It’s Smart To Drink “Educated Water”

It’s Smart To Drink ‘Educated Water’, xtrsml

It’s Smart To Drink ‘Educated Water’

Water is considered, Life’s most basic element.

Three-fourths of the Earth’s surface is water, the human body is approximately 90% water at birth and 70% as a young adult, continually diminishing as we age. Water is necessary for the transport of nutrients from our food to the cells of the body, and for the removal of waste. Water (fluid) is the body’s natural solvent, transport medium, and lubricant.

In our bodies, water is the great Homeostasis Maintaining – balancing buffer, comparable to the earth’s waters, and their roll in maintaining the balance and health of the whole (Planet). The shear mass of the oceans can absorb both positive and negative electrical charges, thus holding the balance, also absorb and neutralize considerable toxic loads rendering them harmless. Waters of the Earth are in a Healthy state when they “Flow Freely”, assist the processes of life and are energetically alive.
Every single cell of the human body (50-100 Trillion in each of us) is continually bathed in, and gently suspended separately in bodily fluid.

Life as we know it can not “Be” without water. Health can not “Exist” without water. The decline of human health in civilized populations is due in part to the obvious degrading quality of the Maintenance of “Excellence in health” is now dependent on obtaining and using the highest quality Water, Air, Food, Etc.

Crystal Energy

We must Choose and / or create the very best of those things in our lives which are controllable.

There are 5 documented regions in the world, where people regularly live “Well” over 100 years in good health.

The most renowned is “Hunza Land”, where the life span is often 120 years and The Centenarians attribute their Longevity and supreme wellness in large part to something unique in the water.

The dedication and drive of renowned scientist G. Patrick Flanagan and the advancement of water testing technology revealed the elusive life enhancing secrets long revered by the Healthy Hunza People, hidden it their special water… and eventually led to the development of the first and only product that you can use to make Hunza-Like water at home or anywhere, anytime.

Now you can enjoy the many benefits of “Live” water in everything that you drink, and provide for your family the Live-ness that we all deserve!

Some properties common to healthy water are:

1. pH in the neutral or slightly alkaline range, important because all cellular waste and most internally generated toxins are acidic. Pollution, stress, and the consumption of poor quality food tend to create acidic bodily fluids.

2. “Zeta Potential” (negative electrical charge) (Life Force). Responsible for maintaining a healthful discreteness of cells, and necessary for nerve integrity and function.

3. Low surface tension. Necessary for cellular nutrition, all nutrients from food and supplements must be “Wetted” in order to be absorbed by the cells. Provides for better hydration.

Proper Hydration = Good Health, Youthfulness.
Dehydration = Aging, Dis-ease.

4. Absence of a heavy load of hard minerals and pollutants.

Water with these characteristics, is all but impossible to access today. Thankfully, It can be recreated easily from clean water (distilled, reverse osmosis Etc.) with the addition of an amazing natural product from the laboratory of Patrick Flanagan.

The addition of “Crystal Energy” creates a water with…

1. Low Surface Tension.
2. High Zeta Potential.
3. Healthful pH.
4. Antioxidant potential.

“Truly, Water Is Life”.

Your water can be alive and of high quality for pennies a glass. Water is the Key to Life… Crystal Energy is the Key to Live Water

Ordinary water (Water with Low Zeta Potential) actually takes energy away from the body… Live water supplies energy to the body. Virtually all ordinary water tested (Tap, Well, and Purified) is dead…

Clean water enhanced with Crystal Energy is “Alive”.
Crystal Energy 1

Add Crystal Energy to all your healthful Liquids for better taste and the best Health! It’s “Smart” To Drink “Educated Water”

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