MegaH / MegaHydrate the Essential Nutritional Tool

What is in MegaH?

Each capsule of MegaH (FHES[i]) contains 300 mg. of Nanocolloidal silica represented in the form of a unique technology called Flanagan MicroClusters which are combined with hydrogen atoms in a powdered hydride form (Each hydrogen atom is modified to contain one loosely bound “Extra” electron).

What can MegaH / MegaHydrate do for me nutritionally?

Clinical testing shows that ingesting MegaH / MegaHydrate provides the body with the following major benefits;

~ By changing (Improving) the environment inside the cells (The biological terrain[ii]) to a pH range unsuitable for the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi, ingesting MegaH / MegaHydrate takes a load of the immune system making it much easier for the body’s automatic systems to naturally maintain a healthful balance.

~ Because of the “Extra” loosely bound electron (Which readily donates itself to prevent or neutralize harmful free radical activity) and the extremely large number of these essential remedial entities, (One on each atom of hydrogen in the product x countless atoms), (Hydrogen is the smallest element), MegaH / MegaHydrate is by many thousands of times the most potent Antioxidant ever created… By far the most powerful, effective antioxidant available anywhere, from any source… Apparently, sighting current scientific understanding MegaH / MegaHydrate is the most potent antioxidant possible.

~ Oxygenation, not oxidation and nutrient delivery; Because of MegaH / MegaHydrate’s extremely small molecular size and strong negative (Electron rich) electric charge, nutrient delivery to the cellular interior is remarkably enhanced. It’s not what you eat, drink or breathe… It’s what you absorb that makes the difference. The movement of Oxygen and other nutrients into the cells is dramatically increased.

How does MegaH / MegaHydrate nutrition work in my body?

Unfriendly bacteria and viruses

It is well established that particular bacteria and viruses can flourish only within a very narrow band of conditions. Since the unfriendly bugs prefer/require a slightly acidic pH for rapid and sustained growth, the challenge biochemically has always been to find a way to healthfully influence the pH inside the cells and of the blood to slightly alkaline without upsetting other critical biochemical parameters. Since available hydrogen is what determines pH (pH means Power of Hydrogen), MegaH / MegaHydrate’s stable hydrogen combined with MicroCluster technology, allows hydrogen to enter each of our cells, helping create a healthful, slightly alkaline terrain which dramatically limits the ability of unfriendly microbes to flourish.

Antioxidant Nutrition

It is well known and clearly documented that factors common in today’s world (A myriad of pollutions, High stress levels Etc.) dramatically increase the “Free Radical” impact (Oxidative Stress) in our bodies. The excessive levels of Free Radical damage (Unprecedented throughout history until the late 20th century) and the havoc reeked upon our DNA / RNA have been clearly linked to many chronic, life threatening, happiness limiting conditions; cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis Etc. and certainly include accelerated aging.

Because each molecule of MegaH / MegaHydrate is many thousands of times smaller than any other supplement (Antioxidant or other) and therefore much more numerous in each capsule or serving comparatively, MegaH is vastly richer in the essential
H minus Ion. For instance Vitamin C, E or A for example can contribute only one electron per large molecule to neutralize a free radical that it may come in contact with, while an equal volume of MegaH / MegaHydrate will readily donate at least “Thousands” of times more electrons, thus be thousand of times more effective at preventing and repairing oxidative stress (Free Radical Damage).

