Honor Your Aethers… Part 2

EHS (and more):

EHS defined:

Electromagnetic Sensitivity, also known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) or electrosensitivity, is a condition in which an individual experiences symptoms like headaches, dizziness, unusual heart palpitations, or insomnia, around wireless technologies or electrical devices such as smart meters, cell towers, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, cordless phones, power line magnetic fields, intermediate frequencies, and electric fields from various electronic devices. 

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Certain Health Conditions Can Raise Your Risk of EHS

Researchers have found a significant association between tinnitus and EMF hypersensitivity, hinting at a shared pathophysiology between the two conditions. “Over 50 percent of EMF hypersensitive patients had tinnitus, compared to just 17.5 percent of controls.” This is but one of many conditions tied directly to wireless EMP. Tinnitus can be serious, even debilitating, but is less scary to hear about than many other conditions/diseases resulting from and/or exacerbated by wireless EMP; and I do not wish to convince-by-fear, so I make some attempt to limit details on many of the other more serious associated conditions.

Some statistics-loving beaM-counters ran the numbers, and using simple math, demonstrate that the average person is now bombarded with 1 quintillion times more EMFs than a century ago… 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times greater exposure compared to just 100 years ago. (In terms of evolutionary time, that’s just a blink ago; many of today’s adults have grandparents who were living 100 years ago).

With this dramatic increase in exposure, more and more people are starting to complain of physical, mental and emotional effects. EHS is officially recognized as an ‘environmental intolerance’ by the World Health Organization (WHO). Electromagnetic radiation has been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as “Possibly carcinogenic to humans”. The conceivable evidence of cancer risk via personal exposure to RF-EMF with mobile telephone use was identified. Behind the scenes at the WHO – IARC, the evidence clearly places this pollutant (typical cell phone wireless EMP) in the category of ‘PROBABLE’ , or ‘CERTAIN’ human carcinogen or worse; but industry lobby pressure is tremendous, and concerns regarding mass-hysteria compel a very conservative approach to fully transparent information release. Just as with the WHO – IARC declaration regarding the herbicide, RoundUp / Glyphosate, they know that it’s worse, and can assume that it’s worse than the official statement suggests.

For those suffering with EHS, the link is unmistakable and clear. The effects of EHS are also recognizable biologically/clinically. Various lab tests can be done to show that biological impairment is occurring during EMF exposure. Keep in mind that; 1. Exposure occurs (to some degree) 24/7, virtually everywhere. 2. A return to healthy baseline cannot be expected after exposure ceases; and as just stated, it never stops anyway.

Symptoms can vary with each person, depending on: The strength, type and length of EMF exposure; exposure to other environmental toxins; individual constitution; and basic health/lifestyle factors. Symptoms can be mild to severe, including: sleep problems, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, headaches, concentration, memory, learning and immune system problems, heart palpitations. nausea, joint pain, swelling of face, neck, eye problems, rashes, and cancer, Etc., Etc., Etc squared.

Whether you feel it or not, damage is occurring in everyone. In one sense, people with EHS have an advantage, as the distinct discomfort compels them to take proactive steps to avoid/reduce exposure, while the masses remain (temporarily) oblivious.

Nothing new here:

In 1978, an investigator attended a lecture featuring Dr. Sheldon Deal. A color TV sat upon the stage, it was on, but without any sound. Dr. Deal walked over to the TV and held up a magnet about the size of a smartphone. The picture on the screen turned upside down. Four decades ago he said, “That’s what electromagnetic energy does to your nervous system.” Environmental exposures can have a huge impact on your health, and many of these [exposures] are not fumes, particulates or things you ingest. In silence they attack and bombard your body, depleting your energy and interfering with its natural rhythm.

So yes, it appears that certain health conditions can raise the risk of EHS. And conversely, EHS can raise the risk and severity of numerous other health conditions…

Other designations spawned of the EHS reality,

Include the ‘EMP Shut-in’ and the ‘EMP Refugee’.

Shut-ins hide inside grounded shielding, a safer place to be,

Refugees must run towards places of reduced intensity.

It’s a crazy way to live a life, in such a ‘smart’ society,

And not at all the way the pushers promised it would be.

