Earthing for a healthier you; How and why, 2

[The complete study, The biological effects of grounding the human body during sleep,
as measured by cortisol levels and subjective reporting of sleep, pain and stress,
Maurice Ghaly, M.D. and Dale Teplitz, M.A., will be published late 2003 / Journal of
Alternative and Complimentary Medicine.]

Case study reports; Comments from research study participants;
Female age 53 – Post Menopausal
Pre-Study Complaints

Difficulty going to sleep

Wake up 2-3 times a night for last 3 years

Muscle cramps in legs

Chronic muscle pain through-out body (myofacial)

Hot flashes
End of Study Reports

“Fall asleep faster and easier”

“My neck pain is lessened”

“My leg and foot cramps have lessened”

“Arm and lower back pain were gone by the very first week”

“TMJ problem significantly improved”

“Reduction in hot flashes”
Female age 24 – Menstrual cycle regular
Pre-Study Complaints

Trouble sleeping for 17 years; takes a long time to fall asleep; wake up after several hours and can’t
sleep again; wake up exhausted

Daily headaches

PMS: migraines one week before period

Menstrual cramps, mood swings, bloating, irritability, depression, weight gain, hot flashes

Digestion: bloating, nausea, diarrhea, gas, constipation
End of Study Reports

“By the third night, decreased time to go to sleep and slept through the night”

“Able to fall back asleep within a few minutes after waking up and no more nightmares”

“Wake up refreshed instead of exhausted”

“No more daily headaches”

“Re: PMS – decreased food cravings, bloating, depression and hot flashes”

“Digestion improved with less bloating, constipation and nausea”
Female age 52 – Post Menopausal
Pre-Study Complaints

Sleep very lightly

Wake up feeling tense several times during the night

Wake up feeling tired in morning; feel tired all day

Pain in left hip, sporadic for several years

Allergies (food and airborne) since age 13

Digestion: gas
End of Study Reports

“Have felt more rested and feel like I need an hour less sleep per night”

“Deeper relaxation”

“Stopped having any pain at all in my left hip”

“First few days, I experienced tingling and heat in areas of my previous physical injuries – similar to
an acupuncture treatment. After approx. 3 days, these vague feelings subsided”

“Allergies have definitely lessened”

“Better digestion”

“I noticed that I stopped clenching my jaw at night”
Female age 42 – Menstrual cycle regular
Pre-Study Complaints

Trouble falling asleep; light restless sleep

Waking feeling tired; also, trouble waking up from naps

Fibromyalgia since 1992 car accident; a lot of joint pain – arms, legs, ankles

Gastrointestinal upset – gas
End of Study Reports

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