Honor your Aethers … About the Wireless Pollution Epidemic! 2.0

You get a sense of the serious crimes,

The telecoms use to steal your health,

And fatten their illegitimate wealth.

You’d know; if you’d been here before the beginning,

That the wireless craze has changed everything.

You now look through your thumbs, and stare at a screen;

That’s all true, but it’s not what I mean.

People scramble to be healthy and fit,

And all too often still feel like shit.

Good diet and lifestyle and all the right pills,

Do everything right, but still dealing with ills.

Those who see healers and fill out forms,

Detailing your history and typical norms,

You’ve answered questions about all that you do,

But not query-one on your wireless milieu.

If you clean everything up and do everything right,

But for one insult on your body and life;

Let’s say, all prudent adjustments perfectly made,

But for the leaky can in your pocket; the can labeled RAID.

If you’re still not shining and feeling fine,

You’re proving, it’s working according to design.

Exposure to poison, day and night,

Should, in fact, stymie the effort and fight.

If the ‘can’ in your pocket has a talking screen,

It demonstrates precisely what I mean.

The Pocket Poison, the router and tablet;

Every Bluetooth enabled gadget,

Voyeuristic Smart Speakers, Smart this, Smart that,

Will not be nullified by a tinfoil hat.

Nothing yet known can keep you from harm,

With a wireless device at the end of your arm.

This goes well beyond traditional stressors,

RoundUp-ed lawns, and particle board dressers.

The mold in the corner, the Bounce from next door,

The chicken-born germ from the grocery store.

Chemical toxins and infectious bad bugs;

Stay away from the chems, and limit the hugs.

And for chems we can detox, for bugs, medicate,

Gather your strength and regain your state.

With traditional stressors, we’ve learned how to deal,

The body’s template knows how to heal.

It’s different with (EMP) ElectroMagnetic Pollution,

For this one, there’s only one known solution.

EMP is invasive, insidious and stealth,

As if designed to eradicate health.

It’s tasteless, colorless and silent too,

Make no mistake it gets deep inside you.

Can’t see it or sense it in traditional ways,

It’s a covert, non-stop, ubiquitous haze.

Insults magnify when a device is in use,

But even when turned off, the poisonous juice,

Still saturates the space everywhere,

From below the surface to the ionosphere.

That’s where you live if you live here,

The pro-geek name is Biosphere.

The ‘Bio’ part stands for ‘life’,

Life is tenacious, and it just might,

Hang of if we’re smart, and if we strive,

We could actually keep life alive,

It’s gonna’ take passion to make it last,

It’s disappeared five times in the past.

The warrantee’s up, we’re on our own,

The seeds of destruction have been sown.

Good seeds are sleeping down there too,

Waiting to see what the humans will do.

Which potentials will flower depends on us;

Our priorities, passions and what we trust.

What’s that garden thing, with an ‘Apple and snake’…

The Apple reference is the one that should shake,

Our sense of responsibility,

To he and she and you and me.

Be it ‘I’ or Android or Galaxy,

All rotten fruit to the family,

Of humans today and those not yet here,

For all the above, we, indeed, must steer –

Clear of the scoundrels, empty of soul,

And insist on toys built on a whole,

New system which honors our right to be well,

And delivers us back from the gates of Hell-

On-Earth, where we now are flirting,

Trading gadget-fetish for human-hurting.

One interesting thing about consumer EMP

It levels the field, like not seen historically.

Certain groups live with more pollution outside their door;

Mostly, the underprivileged; people of color and the poor.

Since the underprivileged are not well served by PACs

The system sticks them on the wrong side of the tracks.

Where extractors and refiners put their facilities,

And where their smoking-stacks soot-ify the breeze.

EMP brings some balance of the poison funk,

Everyone shares equally in systemic EMP junk.

Because it pollutes everywhere, and all the time,

It fills both ghettos, and sipping-spaces for fine wine.

It levels the field so we’re all pretty much the same,

The penthouse crowd – and losers of the Birth-lottery game.