Proof Runneth Over:

The mobile industry’s own research in the 13-country ‘Interphone Study’ showed a 40 percent increased risk of brain cancer from 1,640 or more hours of cellphone use, and independent Swedish research published in 2007 showed a 540 percent increased risk of brain cancer from greater than 2,000 hours of cellphone use. There are many such reputable studies, some decades old; they are stacking up, reaching I guess, for the threshold, after which, we’re going to wake up, to hit the streets, to occupy Congressional offices and device-purveyor outlets, and directly petition agencies and stop the insanity!

An analysis of known mechanisms of action, including DNA effects, was also published way back in November 2010 in “Non-Thermal Effects and Mechanisms of Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter.”

~ In fairness; we can assign a number to the known, reputable, published studies which have demonstrated safety associated with the typical use of cell phones; the number is ZERO! ~

Importantly, EMFs have been shown to increase oxidative stress (EMP is a powerful free radical generator), which can damage cell membranes and proteins, and break DNA bonds (damaging DNA is pretty damn foundationally destructive – disease producing). EMFs also decrease ATP — the energy currency in your body, without which your cells cannot function properly; more precisely, without ATP, your cells cannot function at all. Without sufficient ATP, you’re dead. A fact which begs the question; “which would you rather have, a live wireless connection, or a live you?”

I could go on for days, non-stop, citing known – documented evidence. I have written reams and volumes on the technical side. That’s not how this discussion is designed.

But just let me remind you of this one important reality relating directly to your personal health:

Anti-virus Program: Your defense against biological malware

Your best ally, if being alive and well, and a positive force, is your aim, is simple, reliable good health. That’s what gets you through, and allows you to come out thriving, when faced with the challenges inherent to biological systems operating in a dynamic world. Under the overall umbrella of ‘health’ is your immunity (immune system). When it comes to ‘biological’ challengers/challenges, e.g. potentially harmful infective agents, the quality, integrity and ‘intelligence’ of the immune system is all you’ve got. This, ultimately, is what the body relies on. Pills, potions and powders may help; but a well functioning immune system is essential. Duh, right, I know… 

As ancient pathogens are released from permafrost (Climate Change), and other bad bugs migrate and evolve (Climate Change); and still other nasties are developed by governments and institutions (germ warfare), governments and corporations import risky ‘samples’ from other heavenly bodies; and treatment-resistant super-bugs continue to flow from CAFOs (factory farms) and evolve from indiscriminant antibiotic use [don’t dwell on this, don’t fear; however, you might want to help stop these insanities], we need smart, well modulated, well supported immune systems. Ultimately, nothing that we can ingest or inject can maintain or reinstate wellness without a reliable innate immunity.

Why then, would we do anything which is known to (wireless EMP), or even suspected of downgrading our only real defense; relax, it’s rhetorical.

Again, please don’t have fear; nothing mentioned in the above 100 words is very new. The pertinent message, again, is: Nothing that we can ingest or inject can maintain or reinstate wellness without a reliable innate immunity. 

In reality, your natural immunity works quite well, or you couldn’t have reached your second month; and your own immune system is the only way you overcome any virus. And, the way to make your immune system strong is not, by vaccinating or taking a drug. ‘Vaccination’ is NOT synonymous with ‘immunization’. Vaccination does not bestow immunity. I’m just saying…

Wireless EMP definitely plays a role in disrupting our immune systems

The science is very clear on the fact that our current and increasing exposure to man-made EMP is affecting our immune system in counterproductive ways.

… More on the way …

You might want to consider this:

Native Energy:

It is safe to say that wireless EMP exposure has a significant negative effect on the production of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate).

This is profoundly important because:

ATP is the sole source of energy for all human metabolism (LIFE).

Just in case that didn’t register, I will repeat.

“ATP is the sole source of energy for all human metabolism!”

For every cell in your body—the source of energy that keeps everything going is ATP.

You produce and consume approximately your own body weight in ATP every day. 

This; we all deserve to know… 

The question is; can you still tell yourself with a straight face, without damaging your conscience and insulting your intelligence, that this shit is not consequentially harmful?


ZERO safety studies:

BTW, 5G is rapidly rolling out without the industry doing any safety studies (surprised? Not me). In fact, in a February 2019 US Senate hearing, the wireless industry was forced to admit they have no safety studies on 5G, and don’t plan to do any. Yes, you heard that correctly. The industry has conducted ZERO safety studies and refuses to do any.

Who the heck is running the show here?

Does anyone really think that the “the general welfare” of the people is a priority of the dark opportunists behind the wireless invasion?

