MegaHydrate: From the Core


MegaHydrate: From the Core

The most significant Nutritional deficiency effecting human beings is now known. A “Race-Wide” (The Entire human race) deficiency which limits the health of virtually everyone, and has steadily worsened each of the past quite a few generations.

The single element previously unknown, but referred to as the LifeForce in fresh, raw food has only recently been identified and more recently isolated.
For the first time, and from now on, we have a convenient way to replenish that which the body, (In its’ striving for perfection) must have, and has long been starving for.
Way back in the 1950’s Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Albert Szent Gyorgyi coined this element … “The Fuel of Life” and thought It to be the primary energy currency of life.
Over numerous generations, Humans have systematically removed more and more of this essential element from their diet / environment and at the same time created a world which places a much greater demand on the intake of just this same essential.
Should / could there be far fewer sick people?
And should / could the illnesses be much less severe and threatening?
Should / could also the fittest of people be even (Much) healthier?
As a professional in the health care field for some 30 years, and someone who has used and recommended this product for ten years I know without a doubt that this is the remedy for the “Root Problem”
… I know that unless you’re using MegaHydrate / MegaH, much of the expense and effort spent on improving and/or maintaining good health is wasted.
And I know that only those of us using MegaHydrate / MegaH can possibly know life as it should be.
Knowing what I know, and having witnessed the outstanding results over the past nine years, my conscience will let me do no less than share the information.
I have no desire to sway or convince anyone of anything. The understanding is in the using…
In sending you this note, I have exposed The Answer… Now it’s your turn.
If you choose to know more just give me a ring.

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