Earthing with the Terra~Link System FAQs

Earthing with the Terra~Link System FAQs

Info on Healthfully Grounding Your Body

We are not at this time producing or offering the TerraLink Earthing products and are very pleased to direct interested people to Clint Ober’s ‘Barefoot Connections’.

I have tremendous respect for Clint and great appreciation for the design expertise of his team and the exceptional quality of the ‘Barefoot Connections’ products. Mr. Ober has actually spent over 5 million dollars (so far) to prove what we instinctively know, and his products are of very high quality, they are medical instrument grade (in my opinion) and very user-friendly.

Of course, I am happy to explain the concept (I have lots of experience with the concept/technology, and it is a favorite subject for discussion), and even help people understand how to DIY if they choose, or just can’t afford to buy a unit.

You can reach Billy at:

800-811-1482 / 928-776-0596

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If you can wait no longer to ‘Get Grounded’ please go directly to:



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In any case, read on, all of our posts on EARTHING and GROUNDING are fully relevant and loaded with helpful information.

Earthing with the Terra~Link System FAQs


Question: What does the Terra~Link Pad actually do?

The system is a surge protected duplex connector. It connects your body to the natural electron flow of the Earth, and provides the channel through which you can “Dump” your “Static” similar to as if you were touching the Earth directly with your skin. The flow of electrons from the Earth through one’s body is a natural process which has not been much appreciated within western allopathic medicine, but is well understood and considered indispensable by virtually all peoples worldwide living in more natural settings than those which is the norm in American cities today. People in all cultures around the world have, until very modern times, revered the natural connection to Mother Earth, and understood this connection to be a key component of healthful living. In fact studies investigating the un-natural “Elemental Insulation Effect” on species other that Human, have demonstrated a pronounce failing of Physical, Mental, and Emotional systems in all mammalian animals when prevented from direct physical and/or conductive electrical contact with The Earth for even short periods of time.

Question: What can I expect from using Terra~Link products?

This earth to body connection is valuable for the body in terms of neutralizing free radicals and draining away noxious charges and spent currents A reasonable analogy is the comparison of the TerraLink Earthing Pad to a window. With the window letting in fresh air to provide your body, via the lungs, with life giving gasses, and taking away the spent and poisonous gasses of exhalation. But in this case, the earthing pad lets in free electrons and Earth energies while taking away the inflammatory (Suffocating) effects of “Dis-Connection”. In either case, you could simply go outside, breath deeply and walk barefooted in moist grass if you didn’t have a window or an Earthing pad. But we need exposure to fresh air and the numerous benefits of natural grounding for many hours daily in order to maintain balance (Good Health). In addition, while you are in grounded mode, the surface of the body also acts as a living Faraday Cage helping it to resist the attraction and absorption of biologically aggravating EMFs and ELFs which now pervade our environment in this technologically advanced but “Elementally Suppressed” world.

Question: How is it that the earth contains infinite quantities of free electrons?

Answer: It is a natural phenomenon maintained by the HUGE electrical activity of thunderstorms (more than eight million lightning strikes per day around the globe). Our planet is big and all that mass allows Her to hold a lot of “juice”. It is estimated that if all thunderstorm activity on earth ceased, electrons would cease to flow in the earth in less than one hour. I can not verify that supposition, but it is thought provoking.

Question: Why do the earth’s electrons transfer so easily to the body?

The body is an excellent conductor of electrons (It is an Electrical-Chemical Marvel), especially the areas of the body with the highest concentration of nerve endings (including hands feet and feet). So, the free electrons near the surface of the earth are easily transferred to the human body as long as there is direct contact. That is… Electrons naturally flow from areas of abundance (Earth) to areas of deficiency (Chronically Un-Grounded people)… Any “Body” or area in the body suffering from electron deficiency (Oxidation, Free Radical Condition) will attract life giving electrons from an available source. The Earth is the most abundant source of this Life Force and it is readily available through direct electrical connection. Unfortunately, synthetic-soled shoes act as insulators so that even when we are outside we do not normally receive the benefits of the earth’s electrons. When we are in homes and office buildings, we are also insulated and unable to receive the earth’s electrons Terra~Link technology remedies this situation, allowing an individual to be in contact with the earth in the comfort of his/her home and work place.

Question: Can one feel the flow of free electrons from the earth?

Yes, some people say they can. It appears that those who believe they feel a flow of electrons are paying more attention to their body than others (often because they have been struggling with their health). But, also, often may actually be drawing more free electrons from the earth than others because they have greater accumulations of free radicals in their bodies than others — and therefore they “feel the flow” more than others. Additionally, people who have been working with their “energetic selves” (Practicing, Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Dance Etc,) or who are attuned to natural rhythms from spending in lot of time outdoors or working with acupuncture, massage Etc. commonly report that they can feel Earth energy, and the healing, normalizing effect that a good connection provides.