Can you possibly feel good about supporting such a murderous cabal?


As evidenced by the EMP induced ATP problem; very consequential, very foundational heath issues are initiated by exposure to wireless EMP at the cellular level; even at the [sort of] smallest level of living systems; the molecular, and yes, the atomic level. There exists already, a large body of irrefutable evidence and it’s growing every day. In order to give the reader a brake and circumvent volumes of technical data, I’ll skip the details and suggest that interested people ‘search’ (don’t Google; you can’t ‘google’; it’s not [properly] a freaking verb, it’s the copyrighted name of a company and its mostly-virtual product line)… If you must verb-ize an internet search-related noun, might I suggest “Duck”, (for the DuckDuckGo browser). Where was I; oh yeah; search the terms ‘VGCCs and EMF’.

(VGCCs = voltage-gated calcium channels)

Brief teaser on some of the cellular level stuff:

According to research, low-frequency microwave radiation such as that from your cellphone and wireless router activates the voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) located in the outer membrane of your cells. VGCCs are 7.2 million times more sensitive to microwave radiation than the charged particles inside and outside our cells, which means the safety standards for this exposure are off by a factor of 7.2 million. Of course, the ‘safety standards’ are skewed to serve the industry masters, meaning it’s even worse, but the differentials are extreme beyond reason anyway, so…

Low-frequency microwave radiation opens your VGCCs, thereby allowing an abnormal influx of calcium ions into the cell, which in turn activates nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide which react nearly instantaneously to form peroxynitrite (nasty s—t).

Peroxynitrite than catalyzes massive oxidative stress by the creation of free radicals that are associated with an increased level of systemic inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction, and are thought to be a root cause for many of today’s chronic diseases. ~ Martin Pall, Ph.D.

Martin L. Pall, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences
Washington State University

Bachelor’s in physics from Johns Hopkins

Ph.D. in biochemistry and genetics from Caltech, 

This; we all deserve to know… 



Cellular Network:

Cells from Different Mothers:

More and more the ‘indispensible’ assistants are referred to as ‘devices’. We do still say ‘cell’ or ‘cell phone’, and in the early days it was ‘cellular phone’. Whatever you may call the d’vices, all the mobile devices rely on the ‘cellular network’; the networks are made up of “cells,” which are areas of land and sea that are typically hexagonal, have at least one transceiver cell tower within their area, and use various radio frequencies. These cells connect to one another and to telephone switches or exchanges. Cell towers connect to each other to hand off packets of signals — data, voice, and text messaging — ultimately bringing these signals to, and receiving signals from mobile devices such as phones and tablets that act as receivers and transmitters.

I guess that the above paragraph is not of much value, but for the observation that the more we learn about harms to biological system from EMP exposure, the more we witness damage at the ‘cellular’ level of living things (humans); that’s all…   


– Cells designed for corporate profit are sickening the cells of life –


Industry and government [likely] agreed, decades ago, to totally exonerate ‘non-thermal’ energy emitted by devices; and to talk about (and only when forced to) and measure only ‘thermal’ effects of device-use on human subjects. Thermal induction on biological subjects is easily and dramatically reduced by increasing distance between device and user. Worthless, and virtually non-relevant recommendations based on this slight-of-hand distraction trick, and using Neanderthal-like skull and body models in the rigged ‘tests’, inform the ‘use recommendation’ inserts which come with cellphones. So, the recommendations based on the rigged assessments are meaningless, and not at all helpful. They do their job very effectively however, as their job is to keep attention away from the aspects of device radiation most responsible for harming users and ‘collateral’ non-users alike. This marketing ploy has been extremely effective at presenting a product line and its supporting infrastructure, both of which are profoundly poisonous; as something innocuous, harmless, without measurable risk, all about benefit and as an indispensible modern wonder.  As it turns out, and, as many have known for decades, the most significant negative health impacts result from the non-thermal aspects of the radiations produced by devices and the wireless network infrastructure. This aspect of device and wireless infrastructure is not so well mediated by adding distance; and the distance thing is much less controllable because the ‘broadcast stations’ (all personal wireless devices, and towers, antennae, Etc.), surround us all the time, virtually everywhere. Almost no one reads, and virtually no one follows the recommendations printed in the ‘use’ insert packed with cellphones anyway; and last time I checked, these nearly worthless recommendations don’t come with other wireless devices, many of which are used in close proximity to the body (laptops-tablets, Blueteeth, cordless phones Etc.). This; we all deserve to know… 


