Honor your Aethers … About the Wireless Pollution Epidemic! 2.0

Which leaves the subjects, with notably less,

Physical health reliability,

As well as mental stability.

They screw with our DNA’s dignity,

For the empty gift of mass connectivity.

Telecom is a dark and deadly industry,

With a heart of greed and a void where ‘soul’ should be.


Finally, the ‘Green New Deal’ has found its savior voice,

Backed by humans admitting we really have no choice,

But to rise from our asses and stop the insanity,

Of bringing down the Planet with our selfish vanity.

Green’s time is here, though it’s decades behind,

We’re passed the concern that the Repubs might mind,

Any action regarding the Planet’s destruction,

Or her hostile takeover and misguided abduction,

By those who strip her bare and live like kings;

And feed their fat faces on the killing of things.

It’s mostly the kids, who know that they’re at risk,

And, thank God, have some sense of the altruistic.

The movement’s book also has a self-serving page,

In large red font “It’s do or die at this late stage”.

They accept the environment as the ultimate basis,

For the wealth and health and survival of all of our races.

The kids seem to get that they’ll need safe air,

This fact of life demands that they thoughtfully care,

For the commons we all rely on and share,

And help Mom recover from the elder’s err.

[* err = to make a mistake or be incorrect]

After we stop this unholy polluting thing,

The focus will be on how to keep it clean.

Now it’s down our very survival,

Yes, it’s late, but we need the revival.

The waters are dead and the air is thick,

Our essential elements make us sick.

For too long, with poisons, we have flirted,

Now, climate disruption cannot be averted.

We aim to keep the pain to a minimum,

Procrastination requires that all will feel some.

We screwed up big, now things are tense,

We’ve spent most of the kids’ inheritance.

We must make the best of a bad situation,

And graciously accept Mom’s invitation.

To repent for the rape, and treat her with love,

Then again, she’ll support what we’re made of.

Failing to fix the wireless-thing is a big mistake,

The welfare of all life-forms, literally, is at stake.

Way back in the 50s, the Exxons understood,

That adding carbon to the air, absolutely would,

Cause the Greenhouse thing; but they wouldn’t let us learn,

That oil-addiction might bring on the point-of-no-return.

The world may never recover, because ‘Big Carbon’ cheated,

Inaction on wireless-tech, insures ‘scenario repeated’.

Here then is the disconnect which informs my confusion;

And allows for the irrational EMP delusion.

On the problems with CO2 and methane, we have broad consensus,

We agree on the 350 ppm limit; so what is it that prevents us,

From hearing the alarm screaming “ElectroMagnetic Pollution”,

And demanding some reasonable, life-saving solution…

Let’s just lay it out, remove the mask; no ambiguity,

Stay away from the relentlessly promoted IoT . [Internet of Things]

Keep your distance also from digital assistants and the Smart TV,

In short, shun all non-essential wireless gadgetry.

“Two edged sword” is a mild term for digital-wireless stuff,

Even minimal exposure is more than enough,

To cause a healthy system to go haywire,

Knowing this, hopefully, will help to inspire,

Folks to reduce exposure and put more distance,

‘Tween gadgets and self, and to join the resistance.

On this issue, we can’t believe “resistance-is-futile”,

Non-compliance with the wave is absolutely crucial. 

The monitors and intercoms and cordless phones at home;

All these common toys pollute the living-zone.

As yet, we’ve not developed a safe and healthy way,

To transfer that important stuff, you just can’t wait to say,

Through the aspect of ‘the commons’ called the airway,

But still have the voice-to-ear method; the original way.

The extent to which you disregard reality, and delay,

Directly relates to the price your precious health will pay.

The poison generated spreads beyond your own body;

The ‘wide-diffusion’ is characteristic of wireless EMP.

The contagious nature of wireless promiscuity,

Hurts living things far beyond the distance you can see.

Talk about everywhere, all the time; even mandatory,

Radio-com equipment is a required accessory,

For retail staff, warehouse workers, and regrettably,

Many more in workplaces who must submit reluctantly.

“Wear the poison all day long or go somewhere else to work”,

Wireless EMP saturation has gone totally berserk.

Some may be defendable, like hands-free links for cops,

But should hardly be required for clerks in lingerie shops.

Even positions where a Bluetooth isn’t welded to your face.

If the job is in a building, Wi-Fi saturates the whole space.

So to support the wireless toys at home you give your time at work,

You trade your effort for your pay; wireless poison’s just a ‘perk’.

I’ve watched with deep concern, the advancement of this plague,

And curse the corporate selfishness for the price already paid.

It’s sad indeed to witness the poison growing day by day,

As the veil tears, exposing truth, what will the poor kids say…

It’s the too-familiar story, which displays ‘morals lost’,

Privatize the profit, socialize the heavy cost.

Activism works, at least it has before,

In the 70s, it stopped an awful war.

Passion of the 80s, demanded ‘no new nukes on line’;

A stay which held for several decades, despite the corporate slime.

