Death by (of) Alfalfa

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced early this year (2011) that they will soon be publishing their lengthy (2300+ page) Environmental Impact Statement which will give final approval in favor of Monsanto for the planting of genetically engineered Roundup Ready alfalfa.

Who is going to read the 2,300 pages? Our trusted representatives, I don’t think so. They don’t have to; they already know how the story ends. They put some more of Monsanto’s money in their pockets and steal the future from their kids.

Alfalfa is grown on something like 3-400,000 farms on many millions of acres.
Over twenty billion pounds of alfalfa are harvested each year in the United States and most is cycled through the meat that humans eat.That’s a lot of good ol’ U.S. prime farm land poisoned and a hell of a lot of Monsanto’s favorite poison, the flagship product romantically called ‘Roundup’ being sprayed and spread all around this beautiful land, so everyone can breathe it every day (no matter where you may live) and there will be plenty of ‘Glyphosate’ (the deadly poison, Roundup) to saturate lakes, rivers, wells, oceans, Momma’s milk and baby’s young body.

Like GE (Genetically Engineered) corn and soy, (grown from Monsanto’s patented Sick-Seeds) which are already ubiquitous in the nonorganic food supply, GMO-ed alfalfa would involve farmers using alfalfa seeds that have been genetically manipulated to produce plants that will withstand super-high dousings of the chemical Roundup (Glyphosate’), these are the so called Roundup Ready seeds (RR seeds).

Repeatedly saturating the plants with Monsanto’s favorite poison renders plants hyper-susceptible to disease and unable to take up trace minerals from the soil, minerals important in human nutrition. This harsh treatment obviously can only grow sick plants and such abuse also creates invasive Super-Weeds. This asinine practice also pollutes all sectors of the environment in a powerful way.

Cross-contamination is always a downside of GE cropping (well, there is no upside), but (and this is critically important) because of the pseudo-wild nature of the alfalfa plant, Cross-contamination may really take off beyond our scariest dreams throughout the countryside of this land like never before and then rapidly and profoundly infect a broad spectrum of wildlife eating the Cross-contaminated wild plants in the mountains, deserts and planes. This scenario could intimately inject the genetically twisted sickness (of unknown consequences) into every nook of the countryside and possibly all inhabitants, from microscopic beneficial bacteria to large organisms including, of course, humans.
Like the other ‘Roundup Ready’ crops, the perverted alfalfa will likely be dosed with FIFTEEN TIMES the super-toxic Monsanto herbicide that normal commercial alfalfa gets, OR MORE. In many cases much more. In a world already saturated with poison applied to food crops (the vast majority applied to feed-crops used to fatten animals that people eat) such that residue now shows up in virtually every sample of human breast milk, the proliferation of M’s Roundup Ready crops is increasing the saturation MANY, MANY FOLD. That can’t be good. Isn’t it comforting that M has our best interest as a top priority… Heck to listen to their rhetoric (bologna) is to hear that our well-being is the reason they are in business. Does anyone out there not smell the ‘rotten’ of that claim?

GMO, Crop dusting, 1

Poisoning the Planet

Think: unstoppable herbicide-resistant super-weeds.

That’s O.K. with M. They’ll surely offer new chemical cocktails to address the problems caused by the earlier versions in an endless cascade of ever more toxic and expensive answers with no actual solution in sight.

In particular, people who eat animals and drink their milk will never again have to worry about a Glyphosate (super-poison herbicide) deficiency.

Already some 93% of U.S. soy and well over 80% of the corn is not really food at all, but GMO un-food.

Looks like Monsanto (Devil) did it. They picked three of the most widely grown crops (the big three ‘feed’ crops). M knows that because most people in the developed world eat (and drink) animals, and those animals consume 20-200 times more feed than they yield as units of food, that by locking growers into using their seed and their chemicals for ‘feed crops’, profits will repeatedly break records.

meat, feed lot in in California

It's not pretty, it IS wasteful


So sure, most of the corn and soy that humans eat ‘directly’ is GMO un-food anyway (though we have the choice to buy GMO-free grains and beans), but 99.9 percent of the animals that people eat and drink have been raised and fattened on GMO un-food. That is very bad for the commodity animals, deadly for the humans who eat them (not only the ag-chemicals applied to the feed crops, but other components of GM ‘trans-foods’ are accumulative) and ruinous to the Earth. Of course it means big bucks for the almost un-challengeable power which is the heartless, malevolent dictatorship named Monsanto.

