GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) 101

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) 100

GMOs as food homicide.

The ability to produce food in the future is at great risk, as is the immediate and long term health of everyone who comes in contact with these perverted and contaminated “Un-Foods”…

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GMO Crossbones

This is really big. I feel myself stepping up on the soapbox, Oh yeah here it comes… Can I be strong? OK I’ll try to temper it and drastically abbreviate frustrating sparks of thought exploding between the synapses of my brain.

Whatever is stated in the next few paragraphs can not begin to illustrate the severity of the “GMO INSANITY”.

And in case you are tempted to blow-off this information as the ramblings of a conspiracy theorist or dooms day-er, forget it.

I realize that people may not want to face the severity of the situation or believe that there are corporate connivers so deranged in their thinking and malicious in their goals. And I understand that you may feel betrayed to learn that the governmental overseers are looking the other way and selling out the people they are paid (And is some cases sworn) to protect.

But it is fact that the ability to produce food in the future is at great risk,
as is the immediate and long term health of everyone who comes in contact with these perverted and contaminated “Un-Foods”. And the citizens in North America (The U.S. and Canada) are almost the only people in the entire world who largely don’t seem to care. Such a state of apathy, indifference and/or complacent unawareness is unique to North Americans but a serious threat to Humans and all animals and plants worldwide.

Most people have no idea of the extent, the depth, the cost, the insanity, the invasiveness, pervasive-ness, the history or the proposed future of GMO insanity. And most people surveyed think that they have never eaten GMO junk, while virtually everyone in the US has eaten a bunch, and eats it every day… Also the vast majority of people surveyed say they do not want to touch the stuff.

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The criminals in this “Takeover-of-the-Food-Supply” scheme have amazingly succeeded in banning information on the inclution of genetically modified ingredients from the labels of your food.

The lying, cheating, self-serving hoodlums say it [GMO] is a good thing, but they refuse to tell the consumer where they sneak it into your food or to honestly disclose the results of tests that clearly demonstrate otherwise.

The Japanese government says that they will watch [the experiment] in the US for ten years before they even consider the non-sense.

It just ticks me off to think that 7,000 years ago Indian people in middle America started working with a little sprig a wild grass, and through careful attention worked with that “spark of nourishment” over countless generations, eventually developing that little green blade into many distinct, colorful, richly nutritious, high yield varieties of maize, (corn) that feeds the masses, the common folk. And it grows happily in marginal soil, with little water and zero application of poison.

What started 7,000 years ago, and is the product of immeasurable devotion by hundreds-of-thousand of dedicated people-of-the-Earth, and only in resent history (After 6,000 years of development) really resulted in anything resembling the big, fat, juicy ears with which we are familiar today, is all threatened.

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Corn, gene injected

It is likely ruined for all foreseeable time, just so that Monsanto big shots and various crooked public servants paid by the people can stuff more temporal green into their pockets. The shortsighted idiots buy longer limousines and higher condos with ill-gotten profits as they ruin essential plant diversity virtually for ever, and poison the people and the planet in a whole new way…

This is but one example, huge in itself, and the attached implications, but small within the whole huge mess that is the “GMO Insanity”.

It stretches the skull till it hurts trying to hold in my head all the despicable conniving, going on within the design of this particular business venture, with full cooperation of the feds, all the way to the top, who are far to friendly with Monsanto and the likes. And it all goes on behind closed doors, with no oversight and zero accountability and without the consent of the people.

Check out Jeffrey M. Smith’s best-selling book on GM foods (Seeds of Deception), it’s rated number one on the subject by the Ecologist. It documents bribes, fired and threatened scientists, hijacked regulatory agencies, cover-ups, rigged research, and the ways in which industry manipulation and political collusion got genetically modified (GM) foods approved in the first place. It also explains why the modified un-foods threaten our health…………….

Spilling the Beans is a monthly column available at

responsible technology

Also see: Seeding the Homeland with Mutants…

What a great idea NOT. Monsanto developed a Roundup Resistant (RR) gene which it has already incorporated into many different crops, and is apparently planning to introduce in many more around the once clean/healthy world. Incorporating the same gene into different food crops makes a major part of the world’s food supply vulnerable to a SINGLE disease. Good idea? NO!

