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The use of nutritional supplements has enjoyed steadily increasing popularity in the past few decades. Clearly the most significant positive aspect attributed to some supplements and foods is the Antioxidant activity. ~Antioxidants can reduce and even prevent damage to your body’s chemistry caused by Free Radicals.

A Free Radical is a molecule which is “Unstable”. These can be created during metabolism, and by exposure to various “Stressors” (Poisons, Poor Food/Water, Excessive Stress, Infectious Agents Etc.). They generally attach themselves to a stable molecule, stealing an electron, thus damaging the molecule and the Cell or Substance that it is part of. Now [that] stable substance is a Free Radical, and a damaging chain reaction has begun. The chain reaction replicates very rapidly resulting in increasing Cellular damage. Antioxidants neutralize Free Radical damage by donating some of their own electrons. However, the antioxidant which donates its electron becomes a weaker Free Radical Itself and must find another electron in order to regain balance… (In what is called the Electron Cascade) this is provided by yet another Antioxidant; Vitamin C “Fixes” the Free Radical, Vitamin E Fixes C, now E must be fixed, maybe by Vitamin A, and so on, the situation improving with each step. ~ With the extraordinarily high level of Free Radical assaults targeting our bodies today, we need a very effective Antioxidant. A major discovery has recently made possible a nutritional product that meets this need. This is a quantum leap in health protection and fitness. ~ This ESSENTIAL Nutrient provides many wonderful benefits; it is much more absorbable/available to your cells and in fact is the one antioxidant that can not become a Free Radical Itself. ~ In his effort to develop a concentrated and powerful Antioxidant, world renowned scientist Patrick Flanagan, realized that the smallest element of all, Hydrogen would provide the most concentrated source of Antioxidant Activity. ~ Each tiny hydride ion (Hydrogen with an Extra Electron), (H-) in MegaHydrate donates an incredible number of additional Electrons to neutralize Free Radicals. MegaHydrate does not “become” a free radical as conventional Antioxidants do. MegaHydrate neutralizes free radicals, remains stable, and “Recycles” spent nutrients making them beneficial again.
MegaHydrate is often discussed in terms of Its tremendous Antioxidant activity… but It is much more than the most valuable and cost effective Antioxidant that can be produced.~ True; MegaHydrate has been scientifically shown to be Thousands of times more potent as a free radical scavenger than the best “Typical” antioxidant supplement.

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MegaHydrate is an excellent “Delivery System” for all the other nutrients that you may use. ~ All nutrients, whatever the source, must be well “Wetted”, reduced to minimum size and coupled to an electric charge in order to be effectively delivered in a useable form [to the cells of the body] with a minimum energy expenditure on your part.. Understanding this helps explain why “Denatured” food and standard “Dead” vitamin pills may provide little value. Standard – Low quality food / supplements are never suggested (Only the Best is Good enough for you), but everything [good] may be enhanced with the addition of MegaHydrate.
MegaHydrate is what best mobilizes the oxygen in your body. And provides the best protection from oxygen’s disruptive effects. Oxygen, the best known environmental nutrient is absolutely useless as such, unless accompanied by H- (Negatively Ionized Hydrogen) = (MegaHydrate) ~ Oxygen represents an essential element, AND one of the most dangerous / damaging free radicals ever identified (Reactive Oxygen Species).~ Oxygen is utilized beneficially when coupled with MegaHydrate. And we are best protected from oxygen’s sharper side when we use MegaHydrate.
MegaHydrate is the most effective nutrient you can use to bring balance to your Internal Terrain. (Biological Terrain)
MegaHydrate provides the raw material for the manufacture of ATP, your body’s Energy Molecule. With MegaHydrate present, the components are readily available to meet your energy demands without any complicated metabolize-ation processes or enzymatic activity.
MegaHydrate is Not a Stimulant. Instead It supports your Natural Energy.~ Energy is Not to be confused with false stimulation… Energy is the invisible force that animates all life. When your body has just a little Energy you Survive… A little more and you Get-By… A little more you start to be productive… When you have all the Energy that you deserve. You Thrive! With the right amount and quality of Pure Energy (MegaHydrate) life can be as pleasant and productive as it should. Thrive With MEGAHYDRATE !

MegaHydrate is needed Everywhere in the body… and can get there.~ Virtually no biological processes take place (There is no Life) without H-. Every tissue and all of your 100 Trillion cells need H- for protection and production… MegaHydrate, because of its very small molecular size and its powerful electric charge has a strong affinity for the interior of the cells and all the nooks and crannies where it is most needed.
MegaHydrate is your first line of defense against harmful exposures.~ Every insult upon your body, whether the source is chemical, biological, overexertion, or injury, and whether it is experienced physically or emotionally is an Oxidative Stress (Oxidative Stress = Free Radical Damage). MegaHydrate is by far the most efficient and effective way to both prevent and repair free radical damage.
MegaHydrate can make much other supplementation obsolete, and greatly enhance everything else “Good” that you may use/do.~ The big difference here is that by supplementing with MegaHydrate, you are supplying the body with the most foundational essential element, the element without which no amount of any other supplement can make Life happen… When you supplement additionally, the delivery system and electric charge provided by MegaHydrate will so enhance your peripheral supplements that you may realize greater effect from the same amount that you are used to taking, or the same a effect from using less.
MegaHydrate helps to hydrate the cells, returning them to the Youthful State. ~ The combination of MegaHydrate and Crystal Energy represent the best regimen for making your five pints of water each day really count.
MegaHydrate enhances the important process of Cellular Respiration, ~ 1. Nutrients are delivered efficiently to the cells’ interior where they are needed, and 2. The cells are assisted in detoxification as internally generated waste is safely ushered out of the body.
MegaHydrate improves the body’s pH more effectively than anything else… of critical importance.; MegaHydrate provides a healthful alkalinizing effect on the typically over acidic system of modern Americans… In any case it helps improve pH when any adjustment is needed.
MegaHydrate makes possible efficient Nerve Transmissions.~ Nerve transmission is an Electro-Chemical Phenomenon that takes place ONLY in the presents of H- (MegaHydrate).
MegaHydrate Educates and supports the body’s “Selfing Mechanism”, the system which must distinguish between good influences and invasive/negative ones, supporting the beneficial, while discouraging the harmful.
MegaHydrate actually represents the most Indispensable Nutrient, the one that the body must have so that all other nutrients and all systems can work… The one that our bodies are designed to take in daily, but that typical diets provide virtually none of.~ We [Humans] evolved from ancestors who ate exclusively whole, fresh, Raw food, replete with the very element available to you through MegaHydrate. This most essential nutrient is very unstable and disappears at the slightest hint of food refining, cooking, possessing etc. MegaHydrate is the only way to access the optimal amount of the most Essential Nutrient.
At this time, while diet provides almost no H-, typical lifestyles and environmental factors have dramatically raised our requirements for the “Live” form of this essential. MegaHydrate is available now, at a time when we need it more than ever before.
MegaHydrate benefits all who use it in many important ways. Per unit of what we need… MegaHydrate is by far the most economical source. MegaHydrate never disappoints, . . Always Delivers!
MegaHydrate ~ the Ultimate Antioxidant !.. And Much More.

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