Space invaders:

The space-invasion; the super-concentrated infiltration / occupation / infection of Earthly aethers and our bodies via the tens-of-thousands of telecom satellites is going to make an incalculable difference in the well-being of Earth life-forms; unless I’m wrong. Are you a betting person?  To borrow a phrase (the title of a very important book, authored by Naomi Klein); “This Changes Everything!” Like never before since the start of the wireless revolution insanity, there will be nowhere to hide; no safe, healthy place on earth. Possibly we can hold up, when at home, inside a Faraday Cage and realize some protection – this will also block essential natural EM energies. It’s not an answer. I am not aware of an answer short of keeping that deadly crap out of our near-space. This; we all deserve to know… 

It does make a difference in the short term, even if not consciously recognized, and it will make a difference in the long term – in the course of each person’s life, that we are continually exposed to (largely unavoidable) ambient wireless EMP.

And, it is virtually guaranteed that the well-being of each individual is, and will be, challenged in line with the degree which (elective / optional) personal generation of wireless EMP (personal, close-proximity use of devices) is controlled/abused. This ought to be a guiding principal …


EMP Chamber:

Since the initial infiltration by the wireless complex, and all the way through to the manifestation of the all-out wireless takeover where we now find ourselves, the saturation and reach of the EMP is analogous to living in a gas chamber; a world-sized gas chamber. It is incumbent that we all do what we can to resist the growth and reduce the impact of the invasion (dilute the concentration of poison gas; so to speak). If we look at our world, particularly densely populated – developed areas as a [below immediately lethal concentration] gas chamber (which is fair), we can think of a typical modern home (and often the bedroom, living room and office particularly) as a high concentration gas chamber. Of the larger, less concentrated, planetary poisoned space, we have somewhat limited control with the added disadvantage of only being able to effect positive change slowly. Of the smaller sized, more local, more concentrated space (home, office), we have much greater control and can effect good change virtually instantly.

If you enter a room and sense a gas leak, you instinctively do one of two things – or both; turn off the gas – and get the heck out. In that example, you are Creator-blessed with the equipment to alert your senses to the concentrating poison because your nose easily detects the life-saving odorant added to the natural gas delivered to homes. When you enter an EMP-laden space, detection of the fog of erratically pulsating EM poison may or may not reach the conscious level, but if you enter the same space, armed with relevant sensing-metering equipment, and understand the measurements and the ramifications of the indications, you will turn it (the EMP emitters) off and/or RUN.

The gas chamber analogy is used, I think, effectively here, and certainly not meant to diminish the horror of The Holocaust (Shoah) or individual executions. It is an acceptable metaphor on several measures. 

~ The gas that is the deadly poison in the chambers fills spaces effectively; wireless EMP fills spaces even more completely than a physical fluid (gas) can.

~ The sanctioning or allowance; the acceptance of Hitler-driven mass-murder required careful and focused marketing; the German population of the 30s and 40s was one of decent, intelligent, civilized people, but duped (and frightened) into ‘looking down’ and allowing the Nazi manifesto to take place. Many citizens, in the beginning did not realize what was going on, and as the plan progressed, many purposely avoided learning more.

~ The whole thing required the suppression of truth, the spinning of facts, the deployment of carefully designed brainwashing techniques (advertizing), the invention of a fallacious ‘need’, outright gross lies and even the express promise of a better life (“1,000 years of peace” ~ Adolph Hitler, Etc.)

~ We can easily see strong tactical and behavioral parallels. Or we’re not looking…


The case against recycling:

All of this sounds disturbingly like formulae right out of the telecom playbook…

To be clear, I am not equating the wireless EMP monster with the NAZI monster. Still, certain parallels are undeniable.

The Nazi machine murdered at least several (6+) million, profoundly injured 10+ million (and committed other shit I can’t bear to type); it ultimately risked, and lead to technologies and mindsets which continue to risk, literally ending human life on Earth. It basically hurt everyone, because war sucks; and the legacy of WW2’s harm lives on. Oh, let us not forget; it was a collaborative effort, spearheaded by a fascist regime (industry, conniving with state, with malicious intent), put in place with the will of the [naïve] people and without [sufficiently] strong resistance.

