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Percy & Louise Schmeiser Named Recipients of the Right Livelihood Award

Mr. Schmeiser is pleased with victory over Monsanto
In an out of court settlement finalized on March 19, 2008, Percy Schmeiser has settled his lawsuit with Monsanto. Monsanto has agreed to pay all the clean-up costs of the Roundup Ready canola that contaminated Schmeiser’s fields. Also part of the agreement was that there was no gag-order on the settlement and that Monsanto could be sued again if further contamination occurred. Schmeiser believes this precedent setting agreement ensures that farmers will be entitled to reimbursement when their fields become contaminated with unwanted Roundup Ready canola or any other unwanted GMO plants.


The 2007 Right Livelihood Award is shared between four Recipients, who show that there are available, practical solutions to pressing global challenges:

Percy and Louise Schmeiser (Canada) have given the world a wake-up call about the dangers to farmers and biodiversity everywhere from the growing dominance and market aggression of companies engaged in the genetic engineering of crops.
The Jury honours the Schmeisers “for their courage in defending biodiversity and farmers’ rights, and challenging the environmental and moral perversity of current interpretations of patent laws” stated Jakob von Uexkull of the Right Livelihood Award.

Go Percy & Louise!!!

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Monsanto vs Schmeiser
The Classic David vs Goliath Struggle…

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