Good; scrap this environmental racism crap,

And the related environmental classism; STAT!

But, not by homogenizing the pollution we make,

Let’s reduce it to near zero for everyone’s sake.

The fix won’t come from the industry

Unless demanded by the ‘WE-

The-People’ who make them rich,

And are still buying their BS pitch,

Of better living through stupid Smart devices,

Masterfully marketed to hide the true prices.

I fear it may take the grid going down,

For the people to come back around,

To feeling just how good it can be,

To again be relatively EMP free.

At this point we’re each but a marionette,

And those pulling the strings aren’t done yet.

There’ll be no rest till we force reform,

 And a system is built on a clean platform.

Under the constraints of science today,

It will have to change the way we play.

Exemplifying the ridiculousness,

Are on-line gaming and the ‘streaming’ mess.

We share the Planet with 8-Billion human beings;

With increasing numbers pulling in ‘streamings’.

Each time just one behaves as the center of the ‘verse,

She enlists pulsed microwave activity which is health- averse.

The term ‘stream’ may conjure an image of ‘flow’, and ‘narrow path’,

But streaming A/V wirelessly is not at all like that.

To deliver the video to your private screen,

Much waste and pollution takes place unseen.

The microwaves erupt from the originating source,

Not travelling a straight, narrow course.

But fan out in waves as an expanding sphere,

Energy is unleashed, though there’s nothing to hear.

Like a bomb exploding; things get hot; and…

The fuel turns to gas, and can only expand,

In all directions and spreading out,

In a widening pattern, not a singular route.

‘Stream’ makes it sound like straight-line delivery,

But, the wave-explosion saturates the periphery.

For each private screen to flash pixels for one,

Unsolicited environmental saturation is done.

By ordering via stream, your favorite movie or show,

You shoot waves through bodies, you don’t even know.

Who lose some life-force and pick up some crap,

And don’t make the connection to their energy-zap.

Virtually all ‘device-use’, poisons this way,

In spite of what the telecoms say.

It’s all problematic, no excuse is ample,

Streaming is but the grossest example.

To better demonstrate the insanity,

Let me offer an analogy… (or two)…

The Mindlessness of ‘Wireless’:

Cut to analogy:

Saturation Painting:

Say it’s time to paint your house, a modest 1,200 sq ft house. It’s going to take quite a lot of paint, millions of gallons. In this Bizarro World of cell-phone (wireless) analogies, all the buildings, trees, cars Etc., is a several-square-mile area would receive a complete coat of paint, additionally for miles further beyond, in all directions, everything would get sparsely painted…

In contrast, painting your house according to landline (wired) standards; the paint would travel directly from brush and roller to the surface of your house.

Painting your house according to cell network standards; the paint would go directly from a wildly spastic spraying machine onto the surface of everything in the community, inside and out, and a lighter, spotty coating would color everything miles beyond that… Inefficient, wasteful and wrongfully invasive.

Another analogy:

Say you had an ant infestation on your patio, and going against green thinking, you contracted with an exterminator to eradicate the industrious community. The job of the exterminator was to deliver poison to the site of the colony in the corner of your patio. The bug-man agreed to do the work the next day and guaranteed his work; the next morning, the bug-man fogged the entire neighborhood with pesticide sprayed from his Cessna crop-duster. As agreed, he delivered the poison to the single ant colony in the corner of your patio, but people, pets, wildlife; vegetable gardens Etc. over a several square mile area were doused with full strength poison too. The effects of the poisoning of hundreds of people and countless other beings would be measurable in some, significant in others, and would accumulate continually as the bug-man re-fogged in accordance with the maintenance plan agreed to. Additionally, toxic exposure would befall people and other lifeforms beyond the neighborhood as the poison spread in diminishing concentrations moving further from the fogged area.

And another:

If the military, when dropping bombs, used a system analogous to the wireless and cordless systems used in telecoms, it would bomb entire multi-million people populations just to nullify one bad guy.