The wireless EMP monster does indeed, without a doubt, hurt everyone. It is torturing some right now, it is sickening everyone to some degree right now, it reduces human productivity, it does threaten life on Earth, including human and many other forms; and, as with the Nazi insanity, it is carrying out biological experimentation on human beings and other beings.

I’m just sayin’.



Back to health care for a moment:

If there could be any cogent argument against putting into practice, universal health care, it should be noted that, in the face of the fascist policies which marry profit-driven corporations to [] government, such that government promotes, supports, defends; and with the people’s money, subsidizes polluting industries (fossil fuel, bio-tech, wireless EMP, nuke, Big-Ag Etc.) making the people sick – killing people, in the first place; a little heath care, while no substitute for prevention (by way of not poisoning us in the first place) is the very least compensation that a semi-fair system could offer.

It’s perversely funny that the very factor which could make UHC unaffordable/unsustainable (which is to say; kill off the human race), is the same factor which, more anything else, demands the half-step towards inherent fairness which must include guaranteed heath care. I know, it’s kind of a vicious circle, but still; daahh. So, when we finally get the UHC wrongly denied all these many years, it won’t be complete or as wisely cost-controlled as it should, without some citizen education/persuasion towards the ‘elective self-harm’ tendencies. Who thinks that the government will ever suggest that people stay a safe distance from, and limit time with wireless toys? This, we should all consider…



Historically, a utility wanting to run infrastructure delivery components (copper cable, fiber-optic cable, telephone lines) through municipalities, neighborhoods and residents’ yards have [typically] been required to earn approval from the various levels/entities. Approval has been required for passing something as innocuous as CTV cable through a resident’s yard, underground. Underground co-ax cable (and fiber-optic cable) is virtually EMP-free, and exposes the resident to no measurable EMP at all; yet approval has often been required. By contrast; by stark contrast, wireless enterprises can, without asking any individuals, set up and energize wireless systems which send EM pollution through the bodies of all the people and other beings in the area, 24/7. I’m just saying…



Don’t even read these next few paragraphs unless you’re really board.

I share the following only to fill in a little fuzzy space in the generic explanation of how broadcast/sending antenna systems work. In some parts of the infrastructure and in some devices, the technical stuff will change; the technology is evolving/devolving (depending on perspective). There is no reason to assume that anytime in the foreseeable future, the overall picture will be more supportive of (less harmful to) our health and general well-being; but I’d rather not be sloppy or accused of slanted reporting; so…   

I make a big deal of the spherical diffusion pattern of wireless broadcast signals (originating from phones, cell towers, all the typical wireless gadgets) because it is a big deal. It’s a big reason why wireless stuff is so inefficient, wasteful, broadly polluting and virtually impossible to hide from, even for those people who don’t play the game. Effective, reliable, truly directional antenna systems are, in practical terms, mostly a feature of dreams of the future. But some degree of directional control will be hyped by 5G proponents.

Some may consider the following to be good news:

5G “small cell” antennas will be [sort of]”on-demand”.

“New 5G antennas will only transmit a beamformed signal when a user’s handset initiates a connection, on-demand. Beamformed signals would not scan the neighborhood and constantly transmit like existing 3G and 4G LTE non-beamforming antennas do now. “

This effectively means that if you have a 5G antenna right in front of your home and choose NOT to have a 5G-enabled phone, Wi-Fi router or other gadget — this antenna will not be emitting 5G radiation towards your home. That’s not exactly true, as you may have guessed. In relatively densely populated neighborhoods, simply being situated next to, or behind (from the antenna’s perspective) a G5 user, will place you in the path of radiation.

If your neighbor is unfortunately a fan of 5G technology, he would be the one getting receiving the heftier dose, but you’ll still be zapped.

The bad news is that 5G antennas won’t be alone on that pole potentially installed right in front of your home. “Always-on 4G LTE antennas would be installed along with 5G antennas at Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) or base stations, which are additional names for small cell antennas, right in front of people’s homes.”

(Seriously, they decided to call these base stations “WTFs!!)

In other words, the 4G LTE antennas installed right on the same base stations as the 5G antennas might be an even bigger problem for you — because these additional antennas will emit radiation 24/7, just like it’s always been. It’s hard to get any precise info out of the 5G developers/deployment people regarding antenna placement-location-concentration; or quite frankly, on anything. One reason of course, is the fact that all this stuff is still being developed at the same time that the corporate machine is push, push, ramming it down our throats; at the same time they’re strong-arming zoning officials, buying regulators, writing bills (something which is supposed to be done by elected representatives), and in general, selling it before it’s born. Anyway, we may expect that the new 5G and 5G-4G composite antennae will be much more numerous and concentrated then traffic lights and stop signs; count on something like a placement distance of every150-1,500 feet, almost everywhere. Gone will be the days when a fortunate family could live one mile or two from an antenna (tower). In some areas these radiation-bombs will be more concentrated then mailboxes.



