History and Applications of the Photon Sound Beam

Admittedly standard germ theory does not stand up well on its own along side a better understanding of the Bio-Terrain Model.

Even the failing Louis Pasteur finally admitted…

“The Microbe is Nothing, The Terrain is All”.

An outlook from both points-of-view can help us understand the value and the reality suggested be reports of absolutely amazing c-u-r-e-s (Unexplainable Spontaneous Remissions) from tens of thousands of users, patients and researchers spanning most of the twentieth century, attributed to the proper application of Electro-Therapeutics.

The Protocol that suggests (Identify the bug – kill the bug) with it’s specific lethal frequency is easy to understand, and instruments designed for that function can be effective, this has been proven time and time again. Though they may be limited in scope such treatments have many times been associated with c-u-r-e-s ~ Unexplainable Spontaneous Remissions.

Such instruments in their most basic form leave a lot to be desired.

Rife’s work also demonstrated the absolute importance of the Quality of Terrain.

He showed for instance, that a harmless beneficial bacterium could be caused to transmute into a deadly life form, simply by altering the environment, (in this case changing the frequency of the radiant energy, And then changed back again).

An understanding of this model is helpful when embracing the medicines, treatment, lifestyles and diet styles aimed at establishing and maintaining a Healthful Biological Terrain.

The biological terrain

The biological terrain model, which is not dependent on the “aggressive killing” of pathogenic bugs, but rather works by uplifting the internal environment of the host, supports health maintenance and restoration, makes the best possible sense and exemplifies the wisdom of the ages.

The understanding that…

Aggressive killing therapies

Aggressive killing therapies tend to stimulate the invading bugs to evolve into even smarter and stronger bugs while weakening the host, is important to consider when making choices that will impact the future of our race.

This is not to suggest that aggressive killing therapies are as yet obsolete, that day may be coming…

Our knowledge and understanding regarding much better methods continues to grow.
Certainly in emergency situations it would be advisable to “get out the woods” as quickly as possible and mop up any mess afterwards.
It’s always advisable of course to choose a treatment which creates as little mess, complication or damage to healthy tissue as possible.

As the minds of some the pioneers evolved beyond the “germ theory”, great strides were made impacting the development electro-therapeutic instruments.
As others now know, quite some time ago Ed Skilling came to the realization that delivering specific lethal frequencies for control of specific pathogenic bugs was very limited and carried with it a number of complications.

With a strong background in music and having worked in the field of sound therapy, Ed theorized that a far better way to treat humans electro-therapeutically might involve delivering one cover-all frequency, if It could produce produced a great number and range of beneficial harmonics within the Host. If this frequency could “ring true” with the healthy vibratory rate of the Host the internal environment might automatically be moved out of the range that could support life for the pathogenic microorganisms and at the same time be uplifting and very supportive to the functions of maintenance, repair and reproduction of appropriate healthy cells. If such a frequency could be established, electro-medicine would take a major quantum leap, and in fact Ed Skilling did discover such a frequency. He has coined 728 hertz the “Universal Healing Frequency”(UHF).

This is not the only, but possibly the most important frequency utilized in his latest development The Photon Sound Beam (PSB). The Photon Sound Beam uses quite a number of application modes which I will describe.

Of first importance is the frequency generator of the instrument. What occurs first is that the Universal Healing Frequency is generated internally, this frequency is then coupled with high voltage energy in the range of 20-40 thousand volts, very low amperage and absolutely safe, but of a high enough voltage to produce stimulation that is easy to feel physically.

From this point on, the high voltage current acts in part as “carrier” for the 728 Universal Healing Frequency,(hereafter referred to as UHF or 728.) The high voltage current with its “cargo” of 728 is delivered via high voltage electrical cables to 2 glass tube probes, each glass tube has been evacuated and partially filled with rare gas. The noble gases chosen are Argon, Neon, Xenon, and Krypton; these four have documented Therapeutic Subtle Energy properties in and of themselves, (a subject for another discussion.)

As the high voltage is delivered to the insides of the tubes the invisible noble gases are excited electrically to a “plasma state”, making them visible as light energy. The electrical current is strong enough that it breaks through the insulation of the glass and impinges upon the skin of the user with countless tiny sparks which can be experienced as electrical stimulation, a number of different things occur at this point.