Intracellular Oxygenation

Adequate amounts of oxygen inside each of our cells is necessary for the many life-giving biochemical processes that occur there. It is now common / typical for the average human to suffer from a breakdown of that faculty. Many people suffer from profound intracellular “Hypoxia” or inadequate amounts of oxygen to fuel the cell’s metabolism (A condition not helped by supplementing Oxygen). Many “Hypoxia” sufferers have normal levels of oxygen circulating in the bloodstream, but because of various nutritional deficiencies (Most notably the H- Ion); the circulating oxygen is unable to enter the cell.
The important fact is that Oxygen is immobile (Can Not Serve You) unless it is attached to (Activated by) hydrogen. Often serious hypoxia is seen in people suffering from chronic degenerative or auto-immune conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.
Picture how MegaH / MegaHydrate helps. As each molecule of MegaH / MegaHydrate is released and enters the bloodstream, it quickly does its antioxidant job by contributing its extra loosely-bound electron, neutralizing a dangerous free radical. In this new biochemical configuration MegaH / MegaHydrate has a very strong affinity to any available oxygen molecules in the blood. Because of the increased cellular absorption made possible by the MicroCluster component, this new molecular structure (An atom of hydrogen bound to an oxygen molecule) is freely driven into the cells to participate in life-supporting processes.

Who needs MegaH / MegaHydrate?

~ Our polluted environment is creating staggering increases in the production of free radicals in EVERYONE. Since these free radicals are at the heart of virtually all degenerative diseases and are the key factor in accelerated aging, we ALL benefit greatly from including MegaH / MegaHydrate in our diet.

~ It has been shown since the initial testing program that anyone challenged with acute bacterial or viral infections (Cold. Flu Etc.) and anyone dealing with chronic or obstinate outbreaks or imbalances is likely to realize relief after including MegaH / MegaHydrate.

~ Anyone who works, lives, plays or travels in an environment where exposure to air, water, or electric and electromagnetic pollution is elevated.

~ Anyone typically consuming food of poor or mediocre quality.

~ Anyone suffering from or threatened by a disease condition involving the respiratory system (Emphysema, Bronchitis, Asthma, 1st or 2nd hand smoke, Etc.) or the circulatory system including diabetic complications.

~ Anyone participating in vigorous or strenuous exercise or work, particularly if the environment is polluted.

How much MegaH / MegaHydrate is recommended?

~ When you suspect that you may be coming down with a cold:
Several years of observation indicate that two 300 mg. cap or the equivalent powder taken three times a day may be considered the minimum “Control” amount to arrest a mounting viral or bacterial infection in an adult human. Even more is likely to be better in order to quickly get control of the condition, and administration should probably continue at the elevated amount for some days after a feeling of resolution.

~ For nutritional help with circulation, respiration or degeneration:
Adult humans utilizing MegaH / MegaHydrate for conditions of concern may use two 300 mg. cap or the equivalent powder taken three times a day.

~ As an antioxidant; (Free Radical neutralizer) to, repair and prevent cellular damage.
At two caps a day you are doing more good than most people can conceive of… More is better and many people, after using MegaH / MegaHydrate for a while, realize a wide range of benefits and develop a clear feeling about just how valuable/indispensable this one-of-a-kind marvel is to the body and mind. A mid-range dose may be two or three caps two times a day. With this unique product, a little is great, and more is better. We know that the “More is better” adage is not good advice for many things… Everyone’s body however is starving for much more of this most essential element!

~ Children and pets using MegaH / MegaHydrate
Please use “Clarks Rule” when determining dosage for children and small animals.
Consider that the above dosage guidelines are recommended for a 150 lb. person… Simply divide the weight (In Pounds) of the child into 150… If the chosen dose level is two caps, use one cap for an individual weighing 75 lb.

~ FAQs about MegaH / MegaHydrate
What about side effects or toxicity?
Now, after over fifteen years virtually no contraindications and absolutely no toxic levels have been observed with the use of MegaH / MegaHydrate. As with any nutritional supplement reasonable care should be taken with use.
MegaH / MegaHydrate has been used for extended periods by people of all ages and conditions and pets of all sizes and descriptions, in amounts from a fraction of a capsule, up to 30 caps and more a day. There is no reason to suspect that any complications will arise with the use of MegaH / MegaHydrate.
As with the addition of any food, supplement, or concentrated “Superfood” it may be best to introduce this addition gradually, allowing the system the opportunity to acclimate. People who wish to maintain an intake level on the high end of the scale may start with two or three capsule daily and add one capsule every day or two.
MegaH / MegaHydrate legally qualifies as a food… The only approved substance that produces/provides energy without requiring digestion.