 Duty to Warn!

I curse every aspect of system born of greed,

Sorry Mr. Gekko, but it’s not good, it’s the flaw that feeds,

The darkest part of humans, imperfect as we are,

And steps on our potential, thus limiting how far,

We might advance towards a sympathetic goal,

Of the sort which supports the well-being of the whole.

Human power is immense due to our exaggerated numbers,

It feeds potential, for both smart-moves and colossal blunders.

It’s not just strength-in-numbers, but, that we’ve figured out,

How to enlist native elements in raising up our clout,

As co-creators of the now, and future destiny,

The question is; just who or what, we choose to be.

We sit atop the pyramid; from up here, we should see,

That with great power; comes major responsibility. 

So much rides on our shoulders; every day we must see,

Our better-Angels rising, in full support of the ‘we’.

I sing in praise to those who build upon integrity,

And settle for nothing less than simple honesty.

They never sacrifice human health compatibility,

When promoting ‘thing’ or service; that’s best policy.

And you don’t receive a metal just for doing what is right;

But you won’t be a sleaze-ball and you’ll sleep well at night.

These honest guys and gals, walk among us too;

They invent cool stuff, but it doesn’t kill me and you.

They’re smarter than the scoundrels, who can’t make it without cheating,

Too bad, the system’s stacked, so there’s no fair competing.

The good guys may have been the first class to reach,

The top of the tell-com hill if we’d really had ‘free speech’.

Sadly, SCOTUS has deemed free speech a wishful fleeting lie,

Allotting speech rights based on how much one can buy.

The taproot of the problem has just above been cited,

The first part of the remedy is reversing ‘Citizens United’.


Yes, there’s a wireless chip on my shoulder, and an element of scorn,

But I’m in your face right now because of a clear ‘duty to warn’.

So, warned you are again, for what it’s worth,

I think it’s worth a lot, because there’s a reason for your birth.

I like to think the reason has to do with a long and happy life,

Marked with reliable good health, and no unnecessary strife.

Let’s elevate the geniuses, smart enough to play fair,

It may still be possible to get from here to there, 

If we stop buying promises fashioned of toxic thin air,

And support developers with ‘pure’ grey matter under their hair.


Of my repeated condemnation; both reader and writer surely tire,

Yet, urgency compels me to say one more word, loudly; FIRE! 



The story, the commentary is not yet over. There is some very important stuff, some FACTS, up ahead, but I think this is a good time to break the monotony; so… If you please…


A little ditty:


Adapted from: ‘One Tin Soldier’ by Coven

I’ve co-opted the melody from the old favorite below. There is actually some fuzzy parallel between the story that the song tells, and the issue I’m raising.

One Tin Soldier – Lyrics and music – Coven; the original, for feeling:



Improvised lyrics are just below…

If you wish, Karaoke along to either of these:

One Tin Soldier (Instrumental)



Coven – One Tin Soldier (Karaoke version with Lyrics)




Listen sleepers to a story that was known decades ago.

‘Bout the truth behind a smokescreen, that they don’t what us to know.

Common people were advancing, as the world was tasting peace,

But the kings wanted more, so pushed the concept of the lease.  

Convincing folks they were restless, the kings offered the prescription,

Designed a suite of wireless toys, available only through subscription.

Braking ad spending records, they made their wares irresistible,

Suggesting peoples’ lives were empty; with new toys, they’d feel full.

Wireless toys paid for monthly, the surfs would never again be bored,

The sleazy kings kept hidden, the other side of the two edged sword.


Go ahead and zap your neighbor, go ahead and fry your friend,

Do it in the name of Apple, the serpent dressed as a friend.

There won’t be any tweet-birds singing on that judgment day,

Come the EMP disaster, just cockroaches crawl away.


Never mind surveillance all around, say what you want to say,

Express your deepest secrets, there’s no privacy anyway.

No, there won’t be any tweet-birds singing on that judgment day,

Come the EMP disaster, just cockroaches crawl away.


