Great Compassion, Pets

Great Compassion, Pets

Great compassion is expressed by the love and attention focused upon dogs and cats by their “Masters”.

Assuming the role of pet keeper puts one in a Godly or godly roll. I have many times witnessed “pet people” go to extraordinary effort and expense to maximize the well-being of their furry loved one, and in a world deficient in love, it is gratifying to see.

The selectiveness of it though, hits me hard in the face as the [Selectively] compassionate caregivers unnecessarily (And Inexcusably) steal the life right out from under hundreds or thousands of “Other” of Gods furry and feathery children on behalf of Spot or Fluffy.

The double-standard, or Ethical Schizophrenia is as plane as the snout on Spot’s face but,.. Well at this point it becomes very confusing.

Clearly the “Compassion” expressed by all of the devoted care, for one’s favorite companion is negated many times over by the unjustifiable selfish selection process, and creates a ‘net deficit’ of the love that our troubled world so desperately needs more of.

As many of the lucky ones are rescue pets from humane society facilities it seems obvious that the well intentioned saviors are trying to maximize preservation of life and minimize euthanasia.

But the follow-through is a real killer.

The way that most pet rescuers care for the “Lucky One” means that the life of that “one” is at the expense of the lives of many. That is to say that by snatching Spot from the clutches of an impending “Humane” transition, and raising him in the usual way, many other equally deserving “Children” will be snuffed out, though not in a humane manner, and only after an unfairly abridged life of shameful mistreatment.

It is well to remember that true Humane-ness can not be selective.


Surely if there is a God, She does not play favoritism.
If there be any distinction between right and wrong, then certainly it is better to leave well enough alone than to play God by picking a favorite and killing others on its behalf. Truth be known, the cows and chickens and lams and fishes are not sacrificed to sustain the family mascot, but to satisfy his master.

Dangerous business, this…

I submit that a person has no more right to murder a chicken or a lamb and call it dinner for Spot, than a neighbor has to poison Spot for barking at night. The rights of Spot and Fluffy are equaled to, not greater than the rights of any other sentient beings. And I can hardly believe that people need to be reminded of something so basically obvious.

The hypocrisy of feeding ‘livestock’ to ‘pets’ as an act of ‘kindness’ is depressingly impressive. And the thought process which allows for such behavior is beyond my understanding. The field of psychology has a term for this which I choose not to state because it may sound defamatory and I mean no disrespect in the observation of this confusing dichotomatic behavior.

It is interesting and confusing that: even just the thought of Korean Dog Stew is offensive to people in much of the world… Sometimes because Dog Meat is considered unfit for human (Or Pet) consumption (As if a Steer’s Meat, a Pig’s Meat, or a Chicken’s diseased flesh is fit), and often (Based on my interviews) because people consider it inhumane to kill a doggy for dinner, as if [again] terrorizing, torturing and murdering cows and turkeys is an acceptable… Well, there is nothing left to say about this observation, it just leaves a thinking person’s mind kinda’ hanging out there.

The happiest and most healthy world which we can create with the welfare of our furry friends in mind will be the result of more love and kindness spread in all directions and the equal rights of all planetary brothers and sister recognized and supported.

In any case ordering the execution (An automatic result of purchasing the product… Supply and Demand) of Moo-ing and Baaah-ing sons and daughters and mothers and fathers, and then feeding an over processed version of the heavily infected, chemically/pharmaceutically saturated leftovers of the carcass to Spot or Fluffy is actually not a nice thing to do for a pet. Such behavior is not consistent with loving, responsible ‘Dominion’.

Such behavior has a strong negative effect on the recipients, the donors (Very Obviously), on the health of Planet Earth, the health of all people living here and if-you-will on the karma of the ‘master’ who orders the abuse and destruction of some far-away animals to fill the pet’s tummy and feed-the-fallacy that he/she is an ‘animal lover’.

Make no mistake, feeding our pets ‘that which belongs to someone else’s is a big part of the twisted system (Supported by all who partake and/or supply) which directly causes the slavery, torture, mutilation and murder of more than a TRILLION fully conscious animals every year. Every time the Earth goes-round-the-Sun, over a trillion more are caused extreme pain, over a trillion more individuals who have family members who care about them are slaughtered at a young age for no good reason, to serve no need… Just because we can.

Wow, that’s incredible. That is a lot of unnecessary pain.

Of course this is ‘Larceny of Life’ and it’s gross as all get out. But even as there are those who will argue that the product of Factory-Farm slaughterhouses is fit for human consumption, such tainted flesh can never be disguised as ‘Fit for HUMANE consumption’.

Whatever your name, your religion or skin color, no matter whether you have two legs or four, wings or scales, I promise never to kill you for my dinner or my pet’s dinner, it just wouldn’t be right.

I would like to assure you also that the numbers of people NOT willing to commit such ‘Crimes against Humaneness’ or growing every minute.

Peace on Earth remains a possibility. And even if we never make it all the way, it’s getting better, and it can be much better. The very least we owe the kids is to be as kind as we can be so that they inherit the best possible world. What’s it going to be, you pretending that you’re doing right by your pet, or helping to make a better world?

I don’t know who you are reading this plea, but I personally pledge to offer any help that I can to assist you in reducing your contribution to pain and suffering. Together we can flood the world with kindness, make a healthier, happier world, populated with happier, healthier people and pets, and introduce the kids to a much better life than we were shown.

From the first time anyone of us resists the propaganda engineered to suppress our natural aversion to killing, then eating (Or Feeding) someone else’s flesh, we reduce the ‘collective suffering’, we increase the ‘collective benevolence’ we make our only world a cleaner, happier place for everyone. It’s easy, it’s right, and it tastes and feels better every day.

With Love!


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