There is no such thing as an ‘organically grown’ food crop in the U.S. or Canada anymore because air moves, birds fly and water flows, so the ‘devil feces’ (Monsanto’s pollen and poison) now infiltrates every corner of what once was, and maybe could be again someday, Heaven-on-Earth.

Can you recall the feelings of gratitude and wonder elicited by the inspiring words to the song ‘America the Beautiful’?

The opening verse is:
O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

Farm, america the beautiful, 2

Farm, america the beautiful

Nice sentiment, but it is now truer to say: America, The Experimental Test Site. (Monsanto’s Dumping Ground).
Everyone in the know understands that M focuses on the twisted mantra: “if you control the food supply, you control everything”.

GMO, Monsanto, control food

“if you control the food supply, you control everything”

While M is engaged in securing ownership of all food on Earth, the devil with the big M is poisoning the planet at a rate, to a degree and in ways that were heretofore unimaginable.
Sure, ever since the dawn of the misnamed ‘Green revolution’ agribusiness corporations and naive private farmers have been spreading the poisons around carelessly, but the use of M’s RR seeds demands the application of up to 15 times the usual amount of poisons, and more. Some monocrop giants have reportedly applied 35-40 times the usual amount of poisons to the fields (and the foods that people eat).
M loves the arrangement; the growers must (by contract) buy new seeds for each new planting… (the tradition of seed saving, as old as the human race, becomes illegal), and (by contract) apply only the poisons made by M. M gets fatter, gains more control, the planet chokes to death… AND THE GRANDKIDS HAVE NOWHERE TO RUN…

I remind us all that there can be no reason for not maintaining an absolute boycott of all [known] M products and all products with even a hint of GMO component.

This is relatively easy, very helpful and most satisfying.

The bio-tech bullies are illegitimately patenting every life-form they can grab.
Having Children is Against the Law, Human Genome is Owned by Corporations

M already owns the world’s largest vegetable seed company.

By all means it can become illegal to freely grow food and may well become ‘impossible’ anyway.
After considering Ms favorite GM technologies, all with initial-ized names that may soon be household words you will see that this in not just an alarmist statement.

Bt, TT, RR and rBGH:

Bt: Bt genetic manipulation causes the host organism to produce pesticide compounds internally. It has been shown that the process takes place not only in the plants grown from the perverted seed, but also in the gut of humans who eat (or are otherwise exposed to) the GMO foodstuff. Most cotton and almost all the U.S. corn is Bt. That makes people healthier? Hardly!… Actually there are now formerly healthy people who never knowingly consumed a GMOized food, but are growing pesticides inside their bodies. The release of such ridiculous GM techno-blunders into the open is the stuff of blockbuster horror movies. Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney are turning over, as this is real life and that’s truly horrifying. Coming soon to the planet you live on: ‘The Toxin That Grew From Within’.

TT: Terminator Technology produces plants that have sterile seeds so they do not flower or grow fruit after the initial planting. This requires customers to repurchase seed for every planting. One effect of the inevitable cross-contamination is the sterilization of other, and potentially ‘all’ seeding plants. Seeds are by far the most common means of plant propagation. The vast majority of plants in the world produce seeds. Seeds are not only the key component of plant reproduction, but seeds are themselves ‘foods’. The most common and nutrient-dense foods relied on worldwide are seeds (grains, beans, nuts and foods as small as poppy to as large as coconuts are all ‘seeds’) Almost all food, building materials and fuel species and generally ‘commerce plants’ are grown from seed. It’s not likely that letting Terminator Technology loose will help feed the world. That’s an understatement, of course it won’t.
Even in the controlled environment of the laboratory TT represents a risk. Any corporate entity or government working on behalf of the people would never let such a time-bomb loose in the open… Guess what company did, years ago, and guess what government is the most aggressive cheerleader… Not only might Terminator Technology lead to sterilization of a broad swath of food and other plants, but literally to the sterilization of animals consuming GMOs. Numerous controlled studies have demonstrated that GMO consumption leads to sterilization. This is not new information; studies going back at least 15 years showed that by the third generation, most genetically modified soy-fed hamsters and rats lost the ability to have babies. Did you see the story on Fox News, CNN or other corporate sponsored (controlled) news outlets? No one did. Did the President or any of his cabinet heads call a news conference? After all, Genocide by fork and spoon is serious stuff. No, our trusted representatives (with a few notable exceptions) all had laryngitis. Coming soon to the planet you live on: ‘The Sterilization Syndrome’.

