Honor your Aethers … About the Wireless Pollution Epidemic! 2.0

Wireless EMP is not confined to your own space,

But by its very nature, it slaps your neighbor’s face.

Informed folks shun CFLs, and count milligrams of salt,

Cut mercury, and set a whole-food diet as their default.

Health-promoting measures, worth the effort to be sure,

With the power to prevent, and even to cure.

Why then, the welcome embrace, so enthusiastically,

Of that which ill-impacts well-being so radically?

The time will come, when even the blind will see,

The broad-range health-disaster that is EMP.

EMP, particularly in the wireless form,

Represents the idiom ‘perfect storm’.

Its seductive nature draws us into the haze,

And returns the favor in destructive ways.

Deranging the system from inside-out,

Through an unguarded, invisible route.

It pierces the skin from every direction,

Producing a state of defenseless subjection,

In its most enthusiastic campaigners,

As well as health-minded abstainers.

Most heartbreaking about this e-polluting shit,

Is the mess it makes for the kids born into it.

The biggest losers are the youngest among us;

When still but a twinkle, they’re pushed under the school bus.

Give a two-year-old a cigarette and offer him a light,

You’ll draw condemnation and start a morality fight;

But snap a tablet to the stroller, and click the kid on-line,

You’ll be praised, they’ll say “good, head start”, all is well and fine.

That wrong move represents a ‘head start’ all right,

At sickening, aging and attacking precious sight.

No need to best the Jones’s at wireless child abuse,               

If their values are, regarding health, just too damn loose,

In the age of poly-poison, maybe; “simply rise above”,

The lemming stampede, with thoughtful, loving tough-love.

The day it becomes too tough to save one’s own flower,

Is the day the family has forfeited its power,

On any individual autonomy,

And the ability to think and clearly see,

That profit motivates some terrible sin,

Which we should never place our dear kids within.

Wi-Fi in schools should never be allowed,

And does not produce young’ns, healthy and proud.

Poisoning young bodies while training young minds,

Will create more questions than the answers it finds.

A particularly ridiculous scenario is this;

A clear indication that something’s amiss.

Imagine ‘health class’, where the book is a screen,

In close proximity to liver, gut and spleen.

Imagine the day’s lesson is on ‘reproductivity’,

And the wireless book sits just above the kid’s young ‘V’.

No system, cell or organ likes this radiation,

Certainly not those parts concerned with procreation.

The very term ‘laptop’ is problematic too,

The damn thing often rides atop ‘Peter’ or ‘Hoo hoo’.

Another laptop tradeoff regarding human reproduction,

Both its chemistry and EMP cause endocrine disruption.

The hormone-rich reproductive system holds the species’ fate,

So we really should treat it well before it’s too late.

‘Homo sapiens’ comes from the Latin, ‘Wise Man’,

Self-extinction would suggest a new name for our clan.

The reproductive system, decides where we will be,

Onward to the future, or left to history.

Healthy babies don’t result if the balance has been jacked,

And EMP-caused hormone disruption is a pregnant fact.

Back to school for a moment to expose another wrong,

We’ll look behind the mainstream liar’s dance & song.

Much of the cost of schooling kids, pays for ‘special needs’,

While EMP exposure causes learning disabilities.

Can you spell ‘backwards’; do you see the vicious cycle,

Adding wireless EMP causes the challenge to recycle.

I have a better name for the ubiquitous ‘laptop’:

“The plastic cased, toxic chemical and heavy metal containing, internally produced heat initiated poison outgassing, clam-shell; to be used in restrained moderation, only in conjunction with blue-blocking glasses and/or screen shield, only on battery power or grounded A/C power connection, with a wired net connection and with Wi-Fi disabled, ideally in a well ventilated space, and never situated on the lap.


The endocrine system, as the master of vital hormone balance,

Is knocked off-center by an influence which perverts that stance.

Its components are tossed to the wind like so much confetti,

When the host resides in a space replete with EMP.

The critical hormone ‘melatonin’ is one good example,

A good night’s sleep cannot be had if there isn’t ample,

Of the stuff circulating for body-mind to be still,

And glide comfortably into a drowsy chill.

‘Mel’ is born as day becomes the dark of night,

The problem is that EMP, registers as light.

Light is the EMR which allows us to see,

Part of the same spectrum as is all EMP.

When ‘mel’ is deficient, you can’t detox or regenerate,

You’re standing on the wrong square of a hostile checkmate.

‘Mel’ is your super-potent, self-made antioxidant too,

Something desperately needed when EMP surrounds you.

EMP generates free radicals in hordes,

Increasing the need for what melatonin affords.

So the more you travel the wireless route,

The more free radicals are bouncing about,

Tearing up tissue and cells inside and out,

And producing an antioxidant drought.

The mechanisms of harm so far cited,

Should be more than enough to get us excited.

