Earthing for a healthier you; How and why, 2

“Disappointed that I did not sleep any better”

“No significant change except for less occurrence of hot flashes”
Female age 31 – Irregular menstrual cycle; period ceased for one year and restarted 3 weeks prior to study
start date, then ceased again during study
Pre-Study Complaints

Problems getting to sleep

Trouble sleeping, discomfort from neck, toss and turn till 3AM

Feel unrested in the morning

PMS: bloating, breast tenderness, weight gain, acne (during menstrual periods)

Allergic to some foods (last 2 years)

Digestive problems: gas, constipation, bloating, heartburn
End of Study Reports

“At first my body responded quickly by feeling completely relaxed. But due to stress (planning my
wedding) I then went through several weeks of soreness in my neck. But I’ve noticed I sleep a lot
more comfortably overall than I have in the past couple of years.”

“Deeper relaxation once I get to sleep”

“Digestive system is getting better…less stomach pain and bloating”

Female age 50 – Menstrual cycle regular
Pre-Study Complaints

Trouble falling asleep since childhood

Trouble waking up; fatigue

Muscle aches and leg cramps – many years

Lower back pain and intestinal pressure due to uterine fibroids

PMS: fibrocystic breast tenderness, bloating, cramps, irritability, mood swings, food cravings

Night sweats

TMJ causing occasional headaches
End of Study Reports

“Less stress about going to sleep after a lifetime’s worth of sleep disorders”

“Somewhat less trouble falling asleep

“Have gradually woken up feeling more refreshed whereas I almost always felt fatigued”

“Leg cramps almost completely gone”

“Less backache and pain”

“Less PMS and even less fibrocystic; less cramps and irritability with PMS”

“More even-tempered and greater sense of well-being; a low-grade, background feeling of stress I’ve
always had seems to be diminished”

“TMJ greatly reduced”
The evidence presented in this paper demonstrates that grounding the human body to earth
reduces chronic inflammation and related chronic pain
Due to the modern day loss of natural grounding (wearing synthetic soled shoes and living in environments that insulate the body from the earth), exposure to 50-60 Hz electric fields creates measurable induced voltage in the body. This unnatural voltage consists of electrons of the body that are “held hostage” during exposure and held away from their normal functions. In effect, this creates a shortage of electrons in the body in terms of normal functioning. This results in increased free radical levels that promote chronic inflammation (oxidative stress) and related chronic pain. Grounding the human body to earth shields it from environmental electric fields and restores the body’s natural bio-electrical homeostasis.

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