First to know is that the individual being treated senses the electrical stimulation, remember that the high voltage is the carrier for the 728-UHF. At this point as well as the unconscious delivery of the therapeutic energy, 728 is being delivered via the sense of touch.

As the individual senses the light being produce through the excitement of the noble gas, whether by directly looking at the probes, or less consciously as the light fills the room, the Therapeutic Energy also enters the body via the sense of sight, because each photon of light created carries a record or a signature of the 728.

728 is itself a audible frequency and as the numerous sparks are created this is also heard. All the sound being generated of course carries a record or signature of the 728.

Because of the small amount of Ozone created as a result of the high voltage sparks, after a few minutes use the Ozone can be smelled and eventually may be tasted. Each molecule O3 carries with it a signature and record of the 728.

All 5 conscious “Common” senses

Thus all 5 conscious “Common” senses have acted as “portholes for delivery” of the Therapeutic Energy.

All the while a whole separate system of healing is taking place.

The loose connection between the electrified glass probe and the user’s skin creates a large number of tiny “spark gaps”.
The spark gap was the first system used to create radio waves for radio transmission. In “our “radio transmission circuit, one of the primary components is the “user”, making the treatment automatically very individualized and personal.

Electro-Therapeutic Medicine which is delivered via electrical current carried along conductive body tissue can of course reach areas of the body inaccessible to standard physical medicine dependent on blood supply which is sometimes impaired or nonexistent. This is one of the greatest positive aspects of electro therapeutic medicine.

Virtually no limitations

Radio transmission however offers yet another level of medicine delivery possibilities with virtually no limitations.

Therapeutic Medicine delivered via radio signal as in that created by the spark gaps is dependent neither on blood or lymph supply or even on bodily tissue for delivery. Certain areas are typically impossible to access with Physical Medicine and impossible or difficult to access with standard electric current medicine (such as some portions of the eyes, the center of the content of the colon, and dental cavitations that may be left after extractions).

Providing one’s skin is not made of “lead”, radio frequency can be delivered and can certainly carry a healthful medicinal energy.

The Photon Sound Beam includes an entirely separate treatment system which can be used separately or at the same time that the glass probes are activated.

This is a flat pack radio transmitter designed to broadcast additional frequencies that Ed has found to be very significant namely 24, 50 or 100 megahertz, this is the carrier frequency for the 728. This is a modulated system and is pulsed at a 1 hertz rate. The gas tube portion of the machine is also pulsed at 1 hertz, this is to prevent “accommodation” by the body which could interfere with input of Therapeutic Energy.

The flat pack part of the instrument has been shown to be particularly effective at retarding the development of viral conditions. This machine represents the marriage of 3 of Ed’s best developments , the flat pack is the latest version of what Ed previously produced as separate device called the sound probe, the glass tube portion represents both a frequency generator coupled with a high voltage carrying current and gas tube technology which developed separately.

Treatments on particularly toxic individuals with early style Rife type devices showed that autointoxication, which is not always comfortable and might carry other complications could be produced because the machines could so effectively address parasitic infection.

Part of the wisdom in the development of the Photon Sound Beam is the “Fail Safe” resulting from the combination.

It should be nearly impossible to produce autointoxication using the Photon Sound Beam as a complete system.

Because while the flat pack may be very effective at addressing infection anywhere in the body, it has as a fail safe the functions of the gas tube probes.

Of great importance when addressing infection or working with detoxification is to keep channels of elimination open and to make absolutely sure that the lymph system is free flowing. Some of the best ways to insure free flowing of the lymph include , manipulation, massage, stretching, aerobic type exercise, the best being a rebound up and down movement, dry skin brushing and breathing techniques. While these are very effective and suggested for everyone regularly, gas tube technology has been recognized for decades to be by far the Most effective way to access, mobilize, and purify the lymph system. This helps to assure that the debris which is released will be appropriately ushered out of the body.

In an age when the world is terribly polluted at every turn, biologically and chemically, it may well be that the most insidious form of pollution is one of the most invisible pollutions, electrical and magnetic pollution, this comes in many forms and originates from many sources, (extra low frequency electric fields {ELF} from a host of modern appliances, electro-magnetic fields {EMF} from improperly wired circuitry, florescent lighting ballasts , electric motors, heating coils, microwave sources and on & on & on).

This is a type of pollution that must be very confusing to the” intelligence” of the body.

