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Services offered

Services offered:

* Diet transition guidance
* Personal Environment ‘once-over’
* Plant based nutrition
* Supplement consolidation
* Energetic balancing

We (Wholistic Wellness Associates) exists to make a meaningful contribution to the well-being of everyone on the planet and the planet herself. We are honored to be a small part of this most important effort.
There is a movement underway which we feel that we helped to initiate in modern times, a movement which remains our focus of attention and passion.

We realize that everyone becomes happier and healthier as anyone becomes happier and healthier.
We understand that everyone, everywhere deserves to enjoy high-level health and vital, long life. That’s not too much to ask, it’s not too much to expect. It is the least we deserve.

As it turns out, living in a manner which servers you best is also kind to the environment and therefore automatically the best gift you can give to the kids.

In some ways it’s more of a challenge to stay on the healthier side of life in today’s busy world, but in some very important ways it’s easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Supporting our greater potential (personally and collectively) is not difficult, is not expensive and need not be confusing. It is our nature. Lots of folks haven’t realized it yet, but there is a whole new world of vibrant living filled with abundant energy, fluid movement, happy disposition, strong-healthy kids, little reliance on poison drugs and the most satisfying meals you can imagine. It’s right here waiting for you. You deserve no less. To the extent that we may be of service, we are honored to help. If we never connect, we hope at least that you question the standard party line on health and wellness and that you do indeed find your way to being as happy and healthy as you like.

Diet transition guidance:
We have successfully helped countless people (and pets) seamlessly transition from SAD (standard American diet) to a healthful, enjoyable, productive diet.
Our deep immersion in the field since 1969 gives us the knowledge to give you the understanding.
Just a little light-weight guidance can save you mountains of confusion and years of experimentation, thus getting you on the right track NOW.
We have used roughly the same basic program for decades with attention of course to individual specifics.
We know what works and can explain why.
We stay current on all the latest pertinent research and can clearly demonstrate how; what you are doing might be improved upon.
We will easily demystify the overload of conflicting information on health, nutrition, supplementation Etc.

Personal Environment ‘once-over’:
Our ‘WellSpace’ division is expert in the field of ‘Environmental Evaluation and Remediation’. As addressing this factor is critical to well-being, we have for years offered field audits to assess chemical, biological and electromagnetic stressors in the home and office and provided the remedies to make the space a healthful one. We still contract field audits, but because everyone benefits from making easy, appropriate adjustments in this area, we offer tele-consultations for people outside the radius of field work or for those who can’t find technician in their area. It’s really not complicated, but very important.
WellSpace Associates: Specializing in chemical, biological and EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) control and remediation.
Member, PE Baubiology Research Institute.
On the web at: WWW.EarthRising.Org

Advice and action in this area is most helpful before building or buying a new home and can, with a few minor adjustments transform a ‘sick house’ (a space which creates or sustains ill health in its inhabitants) into a space that nourishes and nurtures high-level wellness. Everyone who has not addressed this important issue suffers, and everyone who does make simple, appropriate adjustments realizes greater wellness!
Over the years we have been involved in many astounding success stories as a result of reducing and/or shielding from these very significant forms of ‘invisible pollution’. We have amassed an impressive stack of testimonials detailing the often complete resolution of; allergies, chronic aches-and-pains, asthmatic symptoms, dementias, fatigue, EI; a wide range of mental, emotional and physical complaints. This is no minor area within the specter of balanced, healthful living, yet it is most often overlooked and under-appreciated. We would urge everyone (especially those with young children) to find out how to make the home a healthy home.

Plant based nutrition:
We have been explaining for many years the endless benefits of eating ‘low on the food chain’ and the many problems associated with doing otherwise. We will happily advise and/or direct you to the best sources of information on sensible, energy-giving, strength-producing, longevity-supporting, physiology-appropriate Plant Based Nutrition.

Supplement consolidation:
We can all reason that nutrition comes best in the form of ‘whole natural food’. While some intelligent supplementation may be beneficial, there are some key things to know with regards to; type, source, dosage, frequency, brand, interactions, duration Etc. Generally, for folks who are already on a supplement program we can help them reduce the entire intake of pills, make sure that everything being used is well worth the effort/expense, get much more out of the supplementation, and save money. For folks not supplementing at all, we may suggest a very small but highly beneficial adjustment. There is a huge industry supported by a ballooning phenomenon that has been termed ‘Nutritionism’. Nutritionism is a paradigm which assumes, in part, that it is the scientifically identified nutrients in foods that determine the value of individual foods, which is to say that the nutritional value of a food is the sum of all its [identified] individual nutrients. Such thinking has often lead to the mistaken assumption that; if a whole-food is helpful in addressing an ill condition for instance, that one nutrient factor within the complex matrix of the whole-food is the reason. Nothing could be further from the truth. Never the less, such a line opens the door for pharmaceutical corporations (which own most of the big supplement brands) to sell a misinformed population lots and lots of pills that do little or no good and often contribute to health imbalances. True there are many ‘valuable’ nutritional supplements available and we at WWA support the right of individuals to purchase and use what they choose. We support this right while we work to advance a more transparent, honest and realistic investigative and information dissemination process as well. The point is that some supplementation is often helpful, even life-saving, but without a doubt, the supplement regimen undertaken by most people is not based on a realistic risk/benefit assessment… It almost can’t be for the average person inundated with information overload when the ‘studies’ are mostly funded by organizations with a special interest in the ‘results’, and most medical doctors (where many people seek advice) are not educated on the matter. Supplementation cannot substitute for high quality whole food, but supplementation done right is beneficial indeed.

Energetic balancing:
Some of the therapies used in a clinical setting are primarily ‘energetic’ in nature (among these are numerous self-administered therapeutic techniques) and work well (and can be taught) long distance.