Earthing for a healthier you; How and why, 2

“The general quality of my sleep improved – not immediate, but a gradual change”

“Sleeping much deeper”

“A lot less fatigue because of less pain”

“My fibromyalgia has improved considerably because of diminished pain and fatigue; the joint pain
is gone with occasional pain in the left arm”

“I am feeling much better, I haven’t been sick at all”
Female age 44 – Menstrual cycle regular, periods heavy
Pre-Study Complaints

Trouble sleeping; wake up 2-3 times each night with physical discomfort

Numb fingers left hand 4 months, carpal tunnel

PMS: bad cramps, painful heavy periods and uterine fibroids many years, breast tenderness, mood
swings, weight gain

Hot flashes at night [or may be night sweats]

History of anxiety attacks
End of Study Reports

“Gradually sleeping better”

“Two episodes of waking up between 4:30-5:30 AM with anxiety that subsides by early afternoon.

“Less numbness in hand and fingers, especially at night; not needing to wearing a brace at night”

“Menstrual period not as severe; cramps not as strong”

“Feeling better physically and emotionally”
Female age 51 – Post Menopausal (last period one year ago)
Pre-Study Complaints

Some trouble falling asleep

Wake up from hip pain; also wake up from a hot flash between 4 and 5 AM

Wake up with a headaches every morning (last 3 months)

Wake up tired and feeling groggy (last 3 months)

Hot flashes all day (for one year) as well as during sleep

Hip pain, possible arthritis (1-2 years)
End of Study Reports

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