Electro-Medicine holds great promise in the age of electro-pollution.

The Photon Sound Beam is an instrument that does not make or rely on diagnosis.

The best , safest and most user friendly forms of future medicine will be those that are not dependent on specific diagnoses.

The “industry” of modern allopathic medicine operates on the practice of the ” ___itis” and the ” ___osis”, telling you what you’ve got and where you’ve got it, then prescribing a very specific and usually expensive pill or treatment.


Treatments which aid the body in reestablishing balance whatever the imbalance, provide a much more intelligent, safer, and less dependent means of regaining and maintaining health.

Even back in the Thirties, Electro-Medicine was so positively effective that it challenged the medical establishment, and was shamefully suppressed, but electro-therapeutics has come a long, long way and is here to stay.

While no medical claims are made, some suggestions for use will follow … based on the experience and observations of many users of the Photon Sound Beam in clinical and casual home use….

It is first of all suggested that more benefit will be gained from frequency of use rather than duration of treatment, that is, it’s probably better to have a greater number of treatments, each one of a shorter duration, and a general suggestion might be to limit treatment length to 10-12 minutes, this can probably be done several times a day and is suggested at least 3-4 times a day in severe cases.

Generally the sound probe flat pack part of the PSB can be used by itself as can the rare gas tube portion of the device. Typically a treatment will use both the flat pack and the gas tubes. As the PSB encourages rebalancing through the body’s “Innate Intelligence” and considering there is almost no way to misuse the PSB these general suggestions will leave plenty of room for intuitive work on the part of the user.

Two separate specialty functions should be kept in mind.

The sound probe flat pack may be the most effective part of the machine for addressing infections directly and in fact has shown phenomenal results in controlling bacterial and viral infections.

Conversely the rare gas tube part of the machine is by far the most effective means known to access, activate and purify the lymph system, and can be used not only to mobilize the lymph fluid but to break down crystalline cross-linkage blockages in the lymph, which may accumulate as bumps or nodules. This function can also be used to break-up and release “encysted” formations in fatty tissue.

It is suggested that at the beginning of a treatment the thymus area, the master controller for the immune system be activated, this can be done by placing that flat pack directly on the thymus area or placing the power sending gas probe on thymus area.

At least early on with a new user I feel that it is important to concentrate primarily on mobilizing the lymph system.

This may be best accomplished with the gas tubes –

Start at the areas peripheral and move towards the center of the body, or when addressing specific lymph nodes to move from the distal areas towards the node. For instance if addressing the nodes in the groin, the ground return probe be should placed so as to touch the skin of the foot on the side being worked, or held in either hand touching the glass, or not touched at all,(the energy will still go through the body and return ground via “air capacitance”), then the machine is powered up and the power sending side gas probe is held in one hand holding the handle so as to touch the glass to the leg on the side where the nodes are being addressed.

Now, taking several minutes to approach, slowly move the power sending probe up from the knee area or from all the way down at the foot, approaching the groin area. When the general area of the groin nodes is reached, concentrate within several inches around the nodes, for several minutes. The probe can be held stationary and moved occasionally (every 20-30) seconds, or it can be continually and gently giggled. Probably little time need be spent directly on the node.

A general overall treatment for either rebalancing or maintenance will use a similar procedure where by the peripheral areas of the body are addressed first, then move in towards the midline. Once all four limbs have been addressed and possibly a few minutes work on the back of the neck it may be good to directly address the thymus area for, from 30 seconds to 5 minutes ,(please use your intuition)…. and then spend several more minutes going down the very midline in the front addressing the main lymph trunk in the body, ending up at the groin.

After a short “get acquainted” period of 5-10 days for the new user, this whole process might take from 5-10 minutes, (call that the warm-up procedure) after which you’re free to address specific areas of pain or dysfunction more directly. During this next period it may be advisable to situate the flat pack so that it is directly over the thymus area throughout the rest of the treatment.

Now to address an area of specific dysfunction or pain, one might choose to send a greater amount of energy through the local area. One easy way to do this is to hold both glass probes by the handle, one in each hand and place the glass portion on the skin as nearly as possible on either side of the target area so that the energy very directly runs through. On the limbs this is particularly easy to do, if it happens to be the thorax or abdominal area one probe may be placed on the back and one in the front, typically the power sending side probe would be the closest to the suspected target area. Some choose to use a gentle movement of the power sending side during this treatment. It is perfectly fine to situate yourself comfortably so that skin contact is maintained and just let the energy do the work.