RR: RR (Roundup Ready) plants are designed to be resistant to the powerful poison ‘Roundup’. Most soy, corn, canola and cotton are RR. RR sugar beets are taking off right now and, if we don’t get off our butts RR alfalfa will be huge overnight. As sited earlier the use of Roundup Ready crops has increased the usage of herbicides measured in pounds applied per acre tremendously… Yes, what could be better for the planet than increasing the application of powerfully poisonous ag-chemicals 10, 20, 30 fold… And; Reportedly, the pollinators; bees and butterflies have apparently experienced huge population and vitality declines in recent years as the environment’s saturation with roundup-poison, necessitated by the use of RR crops has outstripped their ability to fight off the effects.

‘Poison poison Everywhere,
No one’s Head Has Any Hair’…
‘No Food to Eat, No Trees to Build,
Congress is Happy, Cause their pockets are filled’.

And rBGH. Good old rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone): Playing around with hormones is one of the most irresponsible versions of roulette that can be conceived. Upsetting the hormone balance by drinking the milk from an rBGH invaded cow can render one as insane as a Monsanto executive… And this provides an excellent vector for distributing foreign hormones throughout the population and the environment. Using dairy products adultered with extra foreign hormones amounts to ill-advised HRT (hormone replacement therapy). This can’t be good.
See: Hormones in Milk, and Rat’s Milk for People,
Hormones in Milk, and Rat’s Milk for People

The rise of Monsanto stock is inversely related to the loss of freedoms and a lowering of health status for all of us, and worse for our children.
Monsanto, in its present state cannot exist in a healthy world. A world where people can choose what they eat (and drink) and have access to basic information regarding what is in the food (and medicine) is not the same world where Monsanto operates.

The plan is most definitely to control it all. This is not a conspiracy theory; there is nothing theoretical about it. Some company executives have candidly indicated as much, and some ex-employees insist that this is the case.

Monsanto in particular and corporate thugs like them are definitely up to the task. The sickest, most pervert, diabolical, larcenous plans have been drawn and can be exercised like clockwork (it’s happening), with apparently almost no squeamishness of conscience exhibited in the halls of Congress thanks to the ever faster revolving door between corporate boards and government agencies and the free pass given by last year’s Supreme Court to corporations, encouraging them to dump bottomless money-bombs into the election process.

political, corporate supreme court picture, 1

corporate supreme court

Absolutely no disrespect intended towards the high institution of the U.S. Supreme Court. The conflicts of interest and the corporate influence however are despicable and ruinous to the welfare of the people. The situation is much worse that the graphic suggests. That’s how deep it runs… This is why WE MUST BOYCOT… Because Monsanto has purchased Washington, we cannot afford to purchase GMOs.

I’m telling you, if we don’t create the future, Monsanto will, and we’re not going to like it.

“If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.” ~ Henry Kissinger

For decades, the Monsanto Corporation has been engaged in systematically taking over the world’s supply of seed for staple crops (corn, soybeans, alfalfa, potatoes, cotton, canola, sugar beets), the first three are the Big Three ‘Feed’ Crops.
Monsanto has spent over $30 billion in recent years buying numerous U.S. seed companies. As a result, just two giant firms (chemical companies), Monsanto and Pioneer (DuPont), now literally control the U.S. seed business. Talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen house. Please excuse the analogy foxes of the wild, it’s a poor analogy anyway, as foxes having an instinctive interest in hens seems natural and has nothing to do with total control, nor is it mean-hearted, while Monsanto’s endeavors are not about survival, but are indeed mean-hearted, selfish and all about total control.