The point:

Wireless-everything (communications, navigation-control, Etc.), while freeing, convenient and really cool, promotes and supports profound selfishness and very broad invasiveness.

To the Point:

The cell phone explosion is an easy target for criticism, and an excellent example for condemnation.

You can talk to, sext, share pictures and live video with a friend thousands of miles away – you can surf and game Etc. from the comfort of wherever you may be; even in situations in which your full attention should definitely NOT be split – while driving, piloting and airplane, walking, in class, in face-to-face social situations and so on. 

So, you’re just talking to a friend…

The two of you could be sitting just a few feet from one another; still, the EMP invades and infects people and others within a considerable range in every direction…

The two of you may be in separate cars in the same traffic jam, in houses mutually next door – close enough to communicate purely with good, old fashioned sound waves (from mouth to ear); still, both of your c-phones must connect, via radio waves (radiation), with a cell tower, however many miles away it may be (and typically multiple towers/repeaters), in order to ‘connect’ the two of you. At any given distance between your c-phone and the tower, the amount/strength of the [information-carrying] radiation is no less than at the same distance in every direction in three dimensions. Or stated in reverse; the power of the radiation moving through the kids’ room upstairs and the confessional at the church on Main St. is equal to that along the imaginary strait-line between the phone and the tower at any given equal distance… your phone is the source of; and is at the center of an invisible sphere of ever-expanding radiation; your friend’s phone is the same sort of pinpoint source of radiation; the tower is the same sort of pinpoint source of radiation. In this simplest of scenarios, there are no fewer than three antennae emitting radiant pollution in all directions (three dimensionally); radiation which impacts every living thing; some of the negative effects of which are accumulative.

It is absolutely technically impossible (in practical terms) to limit the radiant pollution generated by the two phones and the tower, to the two people engaged in conversation. Yes, the people holding the phones and the people very near the tower receive much more EMP because all three electronic wonders are transmitting stations and the radiation is strongest at and near the source; but radiation MUST exist everywhere between all three units and well beyond and in all directions in order for the system to work.

Strike Five:

If baseball worked like radio broadcasting (cell phone systems), the pitcher would release thousands of balls in all directions; backward, forward, up, down, and at all angles in between, just to try and slide one of them past the batter.

With cell phone communication, you can choose to connect with someone who is located at a very specific directional location relative to your location (there is an invisible single, narrow strait line between the two of you) ; but the radiation which carries a representation of your voice in digital form to the cell-tower(s) and then on to your conversation partner spreads out in consistent intensity, in a 360 degree pattern (actually, in an ever-expanding spherical pattern, but somewhat concentrated along a horizontal plane)… The person you are calling may be located precisely to your north for instance, but your transmission must radiate out from the omni-directional antenna of your phone in a 360’ pattern – connect with the nearest tower, which re-radiates your transmission, again in a 360’ pattern (and typically, on to additional towers and/or satellite links Etc.) so that one tiny ‘string’ of your repeated signal can be grabbed by the antenna of your friends phone.

This very sophisticated high tech system lacks the efficiency of straight-line audio communication inherently built into the lower-tech ‘tin cans and a string’ system.

Land-line phone communication is much more efficient; much less invasive and polluting. Imagine, that, if to talk to someone on the other side of town via landline phones, the system required the initiation of your call to energize the phone lines of every telephone in the entire city, or that the electrical energy moving through the cable between the two houses had to pass through all the houses between the two as well as the houses in a wide swath on either side of that cable; crazy.

The following paragraph is excerpted from: ‘The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields: What is Penetrating You?’ ~ Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill

“A radio frequency engineer once told me, as we stood in a city park, that if we could see the invisible electromagnetic waves surrounding us, the air would look the consistency of pea soup. We’d be lucky to be able to see our toes. I asked him whether he carried a cell phone. He responded thoughtfully, “Do tobacco executives smoke? Of course not. Do electronics engineers carry cell phones? They know better.”

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