Earthing with the Terra~Link System FAQs, Brief

Earthing with the Terra~Link System FAQs, Brief

We are not at this time producing or offering the TerraLink Earthing products and are very pleased to direct interested people to Clint Ober’s ‘Barefoot Connections’.

I have tremendous respect for Clint and great appreciation for the design expertise of his team and the exceptional quality of the ‘Barefoot Connections’ products. Mr. Ober has actually spent over 5 million dollars (so far) to prove what we instinctively know, and his products are of very high quality, they are medical instrument grade (in my opinion) and very user-friendly.

Of course, I am happy to explain the concept (I have lots of experience with the concept/technology, and it is a favorite subject for discussion), and even help people understand how to DIY if they choose, or just can’t afford to buy a unit.

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If you can wait no longer to ‘Get Grounded’ please go directly to:


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In any case, read on, all of our posts on EARTHING and GROUNDING are fully relevant and loaded with helpful information.

Earthing with the Terra~Link System FAQs, Brief

Question: What does the Terra~Link Pad actually do?

The system is a surge protected, duplex connector. It connects your body to the natural electron flow of the Earth, and provides the channel through which you can “Dump your Static” similar to as if you were touching the Earth directly with your skin. The flow of electrons from the Earth through one’s body is a natural process which has not been very much appreciated within western allopathic medicine, but is well understood and considered indispensable by virtually all peoples worldwide living in more natural settings than that which is the norm in American cities today. People in all cultures around the world have, until very modern times, revered the natural connection to Mother Earth, and understood this connection to be a key component of healthful living. In fact studies investigating the un-natural “Elemental Insulation Effect” on species other than Human, have demonstrated a pronounce failing of Physical, Mental, and Emotional systems in all mammalian animals when prevented from direct physical and/or conductive electrical contact with The Earth for even short periods of time.

Question: What can I expect from using Terra~Link products?

This Earth-to-Body connection is valuable for the body in terms of neutralizing free radicals and draining away noxious charges and spent currents A reasonable analogy is the comparison of the TerraLink Earthing Pad to a window. With the window letting in fresh air to provide your body, via the lungs, with life giving gases, and taking away the spent and poisonous gases of exhalation. But in this case, the Earthing Pad lets in free electrons and Earth energies while taking away the inflammatory (Suffocating) effects of “Dis-Connection”. In either case, you could simply go outside, breath deeply and walk barefooted in moist grass if you didn’t have a window or an Earthing pad. But we need exposure to fresh air and the numerous benefits of natural grounding for many hours daily in order to maintain balance (Good Health). In addition, while you are in “Grounded Mode”, the surface of the body also acts as a living Faraday Cage helping it to resist the attraction and absorption of biologically aggravating EMFs and ELFs which now pervade our environment in this technologically advanced, but “Elementally Suppressed” world.

Question: How is it that the earth contains infinite quantities of free electrons?

Answer: It is a natural phenomenon maintained by the HUGE electrical activity of thunderstorms (more than eight million lightning strikes per day around the globe). Our planet is big and all that mass allows Her to hold a lot of “juice”.

Question: What happens when one’s skin makes contact with the Terra~Link Pad or with the earth directly?

Answer: First, any static charge your body has will be immediately dissipated to the earth. Secondly, your body begins to absorb electrons through the contact points — a natural process that occurs any time you are touching the ground with your skin.

Question: What do Billy Saunders or the folks at Dr Billy Health .com have to do with the science of Earthing?

I have long been a believer in the numerous and profound benefits of “Grounding”.
In practice, I have always encouraged people to find a way to “Connect” on a regular and frequent bases, and I have recommended other innate essentials, favoring those that are free, easy, and/or “buy once and use for a long time” items / practices.
One of my early teachers, Dr. Christopher (Dr. John R. Christopher), who was born in 1909 and spent a long life as one of the most renowned healers in the western hemisphere (And was a father of natural healing), held “Grounding” (Earthing) as a prerequisite to good health and considered it indispensable to an effective healing program.
Decades ago the most common way to make-the-connection was walking in damp grass. At some point I (And I’m sure lots of other people too) realized and proved that placing bare feet, or other body parts on moist soil, and better yet ”mud”, did the trick too. Of course it would…. I reasoned and proved to myself that various other arrangements could be used effectively for grounding the body (Being) as well.
Back about Nineteen Eighty-Something I designed a few practical (I Thought) “Grounding” (Earthing) products designed with city folks and thoroughly modern Millies in mind. We offered them through a division named Terra-Link. The more I considered the contribution made to the well being of the users of the Terra-Link products, the more I realized that almost everyone that I ever have any contact with is up to her/his ears with noxious static charges and chronically deficient in Free Electrons (Life-Force), and that virtually all of us are Jones-ing for the connection that our DNA grew up on… So much so, that no matter what else we do right, or how we may pamper, feed, supplement or medicate we can never be fully well until and unless we are “Grounded” (Earthed). We can stay alive for a short while without fresh air (An Essential Element), exposure to sunlight (An Essential Element), or clean water (An Essential Element), but we can not really LIVE without them. Likewise, we can not really “live” without an actual Physical / Electrical / Etc., two way connection with our Mother Earth. I think we all know that.
… Dr. Christopher on grounding…” This is pure universal electricity that operates all the parts and organs of the body. It cannot come if static electricity is present, which should be grounded through the feet to keep a continual flow on hand”.

Question. What is the best way to use the earthing pad on the bed?

Answer: It is best if the earthing pad is on top of the bottom sheet so that your bare feet are touching the pad as you sleep. Take those socks off, many people report feet warming up as a result of the electron transfer and you will not need your socks for warmth. Your feet should contact the pad for best results. If you simply must put the pad underneath the bottom sheet, you will not immediately get the benefits of earthing. It will still work, but will take some time for the molecules of perspiration released from your body to create an electrical path through the sheet to your skin. That means it might take an hour or two for electron flow to begin. When your skin is directly touching the pad, you get an instant electron flow.

Question. How often can the Terra~Link Pad be laundered?

Answer: As often as you wish. It will hold up to numerous washing and drying cycles. But, please use the gentle wash and low-heat drying settings. And, don’t use bleach.

Question: Is the Terra~Link Pad safe in a lightning storm?

Answer: Yes,

Question. Why is the science of Earthing so little understood?

When it comes to the benefits of Earthing, some early researchers thought that the benefits were due to EMF (electro magnetic field) reduction, but the observed benefits far outstripped the mere shielding of one from an electromagnetic field. We have come to understand through broad research and specifically through monitoring the numbers of free electrons feeding the body, that Earthing is largely about the free electron flow. Without Earthing, these free electrons don’t flow from the Earth to the body. One important effect that those free electrons have on the body is to extinguish free radicals. It is the Geo-Antioxidant effect. This is likely the most important positive property of the Earthing process — electrons from the earth moving to the body and eliminating free radicals.
Of paramount importance is that when we are Earthed, our bodies receive huge quantities of “Free Electrons” and inflammation is significantly reduced. Reduction in the chronic inflammatory process results in often dramatic improvements in health generally, and an abatement of ill symptoms specifically.

Please note that Terra~Link Earthing pads have a built in resistance component for additional protection from an electrical event… this is an extra safety feature.
Electron flow is not lost by the addition of this feature which insures that the pad is completely safe. ~ Billy


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Earthing with the Terra~Link System FAQs, Brief

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