Question: Is technology helpful for EMF or ELF reduction?

Answer: Yes and No. Although a natural reduction of EMF (Electromagnetic Field) and ELF (Extremely Low Frequency electric field) occurs when touching the earth or Terra~Link earthing product, the benefit of EMF and ELF reduction may be considered secondary to the flow of electrons and natural frequencies from the earth and as a means to discharge the incompatible “poison static” that all ungrounded bodies accumulate in minutes / hours.

Question: What is the difference between Earthing and the use of magnets?

Answer: Although the use of magnets can produce some therapeutic effects when properly applied, magnets cannot provide free electrons, nor can they connect the body with the naturally balancing frequencies of the earth. The Terra~Link earthing technology is really the only way, without standing directly on the earth, to connect with the earth’s restorative electron field. Its apples and oranges, they are both delicious and nutritious, but different.

Question: What is the difference between earthing and EMF reduction?

Answer: Although unnatural EMF reduction is important and reduces the generation of free radicals in the body, this is a minor benefit when compared with the free electron flow from the earth and the huge free radical and inflammation neutralizing properties of this electron flow. EMF reduction does not increase the flow of electrons to the body as does earthing.

Question: What happens when one’s skin makes contact with the Terra~Link Pad or with the earth directly?

Answer: First any static charge your body has will be immediately dissipated to the earth. Secondly, your body begins to absorb electrons through the contact points — a natural process that occurs any time you are touching the ground with your skin. This electron flow and energy exchange continues until you disconnect yourself from the earth.

Question: How long does it take to notice the effects of earthing?

Answer: Some people experience the effects virtually immediately, and instrumentation clearly shows why. In cases of chronic pain, the effects are sometimes observed in minutes. And for others, with severe chronic pain, it may take months. For some, the benefits are so subtle they go unnoticed until they have to be without the technology. Actually in my experience with Earthing products and techniques everyone can sense the calming, balancing effect, you know the Aaahhh factor in short order. As with anything, individual experiences vary.

Question: How long will the Terra~Link Pad last before it wears out?

Answer: We don’t actually know. Prototype pads have been in use for many years and (by the initial users like the U.S. bicycling team and other early adopters) so far, the pads are still working. It is expected that the pad will last as long as would a regular sheet or thin blanket. The silver yarns that are interwoven with the other fibers of pad conduct electron flow through numerous intersecting points, so even if damage to some of these points were to occur, spot damage does very little to reduce electron conductivity. Occasional washing WITHOUT BLEACH will not harm the material. If ever in question, the pads conductive efficacy is easy to verify with a $5-$10.00 Ohm meter.

Question: What do Billy Saunders or the folks at Dr Billy Health .com have to do with the science of Earthing?

I have long been a believer in the numerous and profound benefits of “Grounding”.
In practice, I have always encouraged people to find a way to “Connect” on a regular and frequent bases as I have recommended other innate essentials, favoring those that are free, easy, and/or “buy once and use for a long time” items / practices.
One of my early teachers, Dr. Christopher (Dr. John R. Christopher), who was born in 1909 and spent a long life as one of the most renowned healers in the western hemisphere and was a father of natural healing held “Grounding” (Earthing) as prerequisite to good health and indispensable to an effective healing program.
Decades ago the most common way to make-the-connection was walking in damp grass. At some point I (And I’m sure lots of other people too) realized and proved that placing bare feet, or other body parts on moist soil, and better yet mud did the trick too. Of course it would… Duhhh. I reasoned and proved to myself that other arrangements worked well for grounding the body (Being) as well.
Back about Nineteen Eighty-Something I designed a few practical (I Thought) “Grounding” (Earthing) products designed with city folks and thoroughly modern Millies in mind. We offered them through a division named Terra-Link. The more I considered the contribution made to the well being of the users of the Terra-Link products, the more I realized that almost everyone that I ever have any contact with is up to her/his ears with noxious static charges and chronically deficient in Free Electrons (Life-Force), and that virtually all of us are Jones-ing for the connection that our DNA grew up on… So much so that no matter what else we do right, or how we may pamper, feed, supplement or medicate we can never be fully well until and unless we are “Grounded” (Earthed). We can stay alive for a while without fresh air (An Essential Element), exposure to sunlight (An Essential Element), or clean water (An Essential Element), but we can not really LIVE without them. Likewise, we can not really “live” without an actual Physical / Electrical / fill-in-the-blank, two way connection with our Mother Earth. I think we all know that.

