Earthing for a healthier you; How and why, 2

The human body, in modern times, is most chronically exposed to common household and workplace 50-60 Hz electric fields that continuously radiate from all electrical wiring and plugged in cords. When the body is insulated from the earth and is in the proximity of an electric field, the body becomes a dipole antenna that measurably attracts an electric field’s lines of force. This causes the lines of force to become denser between the body and the electric field’s source. The known effect of an electric field on the body is that it excites (disturbs) electrons of the body and creates unnatural induced voltage in the body. (US Dept of Energy, DOE/EE-0040) (On The Physics of Fields, Dolbear, Science, Volume 14, Issue 360, 442-444.)
Using a voltmeter referenced to earth, this disturbance of the body’s electrons is measurable on the surface of the body as 50-60 Hz voltage. The shielding effect of the earth’s natural electric field It is common knowledge (and demonstrable with a voltmeter) that physical contact with the earth maintains the human body at the natural electrical potential (voltage) of the earth. When the body is electrically coupled with the earth, the DC electrons of the earth and/or its related electric field, then residing on the surface of the body, absorb the excitation effects of 50-60 Hz environmental electric fields. By transferring (offsetting) the attraction of an electric field from the body (which has a limited supply of electrons) to the earth (which has an infinite supply of electrons), excitation of the body’s electrons is significantly reduced.
When the body is shielded with the DC of the earth, the electrons of the body are then protected from being disturbed and held “hostage” as 50-60 Hz induced body voltage and away from their normal functions. Shielding, via grounding, allows the body to have all of its electrons available to carry on their normal functions in the body, which include the stabilization of excess free radicals. [The shielding of electronic cables and electronic equipment by grounding their housing to the earth is widely used as a method to prevent internal electromagnetic interference – EMI.] Humans were naturally grounded before modern times It is not widely known that on the surface of the earth lies an invisible flow of electrons that encompasses the entire earth. Further, this natural flow of electrons and its related electric field also exists on the surface of all conductive objects (including people, plants and animals) in physical contact with the earth. The earth’s electron current flow and its electric field also pulsate at approximately 10 Hz (similar to alpha brain waves) and follow a rhythmic 24-hour circadian rise and fall in amplitude. For example, as measured in Tucson, Arizona, the earth’s current is weakest just before midnight, rises rapidly at 8AM, reaches a peak just before noon, decreases till 3PM, reaches a secondary peak between 5PM and 6PM, and again drops to near zero at midnight. This diurnal pattern is similar at any location on earth relative to the daily revolution of the earth. (The Natural Electric Currents of the Earth, Scientific Monthly, Vol 43, issue 1:47-57.) The significance of the earth having a natural pulsating voltage is the fact that humans, before modern times, lived in direct physical contact with the earth. The human body at that time naturally conducted and maintained the earth’s voltage on the surface of the skin and throughout the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts (which are conductive). Today humans wear synthetic soled shoes and live in environments that electrically disconnect (insulate) the body from the earth. As a result the body no longer maintains the natural voltage of the earth on its surface and no longer resides under the protective umbrella of the earth’s direct current electric field.

Grounding the body to earth reduces chronic inflammation. To demonstrate the effects of restoring the natural direct current and electric field of the earth to the surface of the
body, individuals with long-term chronic inflammation were grounded to earth. Two methods of grounding the body are presented below.

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