Honor your Aethers … About the Wireless Pollution Epidemic! 2.0

It’s not the first time; likely it won’t be the last.

Earth humans have blown it before in the past.

Atlanteans, it is said, were so smart, they were dumb.

Their technology advanced beyond their wisdom.

Learn from the past or it repeats itself,

With brains deep-fried; from where will come help.

How many ‘Gs’ is it going to take,

Till homoguinea pigs relax the embrace,

Of the tangled web of wireless crap,

Which fattens the few and widens the gap,

‘tween the essence of life and a Truman Show,

So vast in scale that there’s no way to know,

Implanted ideas from innate instinct,

Or how the two might even be linked.

When a satellite falls or a tower goes down,

You’ll have to find your own way around town.

And after a widespread EMP (electromagnetic pulse),

You’ll need your God-given eyes to see.

Has post-modern society considered or asked yet,

About the elephant that is ‘all eggs in one basket’.

Not, I think, with the conviction needed,

To act on the concerns here thoughtfully heeded.

Remember; they said:

Atoms for Peace will provide free energy

Antibiotics will cool burning pee

Poisoning crops will put more meat in your jeans

We’ll feed the hungry with modified genes

Thalidomide will ease nausea for Moms-to-be

Cable-vision will bring ‘add-free’ TV

Milk, they claimed, does the body good

Most doctors say “Camel cigs are good”

They said:

Teflon lets the eggs slide off, Shhh… but it’s a deadly poison griddle

Paste with fluoride; good for teeth? Shhh… No, it makes the crystals brittle

Tang powers Astro-guys to the Moon in their space boat,

Shhh…  But it’s artificial everything, save the heavy sugar note.

Our future will be one of plastic made from giant ancient fern,

Shhh…  Enough crude will remain to fuel Earth’s final burn.

Bring in the kids for free [not so] harmless foot x-rays,

They can see their bones, and for the store it really pays.

Anything to boost shoe sales, come on in, hurry,

Shhh…  Pay no attention to the fate of dear Madame Curie.

The ozone layer blocks space radiation,

But we must honor our nervous speed fixation.

A few holes won’t hurt, it’ll be OK,

There’s no need, but I want to get there today.

The Concord jumps oceans faster than sound..,

…Spin in the past, as now, did abound.

The spin rate is faster, the volume increased,

It won’t stop till we wake up, or the race is deceased.

Some were half-lies, the rest, pure fantasy,

You’d think that by now we would clearly see,

That where profit is sacred, your life doesn’t matter,

So long as the top tier gets even fatter.

The Pocket Poison with the pleasant e-voice

Is there to help you make the best choice. (?)

If you query’ the safest device’; just for fun,

Do you think the results will include; NONE? 

Probably not, ‘cause her job is to sell,

And Siri’s not real, so doesn’t fear hell.

Hell is for humans who kill their own kind,

In such a way that their victims don’t mind.

This isn’t to say that i-pushers are all bad,

If that were the case, it would really be sad.

Well; maybe it is sad, and can’t be defended,

E-pollution has rendered the balance upended.

Digital tech does indeed save lives,

But for every one saved, 100,000 get hives.

In reality, it’s a game of Zero-sum,

Many are hurt for a gift to the one (%).

The matrix is dark, in that one can’t opt-out,

E- poison pervades the inside and out,

Of bodies and minds and buildings too,

And if that’s not enough, all natural places too.

5G is no savior, not for the masses;

And exists only to further fatten the asses.

Virtual doctors and driverless cars,

Planes without pilots and Wi-Fi bars,

Pollute the aethers beyond all reason,

And hasten humanity’s final season.

In effect, the screen-thing relied on 24/7,

Is an added sense; but, not one from Heaven.

While the loss of one sense, heightens the rest,

So the host can still be nearly his best;

This plastic extension, made in a slave hive,

Renders half-dead, the God-given five.

Speaking of ‘sense’; how much does it take,

To know the net-good is grossly fake…

How amazing it is that people will wait,

All night on the sidewalk, to storm the gate,

When ‘version-next’ is offered with glee,

To those on the street with a jar for pee.

The device they camped out with was but six months old,

Today’s ‘must-have’ is even cooler, they’re told.

And so it goes for the sheeple of Earth,

Now inundated from the moment of birth,

With gadgets toxic beyond classification,

Designed in part to promote pacification,

Such that even more crap, not friendly to life –

Stuff guaranteed to cause cellular strife,

Is welcomed freely by those lacking a clue,

Regarding the bad, this good thing will do.