… Dr. Christopher on grounding…From very early on “Grounding” was one of the essential prescriptions in Dr. Christopher’s CURING THE INCURABLES program. The following quote is from his “practices helpful for incurable disease conditions”
Releasing Static Electricity:
“Walk or jog barefoot on the lawn to get rid of the static electricity in the body and to allow new electrical vibration to come from the atmosphere. This is pure universal electricity that operates all the parts and organs of the body. It cannot come if static electricity is present, which should be grounded through the feet to keep a continual flow on hand”.

Question. Will this pad work with an electrical blanket / heating pad?

Answer. Yes. In this configuration, the Earthing pad is perfectly safe, but the electric blanket isn’t. It has nothing to do whit the Earthing Pad. Electric blankets simply are a hazard to you health.
It is reasonable to say that an electric blanket is never safe. I know… Most electric blankets are designed smarter now (Older generation units, manufactured before 1989 emitted up to 70,000 times the normal acceptable level of EMFs), and radiate much lower levels of one type of EMF called the AC magnetic field, they still do radiate another type of EMF called the AC electric field, even when turned off. As long as the blanket is plugged in, AC electric fields will still be present, so it is not enough to simply turn it off. Be sure to unplug the blanket AT THE WALL, and not just at an extension cord. Additionally, electric blankets cause two fires a day nationwide on average yearly. And electric blankets are generally heavily impregnated with toxic fire retardant chemicals… And there’s more… There may be a healthier way to warm your bed, or there may be a safer way to use the electric blanket if you must. Well, a big can of worms was opened with that question. If that’s more info that you wanted, please consider that it is an important issue and one that is often overlooked, and If you would like to know more about this subject check the links Electric Blankets and Bedroom Pollution.

Question: How can I tell if my bedroom outlet is grounded?

Answer: If your outlet is two pronged, then it is NOT grounded. Homes built to code after 1975 are properly grounded. If your home was built prior to 1975, then, unless an electrician retrofitted the home with a true copper grounding rod or to which ground wires attach and one of these ground wires goes to the outlet you intend to use, the outlet will be ungrounded, and you will need to use an earth stake. It is not sufficient to connect ground wires to pipes or other metal objects unless those are truly grounded to the earth at some point. Call Billy @ 1-800-811-1482 for help.

Question: Can I leave the outlet connector plugged in all the time or should I unplug it when I’m not using the earthing pad?

Answer: Please leave it connected all the time.

Question: Does the outlet connector supplied with the TerraLink package work just as well as a grounding rod connector?

Answer: Yes, our in-house studies show an equivalent electron flow from an Earth Tap™ outlet connector connection. Most building grounds are copper from 6 to 8 feet long. Therefore, in situations of sandy or dry soil, the outlet connector may even work better than the small dedicated grounding rod stake we can supply.

Question. What is the best way to use the earthing pad on the bed?

Answer: It is best if the earthing pad is on top of the bottom sheet so that your bare feet are touching the pad as you sleep. Take those socks off, many people report feet warming up as a result of the electron transfer and you will not need your socks for warmth. Your feet should contact the pad for best results. If you simply must put the pad underneath the bottom sheet, you will not immediately get the benefits of earthing. It will still work, but will take some time for the molecules of perspiration released from your body to create an electrical path through the sheet to your skin. That means it might take an hour or two for electron flow to begin. When your skin is directly touching the pad, you get an instant electron flow.

Question: How can I know that this product works before I buy it?

Answer: This is a very important question. The answer is go outside and put your bare feet on the Earth for at least an hour. Then, notice what you feel. Nearly everyone experiences significant pain relief. If you decide you like the result from that hour and don’t want to spend eight hours a day outside in your bare feet, then you are a prime candidate for a. Terra~Link Earthing product.

Question: What about putting this on a waterbed?

Answer: The pad will work just fine on any bed.

Question: What about care and cleaning of the Barefoot Pad?

Answer: To preserve and extend life of Barefoot Bed Pad it is recommended to wash using delicate cycle with a mild detergent – No Bleach – bleach will damage the conductive silver threads. Dry with low heat. Please check instruction labels for additional instructions.

Question. How often can the Terra~Link Pad be laundered?

Answer: As often as you wish. It will hold up to numerous washing and drying cycles. But, please use the gentle wash and low-heat drying settings. And, don’t use bleach.

Question: Is the Terra~Link Pad safe in a lightning storm?

