Honor your Aethers … About the Wireless Pollution Epidemic! 2.0

Ethically, the aethers cannot be bought or sold,

A self-evident truth, which we should tightly hold

In our hearts; and keep it clear and free,

Of influences which corrupt its integrity.

EMP penetrates, walls and clothes and skin,

And grossly rearranges your untouchables within.

It’s imperative of course, to be kind to the brain,

For reasons far beyond, just being sane.

MIND is everywhere in you; it’s not the brain, you know,

From its stronghold in the skull, BRAIN runs the whole show.

Due to status, brain gets great protection,

From injury, invasion and infection.

Nature gives Brain a fortress, and a lofty position,

And provides it most of the blood, and best nutrition.

Brain can, none-the-less fail, when mistreated,

Particularly when abuse is sustained or repeated.

The world presents challenges, automatically,

Which effect BRAIN’s well-being dramatically.

When Brain is upset, trouble shows up elsewhere,

Connections are endless; a web-like affair.

A physical, mental, or emotional stress,

May stem from some direct brain distress.

Brain’s integrity goes from poor, to hairier,

When a toxic agent breaches the ‘blood-brain barrier’.

Here again, poison EMP’s ugly head rears,

As it renders defenseless, what’s between the ears. 

Lots of research shows, and is becoming easy to see,

EMF’s can damage the critical BBB (blood-brain barrier).

On protecting the brain, nature has been clear,

“Only that which serves, is allowed up here.”

When something breaks through, that shouldn’t get in,

Destructive processes likely begin,

To foster disease, and mess it all up,

Then cause the whole system to run amuck.

Seems we can’t quite list all of the ways,

That people are hurt from how EMP plays,

With the delicate scale we’re balanced on,

The shame of it is, that the whole thing’s con. The telecom con…

Legitimate concerns from numerous sectors,

Are always dissed by boards-of-directors.

The whitewash makes threats no less real,

Still, EMP gets Congress’ approval seal. (With very few and quiet exceptions)

Slow down, evaluate, cry some people, NGOs and agencies.

The pleas do nothing to slow the FCC’s

Rush to trade licenses for back-room favors,

And corrupt pay-off fruits of many flavors.

One such sector includes ‘the weather guys’,

(American Meteorological Society, the National Weather Association and the American Geophysical Union)

And the related agencies concerned with oceans, space and skies.

(National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA))

Squeezing too much traffic into a narrow band,

Raises the likelihood that things get out of hand.

Signals will slow, some will be crossed,

Data will jumble, and some will be lost.

In the name of more hollow whistles and bells,

And the understanding that marketing sells,

Some of the good, enabled by tech,

Will suffer because of the bottleneck,

Created by stuffing too many pulses and waves,

Into each narrow slice of the crowded airways.

It’s a telling example of greed upon greed,

And info-hyperload far beyond need,

Where the system trips over its own excess,

And creates a reliably – unreliable mess.

Some big-dreamers must think that there is really no limit,

To the sponge of the spectrum and what we can squeeze in it.

This is ridiculous of course, on its face,

And suggests that they’ve already lost the race,

If winning was about helping the human race,

Not just the usual drive of the money- chase.

U.S. weather forecasters are the latest group to sound the alarm that the race to introduce 5G technologies may have adverse consequences.

In a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), U.S. meteorologists called the potential for 5G mobile technologies to disrupt communication between weather satellites “deeply concerning,” according to the BBC.

The letter was signed by the American Meteorological Society, the National Weather Association and the American Geophysical Union. They oppose a FCC proposal to share a radio spectrum band with mobile companies, arguing that sharing the radio band may lead to a delay in life-saving data, according to Newsweek.

“[Interference will] postpone dissemination of vital information to the public to aid and protect life, property, businesses, and government operations. The loss of seconds can mean the difference between safety and grave risk to life and property,” said John Porter, an executive at AccuWeather, in a separate letter to the FCC, as Newsweek reported.

Experts warned that sharing the 1675-1680MHz band could cause delays in public service alerts about severe weather like hurricanes and tornadoes. The letter by the U.S. meteorologists piggy backs on a letter sent to the FCC Chairman by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore) and Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) asking him not to issue 5G licenses “until the FCC approves the passive band protection limits that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) determine are necessary to protect critical satellite‐based measurements of atmospheric water vapor needed to forecast the weather.”Results of the study are expected in 2020.

Wyden and Cantwell said that the “ongoing sale of wireless airwaves could damage the effectiveness of US weather satellites and harm forecasts and predictions relied on to protect safety, property, and national security.”

They reprimanded the FCC for beginning the auction “over the objections of NASA, NOAA, and members of the American Meteorological Society (AMS). These entities all argued that out-of-band emissions from future commercial broadband transmissions in the 24GHz band would disrupt the ability to collect water-vapor data measured in a neighboring frequency band (23.6 to 24GHZ) that meteorologists rely on to forecast the weather,” as Ars Technicareported.

U.S. weather forecasters are the latest group to sound the alarm that the race to introduce 5G technologies may have adverse consequences.

White text disclaimer on commercials:

~ Direct-to-consumer advertising refers to the marketing and advertising of pharmaceutical products directly to consumers as patients ~


Two countries on Earth allow (DTC) drug adverts on TV,

They must contain something easy to miss and hard to see.

‘White Text Disclaimers’ at the bottom; faint and pale,

Designed so as not to detract from the sale.