The historical precedent for this fear was the introduction of a single gene into 85% of the US corn crop. In 1970 a disease epidemic attacked all corn plants containing that specific pleiotropic gene. The epidemic panicked the US stock market and threatened the existence of the 1971 crop. When the disease specific to the RR gene appears, world starvation is likely. And the squeeze will be felt more by people on the SAD (Standard American Diet), as these people eat and drink molecular spin-offs of corn at every meal… In a really big way. Corn, in some form is a major ingredient in at least 85% of all the so-called food on the supermarket shelves (Excluding fresh produce).

At the present time, use of Roundup (Poison) in the Drug War in Columbia and other South American and Latin American countries directly threatens the lives of the indigenous population. For water quality and human health, the risk from Roundup may lie in part in the impurities it contains. Monsanto’s Poison sickens and kills wildlife, indigenous plants and people, right on their own property.

Just a few short decades ago, the only way to remove weeds competing with crops was by hand. Local families, on small farms did the work, grew the food and had a lively-hood and a healthy life.

Then scientists discovered they could replace people, out there breathing fresh air, with designer chemicals. However, these chemicals are very toxic to people as well as the environment, and must removed by water systems to produce pure drinking water. Good Idea? NO!

Monsanto had been marketing Roundup (glyphosate) as a major part of the company income, getting fatter and fatter from poisoning the planet and her life-forms, but the patent was due to expire.

The Drs. Frankenstein at Monsanto needed a way to hook growers on their particular brand of poison long term.

Therefore, the company developed a roundup resistant (RR) gene and incorporated it into soybeans, canola (Rapeseed), corn, and other crops. Without the RR gene, these crops are killed when Roundup is applied to kill weeds (Small Wonder). With the RR gene, the crops survive Roundup application. The company loves this of course because now the people working the fields can dump even more “Earth Killing, People Killing Poison” on the land and the adultered crop plants will survive.
They will be sickly and deranged, and saturated with higher amounts of poison, but they will go to market, and they will end up on your table and become part of your body.

Monsanto controls production of the seeds and requires farmers to sign legal agreements stating that they will use Roundup to control weeds in their crops and that they will not replant seeds they produce nor distribute them to their neighbors. Monsanto is also working to control the water farmers need to grow crops. In other words…

Monsanto is developing a business in which it has total control of the world food supply. This sounds like a twisted sci-fi horror movie, but is very real.

The idea is for corporations to ‘own’ everything that people rely on.
Think that’s an outlandish statement? Check out this little report:
Having Children is Against the Law, Human Genome is Owned by Corporations

Hybrid corn is the basis for the US food supply and economy. Producing hybrid seed requires some manipulation in the field.
Scientists developed a gene (cytoplasmic male sterility – CMS) to artificially streamline the process. It produced high profit for its corporate users who used it to produce 85% of US corn crop. CMS was exalted as the ultimate scientific achievement—until 1970 when a disease adapted specifically to that gene produced an epidemic of Southern Corn Leaf Blight (SCLB) and struck down a major part of the corn crop, threatening the existence of the 1971 crop and throwing the stock market into a panic.

A quarter century elapsed from introduction of the CMS gene to the CMS-SCLB destruction of part of our food supply. The RR gene has been used only since 1996 and is now a component of a rapidly expanding part of our food supply. Monsanto declared RR safe, but no testing has been done to see whether it is a pleiotropic gene as was the CMS gene.

The fine folks at the FDA leave any testing and reporting on all this unprecedented, experimental manipulation of the foundation-of-life up to the guys who profit from the technology. Good idea? NO!

Plant diseases seldom move from one species of plant to another because they are genetically unique enough. However, the RR gene incorporated into many species breaks the normal species boundary restraints. When a disease adapts to the RR gene it can quickly destroy other food crops. WORLD STARVATION?

The literature indicates that Roundup is a “relatively” safe compound. A really stupid statement, and not at all born out by the state of health of the poor people who work with it, or by analyses done on soil and water samples contaminated with the stuff. Daah, it’s poison.