Pertinent Notice:
MegaH / MegaHydrate in and of itself is an effective “Delivery System”, this is a very good thing as the user will receive more benefit from all supplements and food in the diet, however it is logical, and some have reported an enhanced effect from medications. It is often possible to, and many people reportedly have, reduced the level of prescribed medication.
Note: Using high doses of MegaH / MegaHydrate can so improve the overall balance in the body that in diabetes the need for insulin may diminish significantly, suggesting that blood sugar should be watched closely if the individual is “Insulin Dependant” and using very generous amounts of the product.
No other jeopardizing interactions have ever been observed.
It is always prudent to consult ones health care provider before adjusting the dosage of any prescribed medication.

~ When using MegaH / MegaHydrate do I need to take my other supplements, Super-foods and medications?

MegaH / MegaHydrate is designed to work WITH, and in fact, enhance the beneficial effect of the other supplements and medications you are taking. It is important to note that the body repairs and replaces billions of cells every day. Logically we benefit from a broad array of nutrients on a regular basis. Adding MegaH / MegaHydrate to your diet will dramatically increase the amount of valuable nutrients able to “Feed Your Cells”.
Obviously, MegaH / MegaHydrate can easily satisfy all of ones antioxidant requirements “Quantitatively”, but it still makes good sense to have some intake of a wide range of antioxidant nutrients of varying configurations… Other antioxidant nutrients offer additional properties that may be desirable as well. You simply will get much more good for your effort because you are using MegaH / MegaHydrate. In fact, MegaH / MegaHydrate can recycle spent antioxidants (Common antioxidants that have sacrificed an electron and thus have become unstable).

~ Does MegaH / MegaHydrate kill the “Bad” bacteria without harming the “Good”? How?
The biological terrain preferred by the “Good Bugs” in our intestines and throughout the body is biochemically very different than the environment required by the “Bad Bugs”.
The adjustments that MegaH / MegaHydrate makes to the body’s biological terrain automatically pull the life support system right out from under the bad bugs……….
Really, unless absolutely necessary, the use of harsh chemical “Killing” medicines (Whether pharmaceutical, herbal or whatever) is old school, limited, often inappropriate, and in line with the “Fragmented parts” view of failed western medicine.
What generally makes much better sense is to keep the body in balance, and when balance slips, do that which restores and supports a healthful biological terrain, your ideal bio-terrain. The fact is that the Bio-Terrain which is ideal for you, the state which makes you feel best, does not, will not, support the proliferation of the “Bad bugs”.

~ How soon can I expect results?

As with all nutritional supplements and any new introductions to your diet or lifestyle, the results you enjoy from the addition of MegaH / MegaHydrate will naturally very from person to person. That said, in my over eight years of consistent experience and reports from numerous other clinicians… It woks fast! By a long shot, I have never seen a faster acting or more reliable nutritional supplement. There isn’t one!
The following are some examples of what we have witnessed:
Most people within 20 minutes of taking two capsules with a large glass of water experience two or more of the following:
Notable increase in energy
Ease of breathing
Increased visual acuity and color perception
Diminished pain
Clear headedness; clear thinking, faster problem solving
Overall good, fluid, free flowing feeling in the body

People with acute infections have typically realized results within 24 to 48 hours.
People suffering from chronic degenerative diseases; arthritis, fibromyalgia Etc. typically realize relief within seven days.
People with other long term and circulatory conditions typically report improvement in one to ten days.

~ What is the difference between MegaH and MegaHydrate?
MegaH is the original formula, though it is now packaged in more generous capsules than at first, this is the product used in most of the testing and clinical studies since 1997.
MegaHydrate is exactly the same, but with twice the amount of the MicroCluster silica.
… For a comprehensive explanation of MicroCluster technology please ask for the”MicroCluster info pages”.

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