About the Photon Sound Beam

Photon Sound Beam

About the Photon Sound Beam

The PSB is engineered with the understanding that;

The Rare Gas Tube (RGT) technology is the most effective means of;
1. Accessing, 2. Mobilizing, and 3. Purifying the lymph system (Fluid).
This is of course of critical importance to regaining and maintaining wellness.

The Sound Probe technology (R.F. Probe, Flat Pack) uses the subtle but un-stoppable radio frequency slice of the electromagnetic spectrum to deliver therapeutic energy to every nook and cranny of your body.

The Universal Healing Frequency (U-H-F) bathes the body with the energetic “substance” that is the foundation for the harmonically generated frequencies that will best serve and support your wellness.
Your body’s intelligence and innate drive to maintain homeostasis uses the U-H-F to amplify those frequencies which are deficient whenever health is sub-par, and to support those frequencies that are Pro Wellness. In this way, detrimental influences that promote illness are strongly discouraged, while conditions supportive of wellness are stimulated, nurtured and boosted.

The instrument (PSB) as a whole is its own back-up and failsafe system.

The Sound Probe sub-unit is most effective at filling the space around the body and penetrating deep within, with the specific energy format proven effective at clearing the Biological Terrain of antagonistic life forms and patterns, while simultaneously “Feeding” healthy conditions. The Rare Gas sub-unit insures that auto-intoxication can not result from the die-off of antagonistic bugs or the release of stored toxins, drugs, metabolic wastes, Etc.

The PSB does much more than simply discouraging pathogenic / parasitic invaders and loosen deeply stored old irritants. But very importantly, and related to that function, something that it does very well to make the Deep Cleansing effort safe and fully successful is to insure that all the “Junk” is flushed effectively and comfortably from the body.

The PSB not only brings about a deep cleansing, but just as important, it serves as a tonic; Nurturing, Nourishing and Balancing the body (Being). Certainly, it directly facilitates healing when needed, but additionally, maybe more importantly, is a best friend for general health maintenance. Regular use feeds the system with regenerating influences that keep us “On Track” while living in a world that inundates us with disharmonious electro-pollution, chemical pollution, biological challenges, and numerous stressors all of which continually work to mal-adjust our delicate balance and are well beyond what can be considered healthy influences.
The PSB works gently and effectively to keep all your functions, functioning WELL!
The energy of the Photon Sound Beam is extraordinarily uplifting to the body.

For further clarification and more information visit;
http://www.EarthRising.org and click on Photon Sound Beam,
Or go directly to; https://drbillyhealth.com/03202007/photon-sound-beam/
Billy Saunders ~ http://www.PhotonSoundBeam.US Thanks to Tech Knowledgee Press

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