A small concession, true; and we understand their game,

Weakness notwithstanding, big-tech should do the same.

If they’re gonna’ promise tablets put smiles on the face,

And that the latest i-thing will ensure you win the race,

The tradeoffs should be mentioned, however impotent,

Hinting at the ‘rest of story’ in small, faint, white print.


White text disclosure verbiage that fits wireless devises / d’Vices:

Dizziness, spaciness, anxiety, insomnia, blurred vision and other vision problems, ADD / ADHD, drowsiness, depression, reduction of bone density, bone deformation, blood sugar instability, sociopathy, hormone imbalance – endocrine disruption, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), Type II diabetes, hypertension, psychoses, elevated cholesterol and triglyceride imbalance, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, Substance use disorder, Screen-neck syndrome, loss of reasoning and critical thinking skills, swellings, capillary leak syndrome; fever, muscle pain, unusual bruising, rash, hives, nervous system and blood disorders; lymphoma, weight gain, reduced ability to fight infections, nausea, diarrhea/constipation, dehydration, confusion, multitask split attention confusion syndrome, death.

Secondary bodily injury, Death (100 deaths and countless injuries per year from selfie mishaps)

NOTE: DTC (Direct-to-consumer advertising). Direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising (DTCPA). You know, the TV commercials that invent conditions which don’t actually exist, and make medicine look fun and sexy but include all that rushed verbiage about how the side effects could possibly kill you. The U.S. and New Zealand are the only countries that allow DTCPA that includes product claims. To my knowledge, no authoritative entities require any warnings or cautions regarding the use of modern cell phone culture devices.

Wireless toys certainly qualify as drugs,

A reality denied with stupid, careless shrugs,

By those whose job is to peddle and make,

This drug; and by vested interests on the take.

If you’re going to peddle a poison, cloaked in disguise,

It seems reasonable to mention what its use might catalyze.

In the case of EMP, of the wireless persuasion,

It’s not just personal, but represents unsolicited invasion,

Of the bodies and the minds of others, far and wide;

Your device summons demons from which no one can hide.

The population of victims outnumbers the band of users,

All frequent users harm the whole, even if not willing abusers.

That’s the contagious thing about wireless tech,

You can’t keep your personal communication in check.

Some of what you send, from here to there,

Passes through people and spaces everywhere.

Do we have the right to spread it around;

Knowing the stuff cannot be bound,

To a direct narrow path, efficiently,

The way e-conversation used to be (relatively non-toxic land line phones),

Awareness of this reality,

While still ’using’, willfully,

Especially if used unnecessarily,

Could be called e-polygamy.

Doesn’t matter what you call this thing,

It lacks the safe and healthy ‘ring’,

And relies on a selfish, twisted paradigm,

Which suggest that wireless-polluting is just fine.

Shakespeare’s Juliet talked about “a rose by another name”,

You can call this stuff ‘high-tech’; it’s a ‘tragedy’, just the same.

When used as directed, devices cause side effects,

Users and standers-by all become subjects,

Of disruptive influences which attack all systems,

Confuse inner peace and upset natural rhythms.

Fondling wireless d’VICES the way they usually are,

Utility is served, but the toxic field goes far,

Afield in each and every direction,

And is not blocked by another’s objection.

There’s simply no way to limit or manage,

The invasive, unwanted ‘collateral damage’.

This drug’s insidious nature and related addiction,

Should compel both voluntary and official restriction.

The toys come with few cautions, which aren’t heeded at all,

Some of which are simply not ‘common-use’ practical.

Who’s gonna’ limit use to just minutes per day,

And keep the damn thing at least arm’s length away,

Who’s gonna plug the cable back in,

And risk looking like an ancient has-been…

Until we put the wires back,

We’ll all remain under attack,

From a game of greedy, unholy making,

Giving less good then it’s selfishly taking.

They sold us a carrot; fresh, juicy and thick,

That turned out to be a head-cracking stick.

The geniuses should revisit the drawing board,

And persist till they have something our health can afford.

This shit is too damn costly to defend,

It’s the wireless route to our bitter end.

Possibly, the dream just can’t be done,

Fashion a safe toy from a loaded gun…

Ya can’t always get what you want; so, concede,

If you try sometime, you’ll get what you need.

The first need is the “Do No Harm” mandate,

Which a sound, moral mind will appreciate.

Once your project passes this test,

You may lock it in, and advance to the rest,

Of the project you claim is for humanity’s sake,

Only then, may you begin a fair give-and-take.

Reasonable safety must be unquestionable,

Such that the give/take is fair and equitable.

If you can’t cook it up without the bate & switch, in,

Please, just clean up; get out of the kitchen.

Venture geeks who make ‘real’ from dreams,

Must be paid fairly for their ground-breaking schemes.

But their deserved, and sometimes undo wealth,

Cannot come at the cost of society’s health.

Remember, inventors, you can’t release – wait and see,

We must know in advance that your brilliance won’t be,

The beginning-of-end for people or Planet;

The proverbial hellfire, and the lies that fan it.

Somewhere in human make-up, is the capacity,

To; excuse the expression; “be all we can be”.

If toys with toxic emissions is the fruit of your sweat,

Get back to work; you’re not there yet.

If we have to get sicker with each new treat,

You’re exposed as a colossal, selfish cheat.

Some balancing acts offer the people meager compensation,

Which falls far short of what’s better; the polluters’ eradication.

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