Earthing for a healthier you; How and why

Earthing for a healthier you; How and why

Info on Healthfully Grounding Your Body

We are not at this time producing or offering the TerraLink Earthing products and are very pleased to direct interested people to Clint Ober’s ‘Barefoot Connections’.

I have tremendous respect for Clint and great appreciation for the design expertise of his team and the exceptional quality of the ‘Barefoot Connections’ products. Mr. Ober has actually spent over 5 million dollars (so far) to prove what we instinctively know, and his products are of very high quality, they are medical instrument grade (in my opinion) and very user-friendly.

Of course, I am happy to explain the concept (I have lots of experience with the concept/technology, and it is a favorite subject for discussion), and even help people understand how to DIY if they choose, or just can’t afford to buy a unit.

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In any case, read on, all of our posts on EARTHING and GROUNDING are fully relevant and loaded with helpful information.

Earthing for a healthier you; How and why

Time Magazine, Newsweek Scientific American and numerous medical journals report that inflammation is emerging as the “Alpha and Omega” of all disease.

It follows that reducing inflammation, the major cause of chronic pain, is the single most important thing a person can do to improve his/her overall health and prevent disease.

Reducing Pain and Inflammation Provides…
Better Sleep, Better Health, Better Energy!
A recent Time Magazine cover story, “The Secret Killer,” links inflammation to heart attacks, strokes, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and other common health disorders associated with aging. And, chronic pain has been directly linked to inflammation.

If you suffer from:
 Back Pain/Joint Stiffness/Leg Discomfort
 Poor Immune Function
 Inflammation
 Sleepless Nights
 Pre-Mature Aging Stress and Anxiety
 Gas, Bloating, or Indigestion
 Difficulty in Waking Refreshed/Rested
 Poor Circulation (Cold Feet/Cold Hands)
 Obesity
 Chronic Pain and Arthritis
 PMS/ Hormonal Imbalance/Depression
 Fatigue
You may realize significant relief after regular periods of Earthing.

What if the solution to relief of these everyday chronic conditions was FREE? And what does the Terra~Link Revolution have to do with chronic inflammation?

Read On…the answer may surprise you!

The terms chronic inflammation or autoimmune disease are linked to a varied group of more than 80 chronic illnesses that involve almost every human organ system.

This includes diseases of the nervous, gastrointestinal, endocrine and respiratory systems, as well as, skin and other connective tissues. And interestingly, reports show that almost 75% of all autoimmune diseases occur in women. In all of these diseases, the underlying problem is similar–the body’s immune system attacks the very organs it was designed to protect.

What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to infection, invasion and / or energetic stagnation. Normally, the immune system protects the body by producing free radicals that destroy pathogens and damaged cells. Free radicals are electrically charged molecules (molecules short one electron) that are in search of their missing electron. When these free radicals have gone awry and begin attacking healthy cells it becomes chronic inflammation, which medicine has proven can lead to autoimmune disease.

During chronic inflammation, there is a lack of free electrons (antioxidants) to turn off the excess production of free radicals. When the body is in short supply of free electrons, these free radicals then begin to attack and strip electrons from normal healthy cells. In response, the newly damaged cells signal the immune system for more help… to fight off what may be mistaken for an ongoing attack from dangerous pathogens. When the immune system continues to release, even more free radicals; this creates a vicious destructive process called autoimmune disease or chronic inflammation.

… From Newsweek Special Edition/Summer 2005

The Future of Medicine
Inflammation Hot Spots Include: Brain, Bones/Joints, Digestive System, Arteries and Heart.


For centuries man walked and slept barefoot on the earth.

Today, some societies still practice this daily habit. In those cultures, inflammatory disease is virtually non-existent.

In the 1960’s, the introduction of plastics removed from our environment the single most important connection to our body – the earth. Synthetic soled shoes, carpets, and modern building materials now insulate our bodies and cut off our most natural source of free electrons.

Ongoing research is providing mounting evidence that when a person is grounded barefoot to the earth their body becomes naturally charged with earth’s abundant source of free electrons (nature’s antioxidants) , what I like to call Geo-Antioxidants.

This grounding effect instantly begins to reduce chronic pain in the body. To medical science this reduction of chronic pain suggests one important thing… that the free radical damage to healthy cells has stopped and the ongoing production of new free radicals by the immune system has been neutralized; thus, restoring normal immune system function and reducing inflammation.
This obviously is the case, but in addition, as many of us know, there is more going on that makes a direct connection to the Earth critically important to wellness.

Researchers have asked, “Could this possibly be true? What if relief from inflammatory related health challenges is really as simple as taking off your shoes and going barefoot for several hours each day?”