Go ahead and zap the kiddies, like pot pies in the microwave,

Shoot EMP through their still-soft skulls, and wonder why, they misbehave. 

No, there won’t be anywhere to hide, come the judgment day,

Everyone on the Planet, will be stuck inside the poisoned airways.





It goes very deep:

As researchers continue to dig, and evaluation methods improve, look for more to be revealed on the connections between wireless EMP and:

Telomeres (telomere suppression, stunting, shortening, degrading)

Mitochondria (mitochondrial dysfunction)

Microbiome damage – derangement and colony imbalance

Genes (counterproductive epigenetic triggering)

DNA damage

These areas of course, are profoundly fundamental to human (and others’) well-being; it follows that, any degradation or imbalance at these microscopic levels trickles up and manifests as limitations, illness-tendencies, Etc., and at the very least, as challenges to the desirable state of optimal well-being. All of these entities rely on a balancing force well beyond our understanding. A better understanding, still, would not render them immune to harm from the relentless assaults of EMP. Holding out for more detailed particulars, serves only to delay protective and remedial efforts personally, and the necessary collective work to make the whole system more humane. Delaying any doable adjustments, you might say, amounts to elective self-harm and continuing mass-harm.


Rudolf Steiner’s observation and well reasoned prediction:

~ Harm to the whole being and in particular, on Neurological Function and Cognition ~

As early as 1924, Rudolf Steiner, Ph.D., an Austrian scholar who developed biodynamic farming and wrote more than 330 books on a wide variety of topics, spoke about the dangers of electricity and its impact on the human body, saying:

“You must consider the whole part played by electricity in Nature … [H]uman beings cannot go on developing in the same way in an atmosphere permeated on all sides by electric currents and radiations; it has an influence on the whole development of man …this life of men in the midst of electricity, notably radiant electricity, will presently affect them in such a way that they will no longer be able to understand the news which they receive so rapidly.

The effect is to damp down their intelligence. Such effects are already seen today (that ‘TODAY’ was about 100 years ago). Even today you can notice how people understand the things that come to them with far greater difficulty than they did a few decades ago.”

That being the case, a re-read of Steiner’s words may be worthwhile…


Wow, sharper minds and healthier people 100+ years back…

Since 1924, EMF exposure has increased exponentially, and 5G promises to massively increase that exposure even further, as it adds to already existing technology and doesn’t simply replace it.

Researchers are now confirming what Steiner warned us about in 1924. EMF/EMP, which is today emitted primarily by wireless technologies that didn’t even exist back in Steiner’s day, does indeed have neuropsychiatric effects, triggering a host of difficulties from foggy thinking and headaches to, processing overloads, comprehension-frustration, learning disabilities, TMI-anxiety and dementia, Etc.


Early start:

Kids are now born into an environment completely, dramatically, profoundly different from anything resembling a ‘natural’ world. Beyond the easily identifiable anthropogenic chemical and radiological contamination of air, water and soil, which didn’t exist prior to the full embrace of the industrial revolution and the birth of the ‘atomic age’ respectively; the early stage of the runaway ‘wireless EMP’ age is changing –  has changed the environment in a whole new way. We now have a novel kind of contaminant/pollution saturating an aspect of our only environment, which is relatively all-pervasive and penetrating. As such (all-pervasive and penetrating), the influences within this aspect (the aethers) have access to, and intimately mingle with the very most basic components of our body-mind’s ‘operating system’. This unique form of pollution differs from the more traditional forms, including, probably the most familiar and easily identifiable type; chemical pollution, in some important and impactful ways.

It’s important to remember that, pretty much, all the many individual toxic chemicals under the overall umbrella of ‘chemical pollutants’, as well as the entire category, have been considered harmless at one time, and have invariably been sold/promoted as harmless if the ‘pitch’ required whitewashing at the time of introduction, and/or if and when it was questioned by the people or regulators. That sort of treatment of the issue runs in parallel with the treatment of the wireless EMP issue. The marketing and promoting of the two are in parallel also. Both claim to make life better and both claim, or suggest that their stuff is indispensible; both have been embedded deeply into the fabric of our world and our everyday lives; both have actually/figuratively been made to be indispensible; all the while, the downsides hiding in plain sight.

Both are aggressively lobbied in Washington and in State Houses. Their products and infrastructures are cleverly whitewashed and greenwashed. Industry spokespeople and ‘hitmen’, in both cases, vehemently discredit and slander any vocal challengers.

