Monsanto gets a three day weekend

Monsanto (at Davis) gets a three day weekend

Monsanto shut down its local operations last week as protestors, holding signs and taking turns on the megaphone, demanded that the GMO giant needs to GO! GO! GO!
On March 16 and