A variation of this would be to place the ground return glass probe at a distant limb (foot or hand) or not connected to the body at all. Use the flat pack as the ground return side of the circuit, for instance for knee pain, you might hold the power sending glass probe by the handle and touch the glass to the inside of a painful knee joint while holding the flat pack to the outside of that knee joint.

This particular orientation has proven very effective in cases of abscesses in the mouth or jaw. For a better understanding I will make several examples:

The first condition exemplified is a [dental cavitation]:
1. The flat pack could be placed upon the thymus area or anywhere near the head or upper body, both glass tube probes are held by the handles and the glass is pressed to the skin , the power sending side on the cheek closest to the cavitation and the return probe up under the chin or on the other side of the face. A good long treatment may be most helpful.
2. Substitute the flat pack for the ground return probe, so that the power sending probe touches the cheek, jaw or chin closest to the cavitation, and the flat pack is held so as to accept that energy through the problem area. Of course the flat pack is at the very same time sending its energy through from the other direction, (and again, its energy is not dependent on any tissue or blood supply for delivery).

Now a third suggestion that takes a little bit more care and is a little bit more aggressive, but perfectly safe, would be to use the ground return glass probe or the flat pack on the outside of the cheek close to the problem area and insert the power sending probe into the mouth on the inside (the tongue side) of the problem area. In this procedure it is suggested that all probes be firmly in place before turning on the power. (This is to minimize the possibility of a jolt inside the mouth as contact is “made” or “broken” from the power sending probe).
his can be done with either the L or straight probe, it is easier still with the cavity probe which is a straight probe of considerably smaller diameter (Optional accessory).

One further step that some have used is to cover most of the length of the glass tube from the handle almost to the tip with an insulating material such as a short length of plastic tubing or hose. In this configuration no energy will be wasted on surrounding tissue and the tip of the probe which is exposed can be directed to the area being treated.
Further caution is suggested if there is metal in the mouth, however in the case of amalgam fillings this procedure still works well. Of greatest importance to minimize the possibility of producing the (safe but scary) electrical jolt in the mouth is to not create a spark gap, this is accomplished by initiating ahead of time, and then maintaining “complete contact” between the tip of the probe and the tissue.
This is why everything should be in place before the machine is turned on, and the machine should be turned off again before the probe is removed or make sure to insert (at the beginning of treatment) and remove (at the end), the probe within that 1 half second span when the pulse is off.
This can be most comfortably done if an assistant can handle the on/off switch, responding to your signal, this constitutes extremely effective treatment for dental abscesses and infections. The straight or the cavity probe can similarly be used in any orifice of the body, for establishing more direct access to deep tissue.

As stated early, either type of probe can be used by itself with very good results; a number of people are in the practice of sleeping regularly with the flat pack near their body, or doing so at least when they feel they’re coming down with a bug.

The flat pack emits about a 5 milliwatts radiant energy and being RF energy, its’ power diminishes with the square of the distance. It’s designed to provide more than sufficient power to penetrate the thickness of the body, but drops off dramatically as the distance is increased.

This means that some beneficial effect can be expected, subtle though it may be, by having that unit activated in a room full of people…….. Everyone in the room may expect some benefit!

The flat pack has been used as the “well & broadcast” portion of a radionic system. The glass tubes may be used regularly as effective cardiovascular and lymph “pick-me-ups” by holding one probe in each hand, placing one under each foot or placing them anywhere one the body for as little as a very few minutes. The intensity control can generally be left on the near-lowest setting, more is not better, but it’s okay, a higher setting is sometimes used for fatty accumulations.

One treatment that many people have enjoyed is to activate the intestinal and colon area with the glass probes, this could be done simply by placing one probe each on either side of the abdomen or one in the back and moving the other around the abdomen in the front or any number of similar configurations.
You would then expect to have a significantly more “productive” bowel movement.

There are many positive aspects to the use of this instrument which are difficult to express in common terminology. One interesting thing that has been done many times is to treat an entire group of people at the same time. In addition to everyone receiving the healthful benefits of the healing energies, a special connection can be made between friends.