GMO, M-slash

GMO, M-slash

A key component of the U.S./Monsanto plan to dominate world agriculture with genetically modified seeds is the absence of labeling of genetically engineered foods. All U.S. foods must carry labels listing the ingredients: salt, sugar, water, vitamins, colors/flavors, additives, etc. However, three separate U.S. government agencies; the Food & Drug Administration (FDA, the. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have ruled that genetically modified foods deserve an exception: they can be sold without any label indication that the product contains genetically modified material.
We are talking about something that is ‘manufactured’, not grown (the seed stock), behind locked doors with partially secret technologies and no oversight and no regulation, something which nature could not produce in a zillion years and is then placed into the marketplace with zero label accountability and they expect us to feed that stuff to our children. I DON’T THINK SO!
This strategy is inherently Un-democratic because it prevents consumers from exercising informed choice in the marketplace and dramatically reduces the likelihood of a consumer revolt. Conveniently, without labeling it is next to impossible to hold the Monsantos legally responsible when people die or become ill from exposure to the genetically perverted material. Why do you think the Monsantos spend trainloads of money lobbying against labeling? Well that is ONE reason.

We can still turn the tide of total control by Monsanto. But if we don’t get active, it’s going to happen. A most basic right will fall into history. If we don’t get active there will be no meaningful food choices, no home gardens, no healthful food, nothing to eat that won’t make you sick. You will pay ‘the corporation’ even for water that comes up from your own well, rain that falls in your yard and then you’ll face a law suit if a volunteer plant happens to sprout in your back yard. This will be the near and far future if we just continue with complacency.

We must say “NO to GMOs!

Don’t let this happen. If we do, baby’s first meal will be mom’s milk saturated with high concentrations of poisons that didn’t even exist a few years ago, and her first bite of solid food will set her up for a [short] lifetime of irreversible ill conditions at best and life-threatening severe allergic reactions in many cases.

GMO, 31

M & Crossbones

We have a chance if we get serious about boycotting the GMO insanity.

If we don’t say (very loudly) NO GMOs, our children will be but peasants kneeling at the boots of ‘King M’. King M is not a benevolent overseer, King M is mean hearted, selfish and terminally ruthless. King M in his ultimate expression will make Hitler look like Mother Teresa.

Obviously we must resolve to never ever purchase that which we know to be GMOed again. As I said that is quite simple, if you are willing to read labels. For produce it’s a no-brainer, for packaged foods, just check the label, discover what is ‘clean’ and stick with those brands. Then review the labels occasionally to see if the manufacturer has sold out to M. Many packaged items will state ‘GMO FREE’ or ‘NON-GMO’ right up front, that’s helpful. And frankly, I think that the manufacturer of every product not printing a statement like ‘GMO FREE’ or ‘NON-GMO’ prominently on the package deserves personal phone calls (most important), letters, faxes and emails asking “Why?”.

Starting from the dietstyle typical of folks in the first world, the biggest dent is easily made by simply not eating or drinking animals, as each bite of beef or chicken, for example, equates to a whole bushel of GMO corn, soy, canola and soon (unless we prevent it) alfalfa. So called ‘organic’ meat and milk are much less likely to harbor GMO residue, but in reality plenty still sneaks in during the unregulated cycle from conception through slaughter.

Please take these steps and never look back, your body, your children and the planet will thank you.

Please lets all do whatever we can.

Thank you for your consideration and all your efforts.

Please call on me if I can help in any way.


A bit more…
We can imagine that for all of human history, up until very recently no one ‘owned’ seeds, no one owned life. In the first half of the 20th century, seeds were overwhelmingly in the hands of farmers and public-sector plant breeders. In the decades since then, Gene Giants have abused intellectual property laws to commodify the world seed supply – a strategy that aims to control plant germplasm and maximize profits by eliminating Farmers’ Rights’.

Today, the proprietary seed (Ownership of life) market accounts for a staggering share of the world’s commercial seed supply. In less than 30 years a few huge multinational corporations have largely taken control the food supply by ‘owning’ the ability to reproduce plants.

