Less is More

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Less is More (less standard medical intervention is more health promoting)

Less [standard] health care leads to better health. No question.

Some of the smartest doctors are suggesting that you “Just Say NO”.

Test-mania clearly kills more people that it saves, research is replete with the math that proves it. Invasive ‘biological phishing’ intended to invent reasons to cut, burn and drug is by no means serving the welfare of the people, but does provide lucrative business opportunities.This is not news to many of us, but the recent article in Newsweek’s Science section will present this point to the general public.

Dr. McDougall’s comments on the subject are born of many decades advising and healing people with what I call ‘Rational Health Care’.

Did you eat your organic apple today?

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Get all the goodies… Eat the seeds, Johnny!

What Dr. John McDougall says

The Newsweek article

Wait, there’s more that you won’t want to miss:

Click here for fascinating and enlightening insight offered by Dr. McDougall… He has long been a strong voice of rational realism on matters of health and health care. Presentations are [mostly] in video format…

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