This is done by forming a circle with people, (we’ve had groups up to 30) everyone holding hands and any two people next to each other break the circle, One person holds one of the glass probes in His/Her right hand, the other person holds a glass probe in His/Her left hand, thus…. “Connecting the circle” and “completing the circuit”.

The best results would be expected if the base unit and the flat pack are in the center of the circle.

The PSB works on many levels

The PSB works on many levels and provides benefits in conditions both acute and chronic; it is an excellent Health Maintenance tool.

It is a highly evolved “Pro Life” instrument designed for home use and will provide Health Enhancement / Balancing for Well people and Pets as well. We are sometimes left without a clear explanation regarding the (Breakthroughs) often experienced by users who were victims of long term negative health conditions and who’s progress had stopped short (before PSB treatment ) and who had “tried everything” and were ” doing everything right”.

A review of the results experienced by a Carl Wickland with mental patients (documented in his book, Thirty Years Among the Dead) may provide help in better understanding such breakthroughs.

The PSB has additionally demonstrated very good results with cases of small bone fractures. Other devices (that we are not supposed to know about) have already been used to reduce healing time of the fractures of large bones down to minutes or days.

The more we make appropriate use of electro-therapeutic tools and share Our experience, the quicker the field will expand and improve!


“The Cancer Cure That Worked, Fifty Years of Suppression” (A summary of Royal Raymond Rife’s work) and
“The Healing Of Cancer” (An expose’ of the “Business” of Human Illness Author: Barry Lynes
“The Secret Of Life” & “The Waves That Heal” (Documenting the phenomenal healing work of Georges Lakhovsky) Author: Georges Lakhovsky

“Thirty Years Among The Dead” (Documents dramatic cures of mental patients with the Electro-Static Generator) Author: Dr. Carl A Wickland M.D. Thank You !


~ In general terms you may think of it this way; The RF Probe uses Subtle Energy to work on various levels, it does so in Harmony with the body, in part by Key-ing the body to Access and “Remember/Read” It’s Perfection Template. The RF energy has absolutely no barriers in the body “With this technology you can deliver the therapeutic energy to all recesses of the body”… No longer are we dependent on delivering the therapeutic dose still intact (Unaltered by metabolism), via what may be a questionable are under-functioning blood supply.

The Rare Gas Tubes are the most Effective/Safe means we have for moving… Blood, Lymph, and Energy (Breaking up Stagnation).

Photon Sound Beam $1995.00 For More Information
E-Mail us At … vegan3@peoplepc.com


At Wholistic Wellness Associates we actively maintain our status as a leader in both developing and resurrected wellness oriented technology. We concentrate primarily, but not exclusively on those technologies directly related to human health enhancement.

We currently enjoy a Research and Development partnership with former NASA Aerospace engineer Gary Griggs.

W.W.A. had nothing to do with the design and has had only limited influence on any evolvement of the official Photon Sound Beam.

We feel that The Photon Sound Beam is the Electro-Therapeutic instrument that every home and clinic should have…



Subject: PSB Biological Terrain

I am a Big fan of the Photon Sound Beam (PSB), have been for about 15 years (That’s as long as it has existed in the present configuration), and have been friends with Its developer, Ed Skilling for about as long. A list of the conditions which the PSB might be expected to benefit would be quite long, and will include “Wellness” as It is a worthwhile maintenance tool worth a look for everyone. In the years that we have used the PSB daily in practice we have witnessed quite a body of impressive reactions to its use. Indeed the PSB affects various levels of self, “Blending” over into the Subtle. It has many times been the remedy that Turned the Tide where chronic sufferers who had “Been the Rounds” and where firmly “Stuck” and couldn’t find the next step no matter what they did or who they consulted. Frequently in those cases a full explanation (Of how and why) could not be offered, which is to say that a scientific understanding of the known impact on the Physical self is easy, but that’s not enough. The PSB is a Breakthrough Tool because It Talks to – Feeds – Adjusts the Whole… …That actually IS the explanation. As stated, the PSB has proven invaluable in many obstinate/chronic conditions. Just as impressive has been its action upon acute challenges. It is favored also for making a meaningful contribution for performance athletes. I have placed the PSB in the Hands/Homes of many individuals also, and recommend it almost universally.
The best way to get the info that I think you’re after is to give me a call. I will be happy to share some of my experiences, hear more about your practice, and see how the PSB might be an asset.
Goodness !

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