Try it yourself and see… It’s free

To personally experience how barefoot contact with the earth reduces the chronic pain and stress in your body; go out doors and place your bare feet directly on the earth for 30 to 45 minutes. (At first, most people report that they notice a subtle feeling of energy begin to flow into their body from the earth.) After about thirty minutes, you should begin to notice a significant reduction of the chronic pain and stress in your body. This reduction of pain alone is classic evidence that the free radical damage to healthy tissue (inflammation) is being reduced.

NOTE: For a fair evaluation of how being connected barefoot to the earth reduces inflammation; you may continue to spend a minimum of thirty minutes twice a day with your bare feet on the earth for one week.

CLINICAL EVIDENCE-There is a growing body of evidence on this patented technology called “Earthing,” that have reported… human contact with the earth may provide:
• Immediate Reduction of Chronic Inflammation
• Ease of Chronic Pain
• Reduction of Muscle Tension
• Neutralization of Free Radical Production
• Improved Quality of Sleep
• Normalization of Rhythms in Cortisol Production (the Stress Hormone)
• Improved pH Balance
• Relief From Gas and Bloating
• Relief From Asthma and Other Respiratory Ailments
• Improved Natural Immune Function
• Greater Available Energy
• Overall Improved Quality of Health

Notes on some Clinical results of Earthing studies;

Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, Volume 10, November 5, 2004, pp.767-776

The Biologic Effects of Grounding the Human Body…” Maurice Ghaly, M.D. and Dale Teplitz, M.A. 2004, shows that grounding the body, during sleep, normalizes women’s circadian secretion of the “stress hormone” cortisol.

Example One: Scientific research has demonstrated that irregular circadian cortisol hormone levels are directly associated with stress, inflammation and sleep dysfunctions. Extensive research has linked chronic elevated cortisol levels with a variety of stress-related disorders and diseases, including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke, decreased bone density, decreased immune response, mood disturbances, autoimmune disease and abnormal glucose levels (Alschuler, 2001).
Sufferers of sleep dysfunction, pain, and stress were grounded to the earth during sleep for 6 and 8 weeks in their own beds using the Terra~Link conductive pad. Results: Measurable improvements in diurnal cortisol profiles were observed, with cortisol levels significantly reduced during nighttime sleep. Subject’s 24-hr. circadian cortisol profiles showed a trend toward normalization. Subjectively reported symptoms, including sleep dysfunction, pain and stress, were reduced or eliminated in nearly all subject.

Example Two: The medical infrared images showed inflammation in the knees before and the reduction of inflammation that occurred after subject slept grounded to the earth on a Terra~Link Pad for just one week.

Example Three: The medical infrared images showed inflammation in the neck and back before and the reduction of inflammation that occurred after subject slept grounded on a Terra~Link Pad for just one week.

Who has time to spend one to several hours a day with their bare feet on the ground to dissipate accumulated static charge and restore their natural charge of free electrons?

What if there was a convenient, practical method that would naturally help restore the body by simply lying down at night and going to sleep?

NOW, The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For…

Earthing, A Natural Solution to an Unnatural problem
The Terra~Link Sleeping Pad

To regain your natural connection with the earth, a state-of-the-art process called, “EARTHING,” has been invented to make reconnecting completely safe, simple and affordable.

Earthing is a patented process, which allows the earth’s nourishing and restorative micro currents to be naturally transferred to the body during sleep.

This conductive sleep system is called “The Terra~Link Sleeping Pad”

The Terra~Link Pad conductive system includes: a 30″ pad (twin, full, queen, king or ca. king) made of a special conductive material that fits across the foot of your bed, an insulated wire attached to the pad and a rod that is placed directly into the earth. When properly installed, the earth’s abundance of free electrons and micro currents instantaneously flow up the wire and onto the mattress pad, (And into your starving body), and all of your body’s accumulated “Sour” inflammatory static congestion flows back to the welcoming absorptive mass of the Earth..

Suggested Retail Price $399 for the very popular queen size.
We at Dr Billy Health and Earth Rising have committed to a huge purchase of the queen size. We had to choose one size to in order to buy enough to get a really good price brake to pass along to our many friends.

The Queen size is huge, way big enough for a Cal King, and then some. This one size fit all arrangement allows us to pass along these complete systems (You can be grounded in five minutes) for $299 or $289 for two or more systems.

When natural “The Connection” is reestablished, the subtle influences of Earth’s energy are transferred to the body. Once on the body, this restorative field produces profound effects on physiology!!!

To establish your re-connection call Billy at TerraLink 1-800-811-1482



The Importance of Earthing

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Grounding the body to Earth Reduces Inflammation / Pain

Earthing for a healthier you; How and why

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In this video, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, featured in the book ‘Earthing, the Most Important Health…’, speaks briefly about EARTHING and your health.

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