“People have the power”; a line to Patty Smith’s credit,

To exercise that force, we must first know that we have it.

We can save the world again, working collectively,

While the liars keep repeating, “there’s nothing here to see”.

Resistance has relaxed, or is on extended latte’ brake,

Maybe folks don’t understand truly what is at stake.

I know we like our toys and tend to trust soft-spoken Siri,

But this is not the time for careless complacency.

Every cent we feed to telecom piggy’s snout,

Returns another dividend, we’d be better off without.

The urgency and danger makes me want to shout,

But addicts don’t want to hear anything about,

A knock on their essential, which is not that at all,

Anyway, it’s time to thumb another poison call.

Besides, everyone is playing, so the trade-off must be fake;

Guys; remember Mom’s caution ‘bout others jumping in the lake.

Science has a standard; a behavioral mandate,

A policy procedure for protecting our fragile fate.

A simple concept really; to make things more predictable,

It instructs us to adhere to the ‘precautionary principle’.

When states or industries ignore this basic rule,

They demonstrate that they’re OK with being cruel.

You can’t just put it out there, and see what happens later;

You gotta’ put it to the test with a model-simulator.

An evaluation tool for comparing cost and benefit;

It helps a wise society decide whether to risk it.

The adage goes; “if it sounds too good to be true,

Chances are; that it will be a witch’s brew”.

If the precautionary principle were used honestly,

We now would have much safer chemistry.

If the principle were used at all, for wireless technology;

We’d have the knowledge needed regarding EMP.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a non-essential curse;

For all the good it does; it makes matters worse.

Enough was known about this curse a score or two ago,

To compel any thinking head to loudly “just say NO”.

But wireless tech was staged slowly, so we couldn’t spot her,

As we were but the frog in the pot of slowly heating water.

Add to this the lies and suppressed information,

The sponsor-sanctioned blackout on almost every news station.

We’re being freaking boiled in a world-sized kettle,

With Big-tech/Telecom’s heavy foot upon the pedal.

How often do you cross a busy city street,

With ear-buds in, and looking at your feet…

The chemical sector pretends that it complies;

Tel-com doesn’t bother; it just pays Congress-guys.

Side-stepping the P-principle often brings disaster,

But it fills the 1%’s deep pockets ever faster.

It comes down to priorities & and the value of a soul,

Some apparently, are comfortable with selling-out the whole,

Of humanity & Planet for another empty yacht,

No matter how much stuff they’ve already got.

Wherever and whoever you may be,

You are allergic to manmade EMP.

It’s not possible to be an absentee,

Distinctions are but a matter of degree.

Synthetic EMP comes in many shrouded forms,

And manifests in ways outside familiar norms.

Toxic emanations flow from varied sources,

And interact with the energy which courses

Through biologic channels which give life direction,

In its effort to maintain relative perfection.

Our DNA was reared on certain subtle frequencies,

And depends, for well-being, on clear sensing of these.

It doesn’t do well when the signal is jammed,

And tends towards ill when foreign frequencies are rammed

Through the body-mind at high intensity;

This perverts the body’s innate propensity.

Device-EMP’s frequencies from up and down the spectrum,

Are pulsed and manipulated; creating biological bedlam.

The flood of noxious waves causes cellular agitation,

This in turn produces systemic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation, the experts all agree,

Is at the root of most every malady.

Just what or who do we think, will be our savior,

If we continue this irrational, self-destructive behavior…

The embrace of this epidemic throughout society,

Born of corporate greed and sustained by the ‘we’…

Continuing in this way, makes no freaking sense,

And it’s no help for us to teeter on the fence.

Jump into the handbasket; enjoy the ride to hell,

The only chance we’ve got is to collectively rebel.

Clearly the addiction is deeply entrenched today,

And all indicators suggest that it’s here to stay.

If you refuse to play the game, you’ll be the odd man out,

Then later celebrated as the others figure out,

The whole thing was a scam and made the people sick,

While making tel-com’s fat ass another layer thick.

They’ll stop at nothing to achieve the heartless goal,

With no concern at all about the human toll.

The poison now is everywhere; even hospitals and churches,

From the depths of damp cellars to the highest mountain perches.

No time is too early for the poison to mistreat us,

Even cutting through the hidden floating fetus.

Yes, there are some differences between legacy EMP,

And that which streams from the wireless stuff in the 21st century.

Wired homes and appliances in the ‘boomers’ early days,

Plus the few radio towers, spit out the EM haze.

‘Civilized’, first-world folks, gladly changed their ways,

And enthusiastically embraced the plastic, space-age phase.

Communication, convenience and work-efficiency,

Were clear hallmarks of that early EMP.

Starry-eyed were we; a naïve society,

The modern stars so bright, that we didn’t see,

Then the EMP from a toaster and Fridge at home,

Was limited in distance, and mostly all your own.

The poison from your modern toys is not just yours alone,

You further grow the EMP each time you use the phone.

The harm spreads far out beyond you personally,

Each device carries with it a huge responsibility.

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