The science is in; by now it’s old news,

The more they win, the more we lose.

The home’s divorce from the wired land line,

Is a harbinger of societal-malign.

There is now, a med-term: ‘Esoteric Disease’;

As an insufficient answer to the patent’s pleas.

It’s the common way to express idiopathy’, 

Which means that the lookers can’t, or won’t see.

Because it’s not yet in the official book,

And because they simply choose not to look,

At the ubiquitous agent which knows no bounds,

And is far more insidious than it sounds,

If you listen to the lies that the pushers spout,

As they promote the poison I’m talking about.

Any healer who wants to act on what’s right,

Would at least suggest that the root of the blight,

Is that which was born late last century,

Made to look essential, then spread virally.

It’s the answer that many are searching for,

Striving to keep sickness outside the door.

The pushers get rich, but it doesn’t stop there;

The afflicted spend more as they rip out their hair,

On lifestyle changes and potions and pills,

In desperate efforts to reverse their ills.

You can’t drive a screw with a hammer for nails;

The wrong tool for the job, predictably fails.

The refusal to call out the perpetrator,

Will take down the people sooner or later.

Therapies, meds and heroic measures;

The chasing of inappropriate cures.

Best efforts can’t help if the wrong doesn’t stop;

Stop it must or the whole thing will pop,

And blow up in our face with an indelible stain,

In a perpetual storm of deadly E-Rain.

‘Screen-time’ is the story’s headliner term,

The screen’s just the face of the overall germ.

What’s ‘ill-ing’ people is the whole wireless thing,

It’s a stiff price to pay for some over-hyped bling.

It works at a level smaller than cells,

Gross dysfunctions of hosts are simply the ‘tells’.

Indications that things are way out of whack,

And it must be reversed or there’s no coming back.

Hopefully, we’ll soon have healthcare as a right;

But policies continue to exacerbate the E-Blight.

Fairly taxing the rich may not be enough,

If we continue with this EMF pollution stuff.

If a malevolent force wants to sicken a race,

Anonymously, without leaving a trace,

He need only implant the tease of wireless technology,

Watch for while as it develops through 3, 4 and 5G.

If it worked the way it happened to us,

The addicts wouldn’t know they were under the bus.

The dealers hand out the devices for free,

They’ve honed the process to the tee.

Give’em a taste to develop rapport,

Soon the buzz fades, they’re back for more.

This time they’ll pay, and plenty too,

When the drug is strong, that’s all you can do.

After while, the crowd is all-in,

Never mind the assault and hurtful sin.

I challenge the assumption that it is a right,

To, for convenience and fun, support the blight.

Better, I’m sure to stop being saps,

And get our heads out of our apps.

The fix is in, the addiction, strong,

The turn we took is demonstrably wrong.

Now that brains are washed and teeth are blue,

What is a loving person to do…

Sit idly by and witness the fall,

Or speak out and sound the clarion call.

Seems appropriate to note, and observe,

A societal trend that’s so damn absurd.

There may come a time when the grandkids wonder,

Just what perverse influence the elders were under.

Hope may still help, but we’re in rather deep,

The climb to get out seems slippery and steep,

To those who think it’s better this way,

But when asked to defend, have nothing to say.

I maintain that the price is too much to pay,

And feel little support anyway.

The wireless craze has captured the minds,

Of those who reject what science finds.

“It’s fun for today, that’s what matters…”,

“We’re ‘now-ers’ and don’t care if tomorrows are shattered.”

The poison dumped on us is quite a lot,

Still, we have the force of focused boycott.

The prospect of resisting in organized ways,

To help manifest better days,

Seems unlikely because of complacency,

And the drive to snap the next selfie.

The things we do in selling our soul,

Leave our character with a gaping hole,

They poison our integrity,

And sour the fruit of the family tree.

The day we sever the land-line connection,

Marks the mindless march towards rejection,

Of any chance of having it all,

And ushers the leap and the great fall.

I take no comfort as the squeaky wheel,

Exposing what the telecoms selfishly steal,

What the digital crap ruins is frankly, quite real,

Our homeostasis and ability to heal.

400,000 humans born today,

Will never feel ‘Mother’ in the nurturing way,

That She’s been here for us from beginning.

No, the kids miss out because of our sinning.

This is not nearly good enough for me,

So I resist 3,4,5,and 6G.

One single connection ‘tween two devices,

Represents a true biological crisis,

Data courses a web of imperfections,

And bounces around in all directions.

This stresses the being; it screams for help,

And confuses how one’s body talks to itself.

Multiply this by Billions of times,

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