Honor your Aethers … About the Wireless Pollution Epidemic! 2.0

An authoritative quote which bears repeating:

“A radio frequency engineer once told me, as we stood in a city park, that if we could see the invisible electromagnetic waves surrounding us, the air would look the consistency of pea soup. We’d be lucky to be able to see our toes. I asked him whether he carried a cell phone. He responded thoughtfully, “Do tobacco executives smoke? Of course not. Do electronics engineers carry cell phones? They know better.”

According to one eminent researcher:

“There is a high likelihood that most of the twentieth century “diseases of civilization”, including cardiovascular disease, malignant neoplasms (cancer), diabetes, and suicide, are not caused by lifestyle alone, but by certain physical aspects of electricity itself.”

This is a bold statement for anyone to make.

But when you know it comes from the mouth of one of America’s most noted epidemiologists of the last 50 years, it does get you thinking.

Many authoritative figures from around the world share this opinion. You didn’t hear that on the evening news, did you…


One customary definition of the word ‘Saturated’ is:

To a very full extent, especially beyond the point regarded as necessary or desirable.

How ‘bout reason

There is no reason to believe and no evidence to suggest that living in an environment well saturated with EMP to a degree thousands-of-times greater than 20 years ago, millions-of-times greater than 40 years ago and > billions-of-times greater than 100+ years ago, won’t result in disease.

Back to the rant:

Easy to argue and to demonstrate that this runaway wireless thing illegitimately rammed into our world is a-constitutional. Re-read the the ‘Preamble to the United States Constitution’. (The sacred beginning of the beginning). Read it and consider all the points carefully. Read it and see if you agree that every declaration cited is insulted by the modern runaway wireless self-gratification complex…

‘Preamble to the United States Constitution’

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Equal Justice?

You know, an individual can face legal action (prosecution, fines, Etc.) for littering a public space or private property; just a single soda can or gum wrapper will do it (it’s ridiculous that such behavior would ever take place, but appropriate to discourage it). An individual or a company can, appropriately, ‘feel hot water’ for simply touching another or for flattening a small section of grass on another’s lawn… An individual or a corporation can face costly legal action for placing some of their mess on/in someone else’s body or property; but there are carve-outs and exceptions. While touching another’s shoulder or bending a blade of grass can cost the perpetrator, it is ‘perfectly’ legal, and worse, acceptable, to generate (or support the generation of) invisible, toxic radiation and fill entire private properties with it, to saturate the living bodies of others with it, to literally alter (damage) the operating systems and change (damage) the very physicality of other people deep inside their bodies. Anyone care to defend this topsy-turvy, mixed up misapplication of social-legal standards?       

I question the rational and reason of those eschewing the wired land line,

And have concern with thinking that an RF transmitter to the head is just fine.

Radio came on line 100 years past,

And wired electricity a bit before that.

Toasters and lights, brought EMP into the home,

Radio put its waves under the dome,

That space between ground and upper atmosphere.

Physics keeps most of the radiation here,

But some leaves our home and heads for space,

And perhaps is received by another race.

Maybe some tribe that rose from their fall,

Knowing better, that; after all;

Mom Nature knows best, and if you step on her gown,

No matter your smarts, you’re going down.

What we’ve done with tech-worship, against rational pleading,

Has clouded the signals, so one can’t get the reading,

Critically needed to navigate,

And maintain a balanced and healthy state.

We are sensitive beings; you can like it or not.

And misfire when our wiring is in a knot.

When synthetic EMP escapes the cage,

It drowns out the ‘natch’, and steals the stage,

As with a whisper in a concert hall,

You sense only the loudest fat lady’s call.

“Fire” might be the whisper’s alert,

But all attention is on the concert.

The life-saving signal can’t overcome,

The tenor, the tuba and the amplified drum.

This EMP thing is too much, too fast;

It brings into question how long we can last.

Earthlings respond with adaptive evolution,

To challenges, including man-made pollution.

The tortoise-way works, and serves the species,

The hare’s methodology breaks it to pieces.

We may thrive on EMP in a million more years,

Today, EMP brings our cells to tears.

Can’t have it both ways; good life and device-lust,

One leaves us well; the other’s a bust.

We’re finely tuned to the world around,

Artificiality masks the ‘grounding sound’

Of good vibrations from Gaia’s heart,

Which inform each and every little part,

Of the whole that we are, individually,

And results in the loss of symmetry.

The nurturing subtleties to which your well-being, by nature, is tied,

Is to a great degree, blocked out because, for money, Tel-com lied.  

EMP is the clouded reason your vitality is fried,

But, it’s not the MISSING link; it’s the link, CONSCIOUSLY DENIED…

If this raves like a boomer who struggles with assimilation,

I assure you, my concern is for the younger generation(s).

One need not be stuck in the colorful 60s,

To see a black & white distinction between priorities.

Key among the BAD- good stuff of the 21st century,

Is the invasive Trojan Horse; wireless EMP.