The World’s Top 7 Seed Companies, stats form 2007

Company – 2007 seed sales (US$ millions) – % of global proprietary seed market

1.Monsanto (US) – $4,964m – 23%
2.DuPont (US) – $3,300m – 15%
3.Syngenta (Switzerland) – $2,018m – 9%
4.Groupe Limagrain (France) – $1,226m – 6%
5.Land O’ Lakes (US) – $917m – 4%
6.KWS AG (Germany) – $702m – 3%
7.Bayer Crop Science (Germany) – $524m – 2%

The junk of concern for the sake of this discussion is the stuff containing:

Canola: Canola, usually as canola (or rape seed) oil, sometimes canola meal in pet food.
Soy: Conventional soy and its derivatives, (oil, TVP, protein and most lecithin).
Corn and its many veiled faces: Conventional (Not organic) corn, and the numerous pervasive conventional corn creations HFCS, (High fructose corn syrup) corn oil, corn syrup, crystalline fructose, ascorbic acid, (vitamin C) citric acid, lactic acid, gluten, dextrose, and glucose and modified food starch.
Cottonseed: Cotton-seed is also usually GMOed; it will show up as oil or meal.
Remember the five biggies CORN, CANOLA, SOY, COTTONSEED and MILK. If any of these are in a product and NOT organic, you can bet they are GMOed.
Additionally most Hawaiian papaya.
Some tobacco, (crossing the food-line, but people do ‘take it in’ and it still infects the environment, so it bares mentioning).
And more recently sugar beets. Already, zillions of acres in the U.S. have been planted with the GMOed tubers, although some legal backlash may prevent the beet thing from totally kicking in, but if GMOed sugar beets do become the new ‘bad joke’ in agribusiness just imagine, then almost all of the sweetener used in almost all of the stuff that Americans eat will automatically be GMOed by way of GMO-corn-fructose and GMO-beet sugar. That’ll be the scariest thing on Halloween!
Sugar: Now, because umpteen different versions of sugar are synthesized from GMO corn and GMO sugarbeets are coming on line, if you find ‘sugar’ as an ingredient you must assume that it is Monsanto’s ‘extra-poisonous GMO sugar’ unless the label offers source information. I am assuming that you would not bring pure granulated sugar into the house… Even if you use granulated sugar to catch ants or for some utilitarian purpose, an organic version would be much safer around the house, as GMO mutations screw things up in many ways (most as yet unknown), at many levels.
If there is a product that you like or would like to use and it is not GMO free, or you can’t tell from the fuzzy label, please call the retailer and ask them to find out… We are talking about products designed to use internally (become part of you and the kids), so it’s quite reasonable that the purveyor can tell you what the heck it is. Then as soon as you talk to Safeway, Whole Foods or whomever, call the manufacturer too. Please explain that you have a right to know what you put in your body. If the product is not 100% GMO free, give them heck, file a complaint. They need to know. It’s actually in the best interest of their shareholders… They want to sell you stuff, lots of it. The manufacturers need to know what they can produce which you can feel good about and will buy consistently.
These are two critical links in the chain, the chain which can deliver into your home and your family’s bodies either ‘next generation poison’ or ‘life-giving, planet-preserving healthful food’. The local store and the manufacturer are the links to stay in touch with. All stores have managers who are there to help you. All manufacturers have customer service reps to serve you. Take their help, help them, and help yourself at the same time simply by communicating. It’s free. It’s what we need to do to get the Monsanto monkey off our backs. No offense intended monkeys. We do the work, and there is nothing to it really, or we all pay the price. It is sad indeed to contemplate what a shambles the food system will be for the kids if we don’t act.
Click here to tell Secretary Vilsack to get real…

Or just give his office a call, heck, check in every day:
Call 202-720-3631

It is really quite easy to ovoid most GMO deranged food, it won’t be so easy soon if we don’t stop buying it now, but it’s an easy adjustment today.
The basics:
~ Fresh produce: It is very easy to buy fresh produce with the confidence that it is not intentionally perverted with the genes of a deadly virus from the pus of a South American cockroach, and fresh produce makes up the greatest portion of the diet of health-conscious folks anyway.
In the U.S. right now, all fresh and most frozen fruits and veggies will be GMO-free (that’s actually a relative term anymore), even if it’s not ‘organic’ unless the item is;
~ Corn or the little pear-shaped Hawaiian papayas. There are some instances of exception, but for simplicity let’s just say; fresh produce is safe with the two notable exceptions above.
~ Frozen and canned: Frozen and canned fruits and veggies are like the fresh ones unless there are other ingredients, which is very often the case. If other ingredients are listed, just clear, or condemn them based on the info above…
Mostly watch for:
Corn derived junk such as HFCS, (High fructose corn syrup) corn oil and corn syrup; Canola, usually as canola (or rape seed) oil,
Soy and its derivatives, (oil, TVP, protein and most lecithin),
and Cottonseed oil. Any of these ingredients are O.K. if organic, but virtually guaranteed to be GMOed if not.
See, that’s not so hard, and remember it will only get better if we make it so… Stop buying GMOs.
~ Milk and its many derivatives are (relatively) GMO free ONLY when organic or the producer is personally known and verifies the stuff as ‘clean’. Most dairy cows are polluted with rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) and 99.9% of dairy cows carry foreign gene contamination because virtually everything they are fed for their entire lives is GMO feed.
~ The same goes for the meat of cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys, sheep and lambs; they spend most of their short lives gorging on GMO corn, soy and now alfalfa.
~ The bigger challenge for those wanting to avoid GMOed food is with packaged and prepared foods. Still, it’s easy to just read the labels, you may need magnification, but just read the label. In fact I find that it helps the cause more if we simply call the store and/or manufacturer and ask them to recite the ingredients. You really have only to look for those few items listed above. The item either passes the test or is GMOed (and thus unacceptable). No problem, there are safe and sensible versions of everything.