There are, however, notable differences in how chemical poisons and wireless EMP poisons attack, and interact with the body, and in how the two are consciously perceived.

We have long ago demonstrated that there is indeed a limit to how much super-toxic fluoride, fracking chemicals, Etc., we can tolerate in drinking water, how much nitrogen-rich and pesticide-laden agricultural runoff, untreated sewage, oil spill crude, petro chem born carbon, coal ash, microplastic, innumerable heavy metal saturated industrial yucks, Etc., we can dump into wild waterways. We have long ago demonstrated that there is a limit to how much of the 100+ elements and tens-of-thousands of chem compounds (mostly untested and unapproved) and how much and what concentrations of greenhouses gasses and fine particulates, Etc., we can tolerate in the air. We’ve learned how to convert healthy, vital, live soil into dead dirt with repeated (insanely stupid) chemical input/assault. We still do all these ridiculous things, almost as if it doesn’t matter, but it is becoming harder to justify and to hide from the truth; and relevant consciousness (longgg overdue) is advancing. The seas are choking on carbon/acid; water must be filtered, air must be filtered, conventional produce must be hyper-scrubbed, acid-washed or peeled (which can remove some of the ag-poison only on the skin); all just to stay alive. In large part, because we’ve taken this practice of polluting one another insanity to such an extreme, we can’t honestly open our eyes without seeing the direct connections. It is a bit different with wireless EM pollution. It’s not less serious, it’s not less consequential; it’s no less of a public health emergency; it’s simply a different style of dance. It doesn’t deposit ashy particulate residue on surfaces, you can’t capture it in air/water filter membranes, the nose doesn’t expose its presence, it doesn’t clog drains (it can clog the body’s drainage system), it doesn’t directly cause asthma the way air particulates do (it does contribute to the development and exacerbation of asthma), it doesn’t whack out the microbiome the way chlorine in water does (it does indeed screw up the microbiome via non-chemical means [though, in part by attacking as oxidative stress like toxic chlorine does]). And frankly, this particular brand of pollution hasn’t been around, in significant strength, for as long; and apparently, we are slow learners. EHS sufferers are learning quicker; and everyone is sensitive/allergic to wireless EMP, but sensitivity varies and conscious awareness varies, and people are in voluntary denial and in ‘programmed denial’ to a greater degree than with chemical pollution. None of these particulars, no wishing or wanting or self-deception can reduce the toxicity of wireless EMP by a single degree. Denial, of course, makes the whole matter worse, for the individual, and by extension, for all of us.   

Of course, no one can know how it feels to be someone else; but I can only assume that it ‘feels’ different (not as pleasant) to be a person born into the wireless world than it did to be born in an earlier, comparatively non-wireless world. And at a smaller scale, it is challenging to convey with words, what we may imagine it ‘feels like’ to be various components of a biological operating system; we lack the descriptive terms, because we lack the understanding, the ‘experience’ of being tiny parts of our personal beings, or systems within same. Using the only words I know, I do imagine that various dynamic, building blocks of our bodies, living in the now, hyper-wireless world, experience (feel) greater non-productive stress, agitation, confusion; and must deal with greater disharmony and dysfunction. These parts which, added together, I feel certain, must fight a more difficult struggle in their effort to keep the whole (the host) alive and well. I honestly believe, that most likely, a human born in the developed world after, say, 2010 (and really, a good bit further back), cannot relate to how [much better – more ‘at ease’] it felt to be born and to live in the pre-hyper-wireless world. This is saddening to contemplate…

I have literally, clearly seen the bright, vibrant, colorful aura beaming from the physical presence of an obstetrician, moments after delivering a brand new human. I, like most people, am captivated by, and feel great reverence for new-life; and find brand new humans and brand new others, beautiful, wonderful, sacred, and by virtue of arriving, deserving of all the best that life has to offer. Mixed up with all of that, I can’t seem to shake the sadness and regret, and frankly the responsibility that I feel for the ‘feeling less good-ness’, the reduced vitality – increased struggle, the less-harmonious system and all its parts, and for the inherent handicap built into the new sacred ones. This is wrong. We should strive to make life better with each generation. I think we didn’t. God bless the youg’ns. God forgive the shortsighted.


The light came in when the power went out

Molly Tuttle: “Light Came In (Power Went Out)” 



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