Honor Your Aethers… Part 2

Electro-therapeutic vs. Electromagnetic disease generation:

Electro-therapeutic medicine is a real and important field. Electrotherapeutics has been around for many decades, but is still in its relative infancy. While the exacting application of specific frequencies, at specific energy levels, for specific durations, intervals and dosages can be a viable, and indeed a singularly exceptional healing modality, with important advantages over standard allopathic treatments, its success does NOT transfer to the careless exposure to EMP, wireless or otherwise! Do not expect to heal or prevent any ill condition by the indiscriminant application of a wireless/cordless device to the skull or the chronic close-proximity use of a wireless laptop/tablet Etc! This; we all deserve to know… 

P.S.: The very reality of the power of properly applied electrotherapeutic treatment should serve to illustrate the profound ability of ElectroMagnetic energy, wireless and otherwise, to alter biological processes.

It is easy to draw instructive analogies, such as:

The dramatic difference between ingesting a properly prescribed and carefully dosed pharmaceutical / medicinal pill, – and – eating like candy, bottles of the same medicine throughout the day, every day.

Or; the dramatic difference between having a callous removed by a trained surgeon skillfully using his scalpel, – and – placing oneself in a space with flying sharp implements, all day long, everyday.

IoT is not Smart:

The term SMART should act a WARNING!  

The IoT (internet of things) and ‘Smart device’ movement / takeover / invasion is moving fast. It is profoundly invasive and becoming disturbingly ubiquitous. This movement (I speak of ‘them’ as ‘one’) is dramatically thickening the slime of wireless EMP all around. The idea (in part) is to induce the people to feel that they want and need complete wireless connectedness between home, workplace, transportation, public space, media, each individual’s body-mind, personal and group activities, interests, purchases, Etc. and the 24/7 monitoring of everyone’s activities, interests, trends, webs of social connections, Etc; and for the people to be comfortable with and/or unaware of the harvesting, reporting, accumulation, cataloging, selling of such, Etc. This carefully engineered mindset creates [the illusion of] value and an enthusiastic reliance. Follow the money-worship, observe the single-minded greed. This; we all deserve to know… 

Consider the ‘risk – benefit’ equation; actually, the word ‘risk’ is too limited here, because while there are many serious associated risks, there most certainly are ‘known’ directly linked costs (to well-being); that is, negative health impacts which can be expected resulting from the chronic, high intensity exposure to EMP that is the backbone of ‘IoT’ and ‘Smart’ technology; So let’s say it better, let’s call the equation what it is; Cost – Benefit…

The building or purchase of a ‘Smart Home’ for instance, is by no means a smart investment; certainly not if privacy and wellness are of value.


Humans (and probably all animals with developed nervous systems) are designed to awaken feeling ‘refreshed’ after an appropriate period of natural sleep. Many influences can, of course, interfere with sleep quality and thus, the way we feel upon awaking.

I am not aware of any large scale, controlled studies which elucidate or attach numbers to this ‘fact’. My observations and casual inquiries indicate that this natural phenomenon occurs less commonly these days, to the extent, in fact, that some [many] people (both genders, all age brackets Etc.) report never waking up feeling refreshed and do not expect the situation to change. It would appear that humans in the developed world are doing worse in this regard (on average) when compared to the norm for the population, pre-wireless invasion. This does seem to be the case, even though for the several generations leading to the invasion, one other [wired] EMP source (the electric alarm clock) was ubiquitous on the bedside nightstand, and a powerful chemical poison (moth balls / the insecticides, Naphthalene and/or Paradichlorobenzene) were commonly kept in closets and/or dressers. These two health-damaging, and potentially sleep-disrupting influences are, thank goodness, much less common today. It is not my intent to invent a malady or assign blame without clear proof, yet there does seem to be a problem; and chronically waking up lacking a refreshed – rested – and rejuvenated feeling is indicative of, well, a process which tends towards progressive health-downgrading. Chronically awaking without the benefit of bright eyes and a bushy tail is, in effect, starting the day at a disadvantage, obviously; and may suggest that the various detoxification, rejuvenation, ‘rebooting’ processes, programmed to occur during productive sleep, and which are critical to good health, are being short-circuited . When this suite of processes is suppressed, only a limited amount of ‘catch up’ can be achieved, no matter the therapy or adjustments made. Walking into a new day under such a handicap automatically lowers the person’s happiness quotient and frankly, makes interacting with the world less satisfying, productive and safe. When such a situation is chronic, vitality and overall well-being must suffer. Additionally, the syndrome may lead to the abuse of harmful stimulants and ultimately, to counterproductive pharmaceutical medicating, both of which can further exacerbate the problem, perpetuating a vicious cycle – never addressing the cause.

This ‘waking up wasted’ syndrome is but one of many which have arisen and/or increased in relatively modern times (an era in which poly-pollution has increased greatly and EM pollution specifically, has vaulted exponentially), and which very likely can be attributed in part to domestic wireless EMP. In fact, home EMP remediation efforts have demonstrated that wireless EMP is, for some people, the back-breaking straw, which when eliminated, allows for the restoration of quality sleep and the resulting reality of ‘waking up rested’.

Indecent Exposure:

Sustained EMP exposure directly causes a variety of disease conditions. Sustained EMP exposure multiplies disease tendencies.               Sustained EMP exposure accelerates and exacerbates disease processes already in play.

Simple, regrettable but true, documented, unsurprising – as expected – as predicted. This; we all deserve to know… 

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