MegaHydrate, and the Flanagan Technologies

This is your introduction to literally the most significant life enhancing tool(s) that we have ever found, and that is quite a statement because in over 30 years we have been involved in and/or come across some pretty exciting developments.

I do not hesitate for a moment before declaring that MegaH/MegaHydrate is the most important development with regards to Health/Wellness, Longevity, Vitality, Energy, Recovery…

I discovered this breakthrough nutritional technology when I finally met one of my greatest “Science Heroes” back in 1997 at which time I attended, with a small number of other fortunate guests, the initial introduction of something Dr. Flanagan had been working on for decades.

By the time the lecture was over, I knew that the world had changed, or at least it would, if I could prove in practice what was being proposed. Well, I proved in practice everything that had been suggested and more, and went on to demonstrate to my great delight, and well beyond the satisfaction of hundreds of clients and thousands of acquaintances that we really did have something with absolutely no comparison.

In my first 18 months of working with MegaH, my entire practice was transformed.

Answering a question in an interview, I heard myself say that “My clientele overall, were now using only about 20% as much of those things recommended as remedial or medicinal compared to before we added MegaH”.

We had clearly demonstrated, without even attempting to, that by addressing the “Root Deficiency” plaguing the human race and feeding the life-force of the individual we could go a very long way towards restoring biological balance.

We had demonstrated, that with the help of MegaH (Silica Hydride) we could so easily increase “Operational Energy” and reduce the body’s toxic load, that systems tended to normalize. Then the body’s innate self-healing mechanism would initiate a reversal of health challenges, a diminishing of symptoms and an apparent resolution of many peripheral conditions.

People were making rapid improvements, and many times became quite well beyond expectations. And more then ever before in my experience, people were able to understand that many/most conditions of ill, may be but outward manifestations of a basic imbalance.

We now had a convenient way to address the [it is clear to me] underlying cause limiting our vitality and predisposing us to secondary conditions of illness and limitations which can take the fun out of life and place a very low ceiling on our health potential.

Skim some of the material shared here, and if you want to go on a fantastic journey dig deeper into these pages.

Most people feel that their lives are changed (Much Improved) forever after adding MegaH. I know it is an outrageous statement, but I say it with no hesitation, I have seen it time and time again, and I understand very well how it works and why it works so well
Note. In the following pages there is some “Crossover” between the names of the two very similar products MegaH and MegaHydrate. Don’t be bothered by confusion, consider them essentially the same. The difference is not significant as a general rule and will become clear as you find out a little more. Read on, or if you are already too excited to sit still and read, call me, and if the line is free, I’ll tell you all about it.

– Billy

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