So that’s it:
Eat lots of fruits and veggies which you can buy with relative confidence, be a little more careful with frozen and canned, rely less on packaged stuff with mile-long ingredient lists or check the label. If you eat and drink animals, good luck (remember, each bite of flesh and every sip of cows’ milk represents hundreds-of-thousands of kernels of GMO corn, hundreds-of-thousands of GMO soybeans and/or tens-of-thousands of GMO alfalfa plants) unless the animals were really organic. When eating out ask questions. It really helps to bring up the subject and it’s good for the folks at the next table to hear that someone else considers the GMO issue important. But if you’d rather not go through that at the table, call first and check it out over the phone. I know many of us won’t bring it up in the restaurant and that’s too bad because it is effective at initiating change but we can all only do our best. Speaking only for myself, I sincerely appreciate each and every effort you make on behalf of taking back your ‘creator-given’ right to chose what you eat… and to know exactly what that is.

‘We The People’ have brought about so many important changes and innovations by simply demanding something better. That’s how it works. Here, we are talking about ridding our bodies, our only home (the Earth) and our children’s future of maybe the most diabolical, life threatening shotgun technology ever conceived. And for those of us among the dwindling number of people who deny the sickness that is GMO food, I respectfully remind us all that even if you had the right to grow dangerous genetically twisted poison plants, you could never have the right to spread the sickness through wind and water. Everything in the open spreads to the whole of ‘The Commons’ and as far as we know genetic derangements created in the laboratory cannot be recalled once they are released in the open. Further, the interactions between the microbes and cells of ill-conceived genetic mutants are known to lead to next-generation mutations and obviously interactions upon interactions will affect all of life in ways that can’t be predicted. I submit that “You do not have the right to impose such a scenario on our world”. The thing is that if you are not part of the solution (by actively boycotting GMOs), you are automatically part of the problem, (a problem which can persist forever and increase in intensity), like it or not.
I have simplified the ‘bad list’ of GMO foods/ingredients just a bit. Don’t worry, the plants covered account for almost all GMO foods being shoved down our thoughts in the U.S. today. If you boycott most of that most of the time, you’ll be doing great, and when enough of us do likewise the market will dwindle. It works!
And yes, we should call our representatives, call the White House (I do that almost every day) and even call Monsanto and their emulators (is that a word?). I like to call M just to be amazed at their delusive answers . I think (and I’ve been doing this for years) calling the devil doesn’t do much good.
Your time is valuable, so make it count.
It’s very much appropriate to remind our representatives on a frequent bases that we don’t appreciate being sold out, and that we watch their every move. But even that won’t get the job done if we are still buying the mutant products.
Boycott GMO food today or soon there will be no point in a label law.
Boycott GMO food and it will go away. Don’t bother and the future will pay dearly.
Boycott GMOs!



Click here to tell Secretary Vilsack to get real…

Or just give his office a call, heck, check in every day:
Call 202-720-3631

Office of USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack
(please call between 9am & 5pm)
I know, the Vilsack appointment was like putting Charles Manson in charge of the National Mental Health Commission, we at GMO To Go ( fought hard to resist the appointment and will soon be mounting a whole new drive to remove him… Stay tuned.
Meanwhile, He’s the guy.

