Heath Freedom ??? 4-17-07


Drive through liquor windows are not in jeopardy

Poisonous, carcinogenic food additives are not threatened

The pharmaceutical drugs that kill over 200,000 people in the U.S. yearly will still be readily available, and advertised non stop on TV, radio and print media

You will retain your right to kill yourself and your children with all manner of neon colored junk food

But if the FDA and its friends at the big pharmaceutical companies, chemical giants and the AMA (The corporate-ized entity overseeing the medical “Industry” in America) have their way, there will be no more nutritional supplements.

No more nutritional supplements, natural and non-invasive therapies, herbal tonics, herbal remedies, healthful herbal beverages or many other life supporting and live saving standards to which we are all freely entitled unless you have: made an appointment,
paid for an office visit
and convinced an M.D. to write a prescription.

Write a prescription for Vitamin C, chamomile tea, black cherry juice.

Never mind that the average M.D. knows virtually nothing about the life saving articles that we are talking about.

While some supplements will still be available in limited amount (With a prescription) many others will be OUTLAWED.

Many whole foods and whole food concentrates will become illegal contraband, as will healthful juices and many valuable therapies.

It is likely that if you need a simple nutritional supplement and manage to convince an M.D. to write a limited prescription, your ticket will entitle you to a bottle of pure (Dead) USP molecularly facsimial, but biologically inert vitamin “Whatever”…

The Fed, its FDA, and the AMA never like to see people using the real thing such as naturally sourced or whole food concentrate nutrients.

In fact they like to tell us that there is no difference.
Any scientist smart enough to tie her shoes knows better than that, but the Feds work under the ASSumption that if you tell a lie consistently, eventually people will believe it.

So they go on saying in effect that a photograph of the ocean can provide you with iodine because it contains seaweed… And that an Elton John recording is heavier than you might think because of the piano inside.

I don’t want people who think like that to stick their noses into any of my business and I’m certain that none of them would act so wrongfully if internal corruption weren’t the means to their end.

I personally know probably 1,000 people and know of many thousands who rely on the very things that our beloved FDA aims to make unavailable.

Such an irresponsible move would kill people and create a whole new deadly black market and a dangerous unregulated import industry.

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    And Organic Foods

At first it will send flocks of consumers to pet supply stores where they may find some of the things they rely on. And they may save money purchasing the pet or horse versions of favorite supplements, but the selection will be disappointing and then the Feds will lock up that avenue as well.

It is so incredible that Big Brother allows us to kill ourselves and our innocent children in any number of gooey, super sweet, deep-fried, fat-dripping, intoxicating ways, knowing as they must, that such behavior reduces the productivity and raises the health care costs of the nation, yet they keep trying to take away our right of self determination with regards to health freedom.

Let me remind you that your right to buy and use vitamin A,B,C or D, and your right to sooth your child’s minor inner ear infection with harmless but effective Echinacea (Just an example) rather that the doctor recommended antibiotic which will screw up the delicate balance of the micro flora population in the child’s body, make the “Bad Bugs” stronger and predispose the child to annual reoccurrences is not really negotiable. A right is a right. Don’t let them mess with it!

And before you think that you caught me in a mistake.

I was not necessarily recommending Echinacea root for inner ear infection, I used it in the example because most people are familiar with it and it is sometimes appropriate and effective for the condition… And I am fully aware of the bogus study in 2006 placing doubt on the effectiveness of that botanical.

I am also keenly aware of the ill designed study protocol. This was a textbook example of how the very organizations threatening our freedom fund and design studies to support whatever lie they choose to advance.

In this case (as is typical, the spin was designed into the study from the start) the wrong part of the plant was used, the species was in question, the dosage and timing were way off, the product used was dilute, the conditions chosen were not correctly indicated, the term of treatment was unrealistic and controls were inadequate.

This one was a real laugh; we learned nothing from the effort.

It was like doing a study to back-up a claim that gasoline will not energize a car.

The study commences by monitoring two identical Chevrolets and pouring water into the radiator of one car and pouring gasoline into the radiator of the other car, then testing to see which one perfumes better.
The puppet researchers can then document that gasoline is no better for automobile performance than is plane water.