Answer: Yes, one is as protected as one can be in a lightning storm.
To comprehend this question and answer one must first have a basic understanding of lightning fundamentals and the Terra~Link Pad construction.
First, lightning needs a reason (an attraction) for a strike. The Terra~Link Pad does not provide an attraction of any sort.
Secondly, lightning is attracted to the highest point. The ground rod connected to the Terra~Link Pad is buried in the ground and is therefore not a high point. In order for a lightning strike to have an effect on the Terra~Link Earthing pad, it would have to strike a nearby high point, continue to the ground at the precise point of the stake location, since a lightning ground strike dissipates down into the earth within a tiny distance of the point of impact.
The single most important aspect of a lightning strike is that the bolt will always follow the path of least electrical resistance. Thus, with a direct strike on the Terra~Link Pad ground rod, the bolt would follow the path of least resistance directly into the ground and not up the wire to the Terra~Link pad. And for extra insurance/assurance the Terra~Link unit has been carefully designed with the right amount of resistance. Only low voltage can travel up the wire. Any attempt of high voltage to flow up the wire, which is against a path of significantly higher resistance (approximately 50 K ohms), would result in the complete evaporation of the wire at its connection to the ground rod. This would immediately open the circuit (Sever the connection) to the Terra~Link pad, stopping all electrical current flowing up the wire, and cutting any ability for a high voltage to travel up the wire to the Pad. Thus, the strike cannot reach to the Terra~Link Earthing pad.
What this means is that the Terra~Link Pad is designed with an inherent resistance and safety in regard to lightning strikes. As can be seen from the above information, the chance of a lightning strike to the Terra~Link Pad is extremely remote. However, in the unlikely event it did occur, the design of the system is such that the user is as protected as anyone can be in a lightning storm.
On average, 66 people per year are killed by lightning and virtually always these people are struck because they have become a high point off the ground (attracting a strike) or because they have sought shelter beneath a high point such as a tree. Neither of these conditions will ever exist with the Terra~Link Earthing pad

Question. Why is the science of earthing so little understood and why (technically) isn’t earthing related to EMF reduction?

“Earthing” is new science that is outside the “box” and will require many of us to relearn some things “we know”. With earthing what we have observed leads us to conclude that the “science in our heads” is irrelevant because results matter – not what we think we know.
For instance, EMF reduction is about preventing electro-magnetic field influence in the body. EMF influx is known to disrupt molecular activity and thus to increase free radical production in the body. The Terra~Link Pad also provides some amount of natural EMF shielding, and while this EMF shielding is important, it appears to be insignificant in comparison to the benefit of free electron flow. Free electron flow is THE big deal, many, many times more important than EMF shielding. Free electron flow from the earth neutralizes free radicals and reduces inflammation — observably and quickly.

When it comes to the benefits of Earthing, we first thought that Earthing benefits were owing a great deal to EMF reduction (electro magnetic fields reduction), but the observed benefits far outstripped the mere shielding of one from an electromagnetic field. We have come to understand through research and specifically through monitoring the numbers of free electrons arriving to the body is that it is about free electrons arriving on the human body. Without Earthing these free electrons don’t enter the body. The effect that those free electrons have on the body is to extinguish free radicals. This is the summum bonum of earthing — electrons from the earth moving to the body and eliminating free radicals in the body.

Of paramount importance is that when we are Earthed, our bodies receive huge quantities of “Free Electrons” and inflammation is significantly reduced. Reduction in the chronic inflammatory process results in often dramatic improvements in health generally, and an abatement of ill symptoms specifically. The intensity with which each of our bodies will use the “Earth-to-Body” electron flow will differ, based upon the level of each body’s health/inflammation and therefore the anecdotal evidence of results will be broad in range.

We all have adapted to existing technologies and therefore have mindsets and preconceptions. During the latter part of the year 2007, the results of seven years of Earthing research will be published and then the “laboratory of the world” will dissect this body of work.

Please not that Terra~Link Earthing pad have a built in resistance for protection from an electrical event… that is why our newest pads EMF readings no longer go to the sub two hundred range… this is a safety design. Electron flow is not lost by making the pad completely safe. Please note even with the built in resistance of 1 mega-ohm (1,000,000 ohms), it still delivers at least .0025 mA of electrons from the earth to the body which is more than sufficient.

As a further technical illustration of this point, at zero resistance a billion electrons can flow from the earth to the body within a nanosecond. However, even with as much as 10 mega-ohms of resistance, a similar amount of electrons WILL FLOW from the earth to the body, except that it will take a SECOND OR TWO longer. In either scenario there will be the same amount of reduction of free radicals in the body. Just some interesting (And Important) stats.

~ Billy

The Importance of Earthing

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Earthing with the Terra~Link System FAQs

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