The following are talking points suggested by Organic Consumers Association:
1) I am very disappointed and concerned that the USDA is letting Monsanto distribute two new genetically modified crops, alfalfa and sugar beets, this Spring.
2) Genetically modified foods haven’t been adequately safety tested, but we know from the research that has been done that genetically modified foods are more likely to trigger allergies; could cause cancer, liver damage and reproductive problems; are less nutritious than normal food; and are produced using more herbicides.
3) Given the dangers of genetic modification, the USDA should place a moratorium on Monsanto’s crops. They shouldn’t be grown until they’re proven safe. No new genetically modified crops should be allowed without long-term independent studies of their health and environmental impacts.
4) The greatest concern is that genetically modified crops will permanently contaminate the organic and non-GMO seed supply. Experts warn that contamination is inevitable.
5) Secretary Vilsack’s talk of “coexistence” was a fraud. The idea that the USDA would regulate GMOs to prevent contamination was a false promise designed to divide the organic community and weaken opposition to GMOs. Organic leaders won’t be fooled again. We’re united now and will fight until we win the only real protection for organic: a ban on GMOs.

Oh those creative minds behind closed doors at genetic modification corporations.
Rat Ice Cream in the frozen desert section of your grocery store.
The following is excerpted from:
Hormones in Milk, and Rat’s Milk for People
Information was leaked a while ago concerning the work being done in the ‘back laboratories’ of some genetic modification company(ies) on the development of GM dairy rats, that’s right, ‘dairy rats’. The idea, as I understand it is to modify combined rat species, which will eventually be clone-able, to produce milk for human consumption. Word is that in the near future the inventive GM guys will have a new species of rat; it will be unique enough that they can give it an official name which is NOT ‘rat’. The new rat (referred to by a euphemism not yet decided on by the marketing guys) will produce milk at the rate of up to 25% its body weight per day, and the Not-Rats will be big, possibly nine pounds. They probably will work very hard, yet virtually never move from their immobilizing ‘container’, they will probably have legs, but won’t need them, they will be short lived, but breeder versions and/or clone-masters will ‘keep ‘um coming’. Likewise, pigs are being ‘altered’ in a similar manner for the same reason. Work is well underway on these two species of mammals because of the similarity in milk nutritional profiles to that of human milk.

I have more sensitive info/insight regarding entities that have been widely accepted as being on our side in the GMO invasion thing, entities which are actually very supportive of the dark invasion and very much to blame for the advancement of ‘The Monsantos’.
Stay tuned for the expose’. If you like, send a request to have the release sent directly to you by sending an email to: and type ‘GMO invasion’ in the subject field.

I want to help you help us all in any way I can.
Just call: 800-811-1482
Or email:

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Indian GMO Research Information System
The Institute for Responsible Technology
The Nature Institute: Nontarget Effects of Genetic Manipulation
Organic Consumer’s Association
The Organic & Non-GMO Report
Hormones in Milk, and Rat’s Milk for People


Carson, Rachel
Cummings, Claire Hope
Engdahl, F. William
Kimbrell, Andrew
Patel, Raj
Pollan, Michael
Rifkin, Jeremy
Roseboro, Ken
Smith, Jeffrey
Winters, Craig

The Future of Food
The World According to Monsanto
King Corn

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GMO issue, a short look…

GMO, 28

Be Free

Some very useful tools and resources from Jeffrey Smith:

Petition to President Obama to Support Mandatory Labeling of GM Foods
Campaign Kit: Download, freely copy and distribute these tools
Retailer Campaign Kit: Download and freely copy helpful items:
GM-Free Schools Campaign

If you are a restaurant, a school lunch program, or an organization who holds events where food is available, and you want to of transition away from genetically modified (GM) ingredients, click here…
Sourcing Non-GMO Supplies


Some internal GMO-ish links:

GMO, USDA Caves to Genetically Engineered Sugarbeets
GMO To Go, GMO Videos, Informational
Monsanto [and other GMO thugs] is going to feed the world NOT
GMO, Percy Schmeiser vs Monsanto
GMO issue, a short look
GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) 100… GMOs as food homicide
Having Children is Against the Law, Human Genome is Owned by Corporations
Seeding the Homeland with Mutants…
Hormones in Milk, and Rat’s Milk for People
Sugars and Sweeteners
Plant Based Diet Guidelines, a Primer

Ode to Alfalfa


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