Erroneously crowned with an undeserved green light,

Now in undeclared war and mounting a strong fight,

Against the innate balance which should keep a body well;

To that end, this new enemy has risen from corporate hell.

It doesn’t give a damn about the welfare of you or me,

In fact its dirty war has created a whole new malady.

The resulting complex, not previously known,

Present, post, perpetual traumatic stress syndrome (PPPSD),

Is tough to address; it’s so deeply embedded,

Most people refuse to face where it’s headed.

Headed, hell; we’re already there;

One person I know thinks it’s unfair.

To invade and poison the whole human race,

Just so big-tech’s winnings maintain their pace.

You’re on the hook:

Like a layered Russian doll that never ends,

Chasing ‘click bait’ the mind sputters and bends.

Your secrets transmit with each click that sends,

Your thoughts through a maze where there are no friends.

Promoters on the take are in it to make,

Your brain bend to their will for money’s sake.

They are willing to tie your nerves in a knot,

In hopes of tickling the most treasured G-spot.

The one that sends blood to the brain’s buying center,

As if a flat screen is your life-coach mentor.

This precious G-spot is the fake brass ring,

A virtual prize, not a real thing.

An always open, one-way door.

Built to keep ‘em coming back for more.

Of the same crap the clicks pull you toward,

Fleeting, false pleasure, no real reward.

If they can’t find the spot with 4G or 5,

They’ll keep adding Gs until they arrive,

At the magic trigger held deep inside,

Where all control, and reason reside.

In this plan, self-thinking is not allowed,

You must play along and follow the crowd.

Down the Stepford path to where power is passed,

To the sociopathic dark Oz at last.

Be you a f-book fan, or one who keeps business tucked,

Mark’s, invasive reach insures that you’re still ZUCKED.

While he’s at it, Mark has plans for all financial exchange,

With a world-wide crypto, FB is trying to arrange.

This will give him a piece of all the action,

I guess there’s an irresistible attraction,

To grow, even wider, the ‘disparity inflata’,

And suck even more of our ‘private’ data.

That’s enough Mark for now; and I’m not a Mark-hater,

Anyway, I’ll bet the Zuck will pop up again later.

Invaded and raped is what we are, by poison microwaves,

The only folks somewhat spared are those deep inside caves.

The trade-off is a sucky one; your poor cells go into spasm,

For nothing more important than a neighbor’s empty orgasm.

Porn used to be on paper; a victimless pastime,

Now, the coded images cause nature-hating crime,

Before they reach the drooler’s screen,

They tear right through your body’s being.

And derail the finely-tuned machine,

Deeper than tissue; down into the gene.

Human life survives only within a very narrow range;

Damage can occur under substantial environmental change.

When it comes to essential tolerances, we’re all Goldilocks,

Beyond defined parameters it hurts; in the sweet-spot, life rocks.

The range is quite narrow, for human life to survive,

With blood, the pH must stay between 7.3-something and 7.45

Even precious oxygen can kill, in the event,

It moves outside about 19 or 23%

Examples simply illustrate that the window is small,

In many cases, tinkering, risks losing it all.

Based on facts all around, could a thinking person cite any signs,

That it’s good for our biology to raise the radiation by millions-of-times…

Quite the opposite is suggested by all the evidence;

If that doesn’t do it, just call on good ol’ common sense!

All life is downgraded from the toxic radiations,

Which animate devices galore from phones to PlayStations.

The wars for precious minerals; and toxic tailings junk,

The desperate people exploited; the Foxconn suicide jumps,

Precede the fleeting gratification of the RAID can to the ear;

Which becomes e-waste at retirement, the following year.

The magic behind Siri’s voice is guns and rape and murder and hate,

And we’re instructed; come upgrade time, to never, ever wait.

Make a deposit to the landfill; help build the mountain high,

Take your place in line; get your next piece of the i-pie.

March in sync with the prevailing paradigm;

Maybe it really will bring happiness this time.

Sure, the crazed movement exploits the airways;

The ‘shared space’, increasingly crowded these days.

Part of the ‘commons’ which should be protected and preserved,

But which has become a dumpster and carelessly perturbed.

Such behavior is but an act, from the industry’s wet-dream.

It’s a nightmare for humanity, but pay-day the team,

There is implicit arrogance in the new tradition,

Built into the wholly unreasonable position,

That whatever the entertainment or elective communication,

It should be taken freely without any hesitation.

If the underlying data arrived via copper cable,

A million people in the path would not be made unstable.

Or it could be ordered from a clearing house and loaded on a chip,

Or charge your chip at a vending box, so it wouldn’t have to ship.

You can’t have all that you fancy, faster than a blink,

Without nudging our health a bit out of ‘the pink’.

Compressing digitized info and blasting it everywhere,

So that ‘Master You’ can have it right now – right there,

Would be fine, I guess, if the method brought your desire,

Not passing through many others, but efficiently, via wire.



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