Animal Communicator

Animal Communicator

In this wonderful mixed-up world there are 1001 empty justifications for animal abuse.

Interestingly, a great number of flimsy excuses are recited by self proclaimed “Animal Lovers“. Just the other day I overheard it again. I have heard numerous versions many times before. The conflicting statement generally stems from a discussion about the best diet for one’s pet. This time, per usual, the speaker was a thoughtful animal lover. Typically, but not always, the animal-lover/animal-abuser is intelligent, articulate, and a loving person. She/he may even be a devoted caregiver, and/or work with her/his healing hands in the health care field. This is a person who “Thinks” and “Cares”, albeit, selectively. This is a person who will do anything for the welfare of her companion.

The declaration usually proclaims something to the effect that; “I contacted such n’ such Animal Communicator” or “Over the years I have talked to many Animal Communicators…” The interaction with the ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR leaves the client feeling assured that the animals sacrificed [murdered] by humans for lunch-and-fashion are happy, even honored to serve the “Higher” beings in this way. The comforting assurance being based on the report(s) directly from the various non-human subjects through the psychically attuned medium are often just what the client was hoping for.

The first point I would make to anyone soliciting the services of an animal communicator and hoping to find a competent one is; If your hired medium tells you that the commutative intelligence of factory farmed livestock told her/him that they are willing to play on the loosing teem in the “Dinner-by-Murder game”, is to find another Animal Communicator, the one you have just interviewed may be very dangerous.

I too am an Animal Communicator. While I claim no extraordinary psychic abilities, I clearly understand the gist of what a hen or a cow is communicating just about the time she is hoisted upside down by flesh piercing hooks and traveling along the “Terminal Conveyor”. And I clearly interpret the meaning of the 150,000 fold increase of stress hormones flooding the animals’ bloodstream in its last minutes in that Godless horror-mill amidst the screams and stench and blood and guts. There is no secret code being used. The message is all too clear. For many of the most important messages, non-human and human animals alike use a simple, direct universal language. All animals want to live, and we don’t like pain.

The practice of disguising ones own perverted vices with falsified justifications is nothing new, and the pretend Animal Communicators (Miss-Communicators) assist in the swallowing of lies too discordant to comfortably face. The Animal Miss-Communicators can be quite creative with their extra-sensory dialog, sometimes quoting verbatim what the sacrificed one, philosophizes about his place in the circle of life.

Were it not for the fact that my intelligence has been insulted thousands of times with invented justifications for the endorsement of wonton of acts of terror, rape and murder supported wholeheartedly by most of the people that I know, I might be surprised to learn that invariably these erroneous reports [from some Animal Communicators] claming that individual members of the popular “Flesh-for-food” species are OK with the system, come exclusively through those psychic contractors who personally live-by-the-sword, so to speak. And by comparison, those Animal Communicators personally living a “Compassionate” lifestyle always report that no animal, individually or collectively is happy, or even willing to be tortured and murdered to make the human animals or their beloved pets fatter.

Those of us who find the justification our conscience requires in the ethically dicey claims of some ANIMAL Communicators must be confused by the opposing communication reports coming from those “Compassion-Aware” ANIMAL Communicators who say that the cows and pigs they talk to, all agree that “Humans ought to find more healthful, sustainable, compassionate ways to feed there faces and their pets”.

Anyone relying on what someone said, that some animal said, to take the sting of guilt out of her/his dastardly deeds or those who may use the shaky hearsay as some guiding illumination to help distinguish right from wrong or appropriate behavior from “Species-ism” will also likely face perplexing confusion when reports from “Alien Communicators” claim that some E.T. races with empathetic communication abilities assure them that the sub-conscious arm of humans’ “free will” is in full agreement with their plans to colonize our planet, appropriate our resources and enslave the people.

Don’t worry they say, it is in accordance with the natural order. Yes, the Earthlings will protest violently when we chain them and they will wriggle with pain and wail in agony as we whip and mutilate them for our purposes, but when we get psychically it touch with their “Higher Selves” they explain, that they [humans] accept us as a superior race and wish to contribute to our selfish gratification in whatever way they can serve. In fact, those psychic E.T. “Human Communicators” report that the “Higher Selves” of their human subjects are honored to participate in the grand plan. After all, those “Higher Beings only want what is best for their people (And maybe their pets), and if that should mean stealing life and limb from a “Lower Being”, so be it, at least as long as the psychic impression OKs it.

Great compassion is expressed by the love and attention focused upon dogs and cats by their “Masters”.

Assuming the role of pet keeper puts one in a Godly or godly roll. I have many times witnessed “pet people” go to extraordinary effort and expense to maximize the well-being of their furry loved one, and in a world deficient in love, it is gratifying to see. The selectiveness of it though, hits me hard in the face as the [Selectively] compassionate caregivers unnecessarily (And Inexcusably) steal the life right out from under hundreds or thousands of “Other” of Gods furry and feathery children on behalf of Spot or Fluffy. The double-standard, or Ethical Schizophrenia is as plane as the snout on Spot’s face but,.. Well at this point it becomes very confusing.
Clearly the “Compassion” expressed by all of the devoted care for one’s favorite companion is negated many times over by the unjustifiable selfish selection process and creates a net deficit of the love that our troubled world so desperately needs.

As many of the lucky ones are rescue pets from humane society facilities it seems obvious that the well intentioned saviors are trying to maximize preservation of life and minimize euthanasia.

But the follow-through is a real killer.
The way that most pet rescuers care for the “Lucky One” means that the life of that “one” is at the expense of the lives of many. That is to say that by snatching Spot from the clutches of an impending “Humane” transition, and raising him in the usual way, many other equally deserving “Children” will be snuffed out, though not in a humane manner, and only after an unfairly abridged life of shameful mistreatment.

It is well to remember that true Humane-ness can not be selective.

Surely if there is a God, She does not play favoritism.
If there be any distinction between right and wrong, then certainly it is better to leave well enough alone than to play God by picking a favorite and killing others on its behalf. Truth be known, the cows and chickens and lams and fishes are not sacrificed to sustain the family mascot, but to satisfy his master. Dangerous business, this…

With Love!


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