Dangerous Complacency with Radioactivity and EMR

Gradual Acceptance Leads to Dangerous Complacency with Radioactivity and EMR (anthropogenic Electro-Magnetic Radiation)

New sources of highly radioactive pollution have been infiltrating the biosphere since the 1940s and added to that is the exponential explosion of so called EMR (electromagnetic radiation) which really kicked in, in the past 20-some years.

Little by little, more forms, and ever elevating degrees of these invisible pollutants have been pushed, sneaked and welcomed into our lives. The devices, utilities technologies and toys have often been presented as absolutely necessary. Whether or how necessary is another story. The point is that all of these modern invisible pollution sources have been added at a steady pace making it easy to be unaware of the mounting stressors or to be thoughtful of the likely compounding negative effects. While some benefits and convenience may be realized overall, the net negative side effects far, far outweigh any real good.

The concern is that the population is like the frog placed into a pot of temperate water, the heat is raised slowly and steadily, this way the frog (the population) doesn’t realize that it’s about to boil till it’s too late.

In this society populated with people who are complacent and consciously comfortable with chronic exposure to harmful, ionizing radiation, leaky nukes may not seem as counterproductive as they truly are, especially for those who believe that some government agency ‘has their backs’. The fact that it is common to carry a cell phone or home cordless phone on the person and even hold it right up against the head for hours daily doesn’t make the practice safe…far from it.

In the case of such wireless devices we know that the government/industry looked until they found one form of radiation that they could measure to rate the relative safety/risk equation which could be presented in such a way as to keep our attention off more obvious forms of biologically disruptive radiation. How convenient for the ‘overseers’ to base regulations only on the SAR (specific absorption ratio), which can be made to look like the exposure level might be worth the damage incurred if one loves his handy toy enough, while they totally ignore the much more clearly damaging ICF (information carrying frequencies)(the known profoundly harmful aspects/frequencies are never considered or quantified by the industry or authorities) . They are basically saying that if you keep the device a certain (unrealistic) distance from the body and the tissue that is your physical self doesn’t ‘heat up’ beyond an arbitrary amount, all is well.

It’s as honest as testing water only for the presence of lead in samples KNOWN TO BE loaded with arsenic.

That’s an example of the shams that the ‘corporate/government marriage’ uses all the time, and most people buy it. People buy it so enthusiastically that:

Millions of loving parents place ‘baby-monitors’ inches away from the youngster’s body… a radio transmitter right there close to the baby for many hours every day.

People are running around with implanted radioactive pellets and undergoing regularly scheduled radioactive therapies.

It’s the law that homes must be outfitted with a minimum number of smoke detectors, the kind easiest to find, in fact the only type offered at most retailers is the kind containing radioactive ‘Americium-241’. There is a safe alternative, but most folks don’t even know there is a choice or consider that their bedrooms have radioactive appliances… And when was the last time you noticed that someone bothered to dispose of a radioactive smoke detector ‘responsibly’?


It’s now a ‘wireless’ (profoundly EMR polluted) world.

Clerks in many (most large chain) retail stores are outfitted with headsets on their skulls and transmitters at the waist 8-9 hours a day.

Millions of ‘intelligent’ people run around all day every day donning ‘blue-teeth’ (radio receiver-transmitters) planted one inch from their brains… I know brilliant doctors who participate in this self-destructive practice.

Many or most homes and schools are now self-polluted by wireless routers.

Almost everyone spends hours daily with a cordless phone pressed against his head as if these convenient devices are less poisonous then cell phones.

And of course, well we should not even have to mention the ubiquitous invasiveness and pervasiveness of cell phones and related personal wireless devices.

There are wireless audio/video systems in many homes.

Schools are very hot with lots of these sources of invisible pollution.

Coming soon to every home throughout the U.S. and much of the developed world are ‘Smart Meters’ at the electric service box on the side of the house. These will have microwave transmitters imbedded which will further electro-magnetically pollute the home environment and can’t be turned off.
Many more poisonous ‘smart devices’ will be pushed onto and snuck into our lives, unless and until we say, NO!

Why would anyone question it? After all we have been assured for decades that microwave ovens are perfectly safe. The fact that microwave ovens (affectionately called Zappers) are so inexpensive (cheap) is not a service which ultimately benefits our health… But they must be safe or they wouldn’t be legal, and they save energy right? Well, no and no, but that’s another [disappointing] story.

Some of these examples may seem a bit far out, but the important points to remember are that:

~ We don’t have to HAVE, or DO, everything that poison technology offers. In fact, I would propose that when we see that a technology’s advances are outpacing relevant responsibility, we must interrupt the runaway process, bring all components into alignment such that we have a completely ‘sustainable’ system which, most fundamentally DOES NO HARM. (The way that the ‘nuclear-industrial-complex’ has been set up and now operates is analogous to setting sail in deep waters in an ark constructed on a water-soluble hull, this ark carries everyone and they’re looking forward to a fun cruise but don’t see the inevitable disaster ahead because they failed to look at the system as a whole.

~ The ‘corporate-government amalgam’ does indeed intentionally mislead us. The corporate-government amalgam does disseminate huge, lethal lies as a regular practice. The nuclear push is a crystal-clear example.

~ This comment is in no way meant to reflect a narrow minded anti-government/anti-business sentiment, but to remind us to:

~ Assume that we are rarely fed the truth or offered the whole story.

~ And that we can have as trustworthy a government and as responsible a corporate climate as we insist on it.

Please join us and insist that our government and its plutonium pillager pals bring us sane ideas or get out of the way.

By the way, as an example of the pervasive, invasiveness of these times:
By early 2010, 6,000 of the 8,000 private campgrounds in the U.S. were blanketing all their patrons in Wi-Fi electro-pollution. This is the ‘extra’ you get, like it or not, and some of these locations are way out in the wilderness and offer ‘otherwise’ primitive accommodations…
Happy (connected) camping!



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