertz radiation, but are more familiarly understood as infrared light.

Still higher frequencies become light visible to the human eye. One THz is a very high frequency unit of electromagnetic (EM) wave frequency equal to one trillion hertz (10-to-the-12th power Hz)

OK, that’s enough…

Part 1.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defined EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) as waves of electrical and magnetic energy radiating out from an electrical device.

In recognition of Screen-Free Week

(and because your health is on the line!)


Adjust your gaze from down, to up ahead;

Place the freaking ‘device’ far from your bed.

There was life, you know, before the blue-lit façade,

And we shared intimate exchange before the ‘pod’.

Looking up from time to time, may ease the neck pains,

Back to three-D, restores human energy exchange.

So essential for the authenticity,

That you get when what’s real, is what you see.

The world is not virtual; and life is not flat,

Gen –Y and Z –ers may not have considered that.

Born into a wireless menagerie,

They can’t be expected to feel or see,

The mess that is profoundly-chaotic energy,

Streaming through every cell of thee.

As a fish born in water can’t compare the past,

The slippery, finned one knows only that.

All the fish knows is the space in the bowl,

That’s all she can sense; it’s her world, her whole.

That space holds all of which she’s aware,

This makes it impossible to broadly compare.    

Such is the fate, the veil, the limitation,

Of humans born into the wireless generation.

Should you walk while texting and fall from the curb,

And still fail to admit just how insane and absurd,

Is a world lived on flat glass where dimension is fake,

Can you know whether you’re blacked out or semi-awake?

It’s OK if you wake up, not knowing your name,

Because every aspect of ‘you’ is part of the game,

Turned into a business by Google and same,

To sell your skeletons for their fortune and fame.

…So get ya’ a friend at NSA or f-Book,

If you pay the ransom, they may give you a look,

At the secrets of you, they illegitimately took,

While poking around in your crannies and nook. 

Creation gave Ape/Humans opposable digits,

Which open the world to artists and fidgets…

If emoji -poking is the best one can do,

Then backwards movement may have hit you.

When screen-tapping rules, and human-touch lacks, 

Evolution has stopped dead in its tracks. 

Without even knowing, your soul was sold,

The fun-stuff promoted; and the whole truth not told.

Now that your secrets are commodified,

And your eyes’ only retinas, are oxidized,

What can be done to resist or reverse,

The ills of this alternate universe?

Less ‘device’, more nature, is on the path,

To ease telecom’s selfish, relentless wrath.

Can’t get the rabbit back in the hat;

Have no fear, there’s an app for that.

But you’ll have to agree to ‘conditions and terms’,

So Silicon Valley can implant their worms,

Which give them control of your thoughts and desires,

So they alone decide how your neurons fire.

Teach the kids ‘real’ before the screen-tapping dance,

This way, they’ll taste life and have a fair chance,

At thriving now, and after the fall,

When truth is exposed over denial of all.

The soul-sucking start-ups headed by crooks,

Googles, Amazons, Twitters and facebooks .

A disturbing trend is now commonplace,

Placing a screen in Baby’s face.

For such a marvel, there is a better use,

Than committing infant-child abuse.

The download is free; the price is paid later,

All info available sooner than later.

The front end is easy, but leads to the rat,

Which sneaks from behind and bites your butt fat.

In cyberspace nothing is free,

Your attention is the commodity.

No matter how useful and cool it may seem,

The truth is that the costs are quite extreme.

You can video-chat to the ends of the Earth,

Talk via thumbs, on ‘Apples’ not of the Earth.

Place an order packed by slave labor,

Then open the box and hour later.

It’s all so wonderful, and really great,

So technically advanced and modern; but wait…

Isn’t it supposed to make life better,

In with email, out with penned letter.

I’m not so sure we should accept without question,

That which causes intellectual indigestion.

And makes the world so effectively small,

And crowns ‘Amazon’ the essential mall.

Firing electrons all over the place,

We could end up with virtual egg on our face.

Down on our knees to the telecom sleaze,

Compels us to offer begging-s and pleas,

For faster and brighter and cooler stuff,

Which is surface-shiny, but mostly just fluff.

From the pragmatic mind of Polish girl ‘8’,

Spouts a message so real, it just can’t wait.

Praising the wisdom of moderation,

Profoundly important to the digital generation.

Moderation is more to the ‘left’ than you think,

Because ‘normal’ has shifted so far towards the stink.

The so-called center has been relocated,

To where fascists like it, but ‘good sense-ers’ hate it.

This suggests that if:

In any moment, you know not what’s best

Power down, turn it off; GIVE IT A REST…

Each wireless device put into use,

Adds to the poison erratic juice,

Infecting the aethers far and wide;

Which you can’t see, and from which you can’t hide.

The whole wireless thing with its enumerated ‘G’s,

May yet bring society to its knees.

Yes, from a naïve perspective, it’s a marvelous wonder,

But will be exposed as a ridiculous blunder.