Anyway, that misleading positive information originates with Monsanto, a company known to manipulate statistics to its own advantage, and cycle its employees into critical governmental regulatory roles, building a major part of its income on graft. Numerous top level government officials have also been high ups in Monsanto and other AG Chem corporations, in some cases, moving back and forth between the government office and the chemical company seat.

No chemical compound is ever totally pure. In the case of Agent Orange, one of Monsanto’s income producing giants during the Vietnam War, dioxin was a critical impurity whose effects are still being felt.

There are now fourth generation Agent Orange/Dioxin victims being born with severe physical deformities and mental diseases in Vietnam and Cambodia. Reliable testimony and clear documentation shows that the chemical giants producing the stuff knew that it was profoundly poisonous to humans. Do you think we should trust these guys with the world’s food supply and our health? Remember there is no government oversight of GMO insanity, and if there were, the ‘oversight’ [undersight] would be provided by the same overlords that instructed the U.S. solders to mix-up and apply the herbicide casually, with no protective gear and no exposure limitations.

Who thinks it’s a good idea to knowingly induce people to eat substances that are;

The most serious potential food security threat ever faced.

More heavily laden with systemic and surface poisonous chemical contamination.

Proven to cause life threatening allergic reactions,

Likely to lead to organ failure and as yet indefinable imbalances in the living systems of consumers.

Through unavoidable cross-contamination make organic produce a thing of the past, and in fact make it virtually impossible to grow any plant (Or animal, Human included) that is not genetically deranged.

Have been shown very likely to be able to cause the “Manufacture” of pesticides inside the gut of the consumer.

Lead to dramatic increases in the release of poisonous agricultural chemicals into the environment.

Produce genetic cross mutation of all seed baring plants to the extent that virtually all foods become effectively sterile and cease to reproduce… Breatharianism is looking better all the time.

Allow for the complete extinction of all common food plants via an ultimately unavoidable single epidemic blight able to kill all plants of all species due to their common contamination with an “Introduced” runaway gene.

I have not reflected the FDA in a very positive light and with good reason, as it is that agency’s duty to guard against such malfeasance as demonstrated by this GMO-ing of the food supply. In fact the FDA should function as a fail-safe in the system to help prevent malicious, opportunistic corporate takeover of government. But it continues to fail miserably.

In all fairness the FDA is part of the web of governmental administrative entities the whole of which is influenced and can be pressured by the White House, and in fact both Bill Clinton and (Of course) George Bush are supporters of GMO-isation.

Also, I know that some, and suspect that many employees at the FDA have tried to make superiors aware of some of the serious problems associated with this Bio-tech experiment, but have been aggressively silenced… At a Research University or regulatory agency you pretty much can’t keep your job, career, or reputation if you buck the chemical giants.

We may be able to save our food and save ourselves, although some scientists don’t see how.

Eat Responsibly, sm, 2

Eat Responsibly

Everything, everything “Good” is possible.

Even though the Monsantos have applied for transgenic patents in some 80 countries, still almost all other countries resist. Many maintain partial of complete bans on the alien foods and the technology that produces it even though the U.S. continues to strong-arm the rest of the world to buy into the mistake that Bush’s and Clinton’s chemical buddies are selling. President Obama’s, appointment of Tom Vilsack as the USDA’s agriculture secretary is disheartening and looks like business as usual as Mr.Vilsack is a GMO fan.

Remember, we can say no. “JUST SAY NO”.

Until things began to swing back towards sanity, you’ll have to be very selective if you buy packaged food and shop at a standard grocery store. But that does not have to be a problem. You can shop at a “Real Food Store” and at local markets Etc.

You know, demand still drives the market. The GMOers have been working hard to “Invent” a demand, but virtually no consumer actually wants or prefers GMO contaminated food, it’s just that, for some reason, North Americans have not bothered to vocally resist.

Lots of other countries “Just Say No”, and of course, so far the Monsanto-ish thugs keep pressuring and lobbying, but so far most countries are resisting effectively.

