Have Mercy on Victims of the Pro-Nuke Insanity

Have Mercy on Victims of the Pro-Nuke Insanity
…From March 2011…

As far as I know, not one of the pro-nuke, twisted tinkers that live among us has flown to Japan to lend a hand in the unfolding radioactive catastrophe that their support of nukes has again helped to bring about…

Nuclear Accident in Japan, 1.jpg

With very few exceptions, most U.S. congressional reps over the past 10 years and, as I recall, many, if not most of them in the 60s and 70s bowed to the demands of the nuclear insanity corporations in getting the deadly monsters up and running, here and abroad… with our money. A shocking percentage of citizens (not congress-people) have also supported nuclear insanity.Come on Mr. President (who just yesterday called nukes ‘clean’, again), Come on Senator McCain (The only exceptions from the hill that come to mind are Congressman Dennis Kucinich and maybe Ron Paul), come on all of you ‘we know better than the people, self-servers who continually refer to nukes as clean and green and ‘perfectly safe’, come on GE executives who are right now getting fatter as innocent people in Japan are starting to glow [again], get over there and lend a hand, don’t worry, you’ve got two. Get over there and show us how clean and green your beloved Uranium Monsters are. What are you afraid of? Not to worry, the cloud will be over your house in a few days anyway, ——–!

nuke 3.jpg

I know I’m insane, it rubs off you know. I was just out walking the family dog, who is no Einstein, but appears to be smarter than all of us [humans] put together, he looked up at me and seemed to say, ” what are you people doing with your minds, are you really still talking about a nuclear renaissance?”

I pray that we find a way to replace all corporate execs and Washington reps with dogs, or cats or roaches.

May some higher entity have mercy on the recipients of the tsunami and all the victims of the pro-nuke insanity.


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