Honor your Aethers … About the Wireless Pollution Epidemic! 2.0

In various countries they’re starting to levy,

Taxes on industries hitting the environment heavy.

Surcharges and abuse-tax is another way,

To discourage users and companies who sway,

Unreasonably far from what’s good for the all,

And otherwise fail to heed the logical call,

To be a true asset not a liability,

To our Planet and Human society.

Examples are carbon-tax on polluters of air,

And tobacco tax because of more costly health care.

There’s limited space in OUR aethers-airways,

And the more they squeeze, the more it pays,

The few at the top of the greed pyramid,

Who don’t give a damn about the fate of your kid.

The aethers, like our water and air,

Are life-support essentials for all to share,

And as such, can be used, only with care,

In sustainable ways that are universally fair.

With resources, there’s no right to hoard or pollute,

Or to commandeer, steal, takeover and loot.

To the extent that some do so anyway,

Balance demands, they be made to pay,

While we collectively demand a better way,

To manage resources without sloppy foul play.

While the shameful truth remains behind the shade,

A helpful measure might be some cap & trade.

On second thought, drop the ‘trade’, but enforce a cap,

On the degree telecom can fill our aethers with crap.

Taxes serve two ends besides paying the bills,

Both aimed at governing societies’ ills.

To discourage poor behavior and encourage the good,

Helping business and people behave as they should.

I know, ‘should’ is a word to be used with restrained respect,

It’s not right to push others based on what you or I expect.

When it comes to ‘the commons’ we get into the fight,

‘Tween one’s flexing freedom and another one’s right.

We all do well when we all do well

When anyone cheats, it’s everyone’s hell.

Compared to chem pollution, EMP is hard to visualize,

And, of course, once understood, there’s no way to rationalize.

The industry behind it is a classless faker and an illegitimate taker,

Wireless EMP is long-term deadly, because it’s out of step with nature.

The aethers, left to nature are a calm and peaceful sea,

A supportive substrate, a nurturing place to be.

As life-giving air becomes a poison when we introduce toxic stuff, 

So the aethers, once supportive, is now toxic; it’s called our bluff.

Wireless tech’s invisibility makes it no less consequential,

Its stealth, in fact, makes it even more detrimental.

It hides from conscious awareness, all the while infecting,

The subscribers whose lives it’s supposed to be perfecting.

And what keeps showing up in the book of justice,

Is EMP’s penchant for infecting all of us.

No matter your stance, you can’t opt out,

Even if you get what the caution’s about.

The marketing system’s designed that way,

That’s the corrupt game the scoundrels play.

People are kept in the dark, even during the day,

As the liars scoop up buckets of ill-gotten pay.

A tale of two cities; what is sold and what’s delivered, 

The distinction is blurred by the myth of the wizard.

Call one town ‘Reality’, the other, ‘Fairyland’,

The first harbors honesty; the other, slight-of-hand.

Don’t read fine-print or investigate the hype,

You may find Big-Tech knows that society is ripe,

For blind acceptance of self-destruction,

And its overall intelligence reduction.

Those not inclined to self-help by adjusting EMP behavior,

Might at least consider that ‘Matthew’ thing about “loving thy neighbor”…

Remember please, it’s for ‘the all’ that we resist polluting nature,

I know it may feel lonely until we un-capture the legislature,

From the gnarled grip of tel-com corporate clowns,

Whose selfish dirty trickery knows no freaking bounds.  

Remember too, while insisting on a better way,

Pay close attention to what they do, disregard what they say.

((Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself ~ Matthew 22:39 ))


I’m searching for an off ramp from this sophomoric rhyme,

I sense one just up ahead; but then, another line.

The rhetorical redundancy may be appropriate,

Simply stating facts hasn’t fixed the problem yet.

Evidence abounds and good sense agrees,

Yet we keep diving deeper into the sea of EMPs.

Specifics of the harms are still being mapped,

While EMP consumers are being further hacked.

The efforts to date have not stemmed the tide,

EMP enthusiasts still tweet, text, and hide,

From what’s undeniable, and in sharp relief,

As if it’s all OK, if they just cling to the belief,

That Verizon is a saint and Sprint gives a darn,

About the ratio between convenience and harm.

I’ve been presenting all ‘left-brain’ for so damn long,

Now I’m thinking the ‘facts-approach’ may be the wrong

Way to express the concern so rife with contention,

And ultimately attract the victims’ attention.

So, OK, I figured, bring in more right-hemisphere,

Maybe then, the reader can, a little better hear,

And feel the weight of the problem, and then begin

To allow the meaning of the problem to sink in.

I’ve been screaming about this inconvenient truth,

Since long before the advent the poison Bluetooth.

To little avail I’m so sorry to say,

But I figure, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

So I’m taking a shot at the ‘right’ way to go,

With some choppy rhythm and suggestive innuendo.

There’s repetition too, because it must be pounded in,

If salvation can ever overcome the power of the spin.

So possibly the rote approach will plant the caution seed,

And you’ll pause with a second-thought before you proceed,

To throw your EMP around indiscriminately,

Spreading many little bits of ‘bad’, subliminally.

The point of the effort is not to force which way you go,

But in light of the thickly painted tele-com whitewash, we all deserve to know…

What tel-coms cover up about the bad seeds they sow,

This is precisely the info that we all deserve to know…



NEXT: Part 2: RIGHT BRAIN (Serious Business)

Part 2 will introduce experts in the field(s) and present hard facts, figures and convincing evidence relevant to the well being of all the earth’s inhabitants (humans at the top) as it all relates to the wireless invasion.

This section makes a strong argument for the critical importance and high value of transparency within the telecom and related industries.

This section is stuffed with information and explanations which you deserve to know. Discussed within are issues inextricably tied to the health and happiness of our children.

The steady diet of ‘blue pills’ is key in making the populous increasingly sick and insuring that the people are happy to pay for their worsening situation. Part two is, in effect, the necessary remedy; the mythical ‘RED PILL’ the simple truth. That which you deserve to know…

The red pill and blue pill is a meme representing a choice between taking either a “red pill” that reveals an unpleasant truth, or taking a “blue pill” to remain in blissful ignorance. The terms are directly derived from a scene in the 1999 film The Matrix

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