This is really big. I feel myself stepping up on the soapbox, Oh yeah here it comes… Can I be strong? OK I’ll try to temper it and drastically abbreviate the thoughts screaming across my synapses.

Whatever is stated in the next few paragraphs can not begin to illustrate the severity of the GMO insanity.

Most people have no idea of the extent, the depth, the cost, the insanity, the invasiveness, pervasiveness, the history or the proposed future of GMO insanity. And most people surveyed think that they have never eaten GMO junk, while virtually everyone in the US has eaten a bunch, and eats it every day…

Also the vast majority of people surveyed say they do not want to touch the stuff.

The Japanese government says that they will watch the [Experiment] in the US for ten years before they even consider the nonsense.

It just tics me off to think that 7,000 years ago Indian people in middle America started working with a little sprig a wild grass and through careful attention worked with that spark of nourishment over countless generations, eventually developing that little green blade into many distinct, colorful, richly nutritious, high yield varieties of maize, corn that feeds the masses, the common folk, it grows happily in marginal soil, with little water and no application of poison.

What started 7,000 years ago, is the product of immeasurable devotion by hundreds-of-thousand of dedicated people-of-the-Earth, and only in resent history (After 6,000 years) really resulted in anything resembling the big fat ears with which we are familiar today, is all threatened.

Threatened and likely ruined for all foreseeable time so that

Monsanto and cohorts could stuff more temporal green into there pockets. Out of inexcusable ignorance or selfish carelessness these guys buy bigger limos and more vacation homes while ruining essential plant diversity virtually for ever, and poisoning the people and the planet in a whole new way…

The above is just one example, huge in itself, and the attached implications, but small in the whole huge mess that is the
GMO insanity.

It stretches the skull till it hurts trying to hold in ones’ head all the despicable antics going on within the design of this particular business venture, compliments of the feds all the way to the top who conspire with Monsanto and the likes.


GMO, no

GMO, no


Check out Jeffrey M. Smith’s bestselling book on GM foods. It’s rated number one on the subject by the Ecologist.
It documents attempted bribes, fired and threatened scientists, hijacked regulatory agencies, cover-ups, rigged research, and the ways in which industry manipulation and political collusion got genetically modified (GM) foods approved.

It also explains why the foods directly and immediately
threaten our health…………….

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