But there has been some “Seepage” lately as some test fields have been planed and planted in England which has long been a model of sanity and vigilance (The chemical gangsters will do what they can get away with, but I don’t think that the Britts will buy the fake-food), and in India as well… That a very sad story.

We need to show the purveyors, all the way from the retailers and restaurants up to the producers that we will not be GMO guinea pigs. By our purchase choices, we simply need to demonstrate that “We’re not going there”. With our choices we can shut down the “Gene Gangsters”.

If you think it would be difficult or particularly inconvenient, don’t. My family has always shopped selectively. It’s simply a more rewarding experience all the way around. There is nothing hard about being selective… It just provides you with better stuff.

If you think that we shouldn’t have to bother to pay attention to what we are going to eat, please remember that all throughout history people, well “smart people” have always taken some care in choosing foods. Our duller minded ancestors who just picked or picked-up anything as they walked through the forest or over the plane did not live to eat many more meals. It’s the same today.

And by the way, because some consumers have always demanded “Real Food”, things have improved dramatically in the past 20 – 30 years with respect to the availability and variety of organic and otherwise higher quality food.

So if we all refuse to buy “Fake Food”, we will of course enjoy life and the activity of eating more, we will be healthier and we will help insure lasting food security for our children.

How to avoid foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

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Some recent GMO developments:

In 2005, while most of us weren’t looking the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) quietly changed the classification of Roundup Ready sugar beets from regulated to deregulated, now GM beets can be planted without a special permit.

That deregulation will harm organic farmers and consumers, and exacerbate the growing epidemic of herbicide resistant weeds.”

Critics point out that Roundup Ready crops encourage (Actually demand) increased chemical use, with damaging effects on everyone’s health (Present and future) and the environment. In addition to contaminating soil and water, pesticides leave dangerous residue on food plants themselves, and then in the people and other animals who eat them.

The [puppet] Environmental Protection Agency has now complied with a Monsanto request to increase the allowable levels of glyphosate (POISON) residue on sugar beet roots by 5000 percent. That’s 5,000% more of Monsanto’s favorite poison in a popular food and a ubiquitous ingredient in zillions of everyday foods. Thanks for nothing EPA (Environmental POLLUTING Agency).

Another problem is that such plants encourage the development of “superweeds” that are resistant to Roundup.

In a way analogous to the casual abuse of antibiotics leading to the creation of drug resistant super- bacteria, overuse of Roundup eventually breeds Roundup-resistant weeds.

According to USDA data in the 10 years after the 1994 introduction of Roundup Ready crops, herbicide use increased by 15 times.

Ninety-nine percent of U.S. superweeds are resistant to Roundup.

Since corn syrup, and the high-tech High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) are even more widely used sweeteners than beet or cane sugar, and almost all the corn grown in the United States is also Roundup Ready, nearly all sweetened food in the United States is GM. Because U.S. law (Written by Monsanto) does not require labeling of GM ingredients, consumers of products from candy to breakfast cereal (And actually of 80% of all supermarket junk food… It isn’t only ‘sweetened foods) will soon be unknowingly exposed to engineered sugar, with unknown health consequences.

Currently Commercialized GM Crops in the U.S.:

(Number in parentheses represents the estimated percent that is genetically modified.)

Soy (89%)

Cotton (83%)

Canola (75%)

Corn (70 – 85%)

Hawaiian papaya (more than 50%)

Alfalfa, zucchini and yellow squash (?)

Tobacco (Quest® brand)

And of course:

Dairy products from cows injected with rbGH.

Food additives, enzymes, flavorings, and processing agents, including the sweetener aspartame (NutraSweet®) and rennet used to make hard cheeses

Meat, eggs, and dairy products from animals that have eaten GM feed

Honey and bee pollen that may have GM sources of pollen

Contamination or pollination caused by GM seeds or pollen

How to avoid foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Get your free Non-GMO Shopping Guide right now from the Institute for Responsible Technology

Please click on the ‘GMO’ link in the sidebar for more important and enlightening info on the GMO invasion and for simple ways that you can use to protect your family and our only home Planet…

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