And then since 95 % of the media in the U.S. is consolidated into one big club of just 3 or 4 owners and they all do as they are told by the “Government” that they work for, the very next day you will see the results of the “University Study” as soon as you turn on your computer, glance at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, or pick up “The Post”.

And you may think, “Boy, I’m sure glad those guys are looking out for my well-being”.

Or you might see through the smoke and get freaking fed up with the corruption and call all of your representatives and tell them all “Not one more vote for lies”, and let all of your friends know how they are being duped and remind them that they are actually paying the public servants to feed them lies and steal their rights.

Thanks for your help!

These guys can help you learn more and be heard:



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Massive Campaign to Tarnish Image of Natural Health Care
To solidify and ensure a healthcare system based on drugs, Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment have escalated their campaign to “prove” that nutraceuticals are:
A) Dangerous and/or
B) Ineffective
… and that they thus require severe regulatory restriction on their use.

A) “Dangers” of Nutraceuticals
1) Dangerous drug interactions – The actual or potential “dangerous” interaction of a drug and a nutraceutical is always ascribed to the nutraceutical, never to the drug (no one asks who needs the drug if there is a safer nutraceutical alternative).
2) Adverse reactions – Medical research -often BigPharma-clandestinely-sponsored- showing any adverse reaction of a nutraceutical, no matter how benign, is heralded as evidence of its “danger”. A description of the adverse reactions of myriads of FDA “approved” drugs requires a full-page of illegibly-small print and includes the most serious medical conditions, at times life-threatening.
3) Mortality – To the best of my knowledge, there has not been a single fatality from the use of nutritional supplements in the past decade. Properly prescribed, FDA-approved drugs kill over 100,000 people each year.

B) “Ineffectiveness” of Nutraceuticals
A favorite ploy used in medical research to ensure a finding of ineffectiveness of a nutraceutical is to use it:

1) At too low a level
2) For too short a period of time
3) Isolated from its naturally coexisting factors
4) Use the wrong compound
5) In extreme and confounding conditions
1) Low levels of nutraceuticals – Using low levels, the medical establishment has “proven” and publicized the ineffectiveness of Vitamin C in infection and cancer and dl-alpha tocopherol (not natural mixed-tocopherols) in Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). Studies demonstrating their effectiveness when used at higher levels (and in natural form) have been buried and ignored.
2) Too short a period of time – Using Vitamin C for too short a period of time (and at too low levels), Mayo Clinic was able to “prove” the ineffectiveness of Vitamin C for life prolongation in cancer. These studies were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Linus Pauling’s rebuttal was rejected by the Journal for publication. (In the History of Medicine, this should ensure the Journal’s immortality.)
3) Isolated compounds – Pick any one of the B-Complex vitamins at a time, use it for a prolonged period, in high concentrations and in the absence of the other naturally occurring B-complex vitamins. Prove its side effects or “toxicity”, thus proving the dangers of high-potency vitamin supplements in general. Reductionism is guaranteed to work this way.
4) Wrong compound. Using synthetic and isolated dl-alpha tocopherol acetate, medical researchers were able to prove the ineffectiveness of “Vitamin E” against CVD. Positive studies using natural mixed-tocopherols have been ignored.
5) Extreme and confounding conditions – Pick dying patients on multiple drugs. Show that a nutraceutical used in such a short-term acute situation failed to rescue them. Prove by this that the nutraceutical is ineffective or dangerous for the general public. Do not fault the drugs and/or the extreme medical conditions for this outcome.
The mainstream mass media, with substantial ad revenues from BigPharma, gives front-page headlines to the “dangers” and “ineffectiveness” of nutraceuticals. Myriads of health organizations and societies which receive either BigPharma or HHS support/funding pitch in or remain conveniently silent on this travesty.
A Current Example of the “Proof” of Nutraceutical “Ineffectiveness” and the Mass Media Role:
News Media Airs Negative Report on Echinacea and the Common Cold While Overlooking Report This Herbal Remedy Dramatically Increases The Survival of Mice
Ready to TAKE ACTION now?


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