Yet, this list has only scratched the surface,

Of this inhumane multi-ring circus.

Yes, synthesized EMP is nothing new,

But since century’s turn it’s gone grossly askew.

From the time of Ben with the kite and the key,

Till wired homes became reality,

Electricity was mostly a fad and curiosity,

And spewed little-to-no EMP.

As office and home befriended PC,

And stuffed their space with e-gadgetry,

The wireless trick is the sneaky straw hack,

With side-effects which crack the back,

Of the divine directive in every cell,

Whose job it is to keep the host well.

For all of its promise and all of its fun,

The wireless takeover has bluntly run,

Into a snag which cannot be denied,

It contributes to the Earth being flooded and fried.

The wireless illusion is anything but GREEN,

Net-progress for it has yet to be seen.

So far, in its decades-long stint,

It has grossly enlarged its carbon footprint.

Certain love-children of the internet craze,

Are further carbonizing and thickening the haze.

Cryptocurrency stomps with a rather large boot too,

Such as bitcoin and other grayish blockchain things do.

All that dark-cloud stuff spends a shit-load of power,

To keep countless servers spinning hour after hour.

The power can’t be interrupted, and lots of heat is generated,

This means of course that the complex must be refrigerated.

It’s kind of funny, really,

To the point of sounding silly,

Amorphous entities with no tangible physicality,

Through their operation, hasten species’ mortality.

Like industrial things, that we can touch and see,

By consuming outdated, dirty energy.

Feeding condensed fossils to the shady ‘cloud’,

Should not make IT designers at all proud.

Hastening eminent climate catastrophe,

Is an unreasonable use of ‘smart’ technology.

Multiplying space-junk, too, is part of the game,

Earth and her beings will never be the same.

As of the blast-off, the seeding has begun,

I’m sorry folks, but there’s just nowhere to run.

This 5G thing is getting hyper-crazy, to say the least,

With G satellites morphing into the head of the beast.

Some 1,000 new G sats are on their way;

Funny, but the people have nothing to say.

Well, some do, but they won’t be heard,

Over the silence from the bulk of the herd.

There’ll number a grand before the year (2019) is done,

And TWENTY-THOUSAND before 2020 has run

Through its 366 wireless days,

And those with a clue have tried all ways,

To stop the insane escalation,

Of big-tech’s selfish domination,

Of the Planet and all of her kids,

While pushing what decency forbids.


OneWeb: fleet of 4,540 satellites

SpaceX – (Elon Musk): fleet of 12,000 satellites

Amazon: fleet of more than 3,000 5G satellites


The health of the youngsters is headed south,

That’s the official word; not word-of-mouth.

The first batch of humans, reared with cell phones,

Is paying the price down to its bones.

The insurance industry watches these things,

And that’s the conclusion their research brings.

(( The Blue Cross Blue Shield report is here: https://www.bcbs.com/the-health-of-america/reports/the-health-of-millennials ))

On many markers, they’re falling behind,

Sliding rearward both in body and mind.

Speaking of young’ns and young people’s bones,

And the relationship to devices like “gotta’-have” phones,

We now have palpable & radiologic evidence,

Of a dramatic side-effect from wireless decadence.

Undeniable structural deformations, so extreme,

They fit the script of an osteopath’s bad dream.

Typical device-love pulls the neck way out of ‘straight’,

Which compels the body to grow a counterweight.

A boney hub on the back of the neck,

In adaptive response to poor posture from tech.

I’m not kidding, kids; can’t make this stuff up,

It’s kinda’ gruesome when you look close up,

At the ways tech-worship, as the new obsession,

Will, eventually lead to the gross expression,

Of compensatory measures, just to get by,

As the ridiculous craze throws mud in the eye,

Of the mind’s mastery and the body’s frame,

A negative tradeoff; a crying shame.

If anyone out there thinks this is fair,

Let me introduce you to the stair-

way to hell, where they’re holding a spot,

For another damned human who cares not.

If you value the girls and boys,

Higher than our wireless toys,

Perhaps you’ll resist the insanity,

Behind the deeply flawed 5G.

This is a takeover, make no mistake,

The very foundation of life is at stake.

The dark energy which the system is shooting,

Is anti-heath and profoundly polluting,

That which surrounds, and is at all times,

In intimate contact with our body-minds.

This shared-space (the aethers – airspace – airways), this most fundamental aspect of our commons is by now, profoundly and increasingly polluted with chaotic energetic forces which penetrate our beings to the core and dramatically alter the body-mind’s ‘operating system’. Humans’ OSs now harbor a deep-seated corruption bug …

You are not your ‘real self’, but the product of morph-ism,

You have become a ‘genetically modified organism’.

Infected, is the space which surrounds us all the time,

It’s an aspect of ‘the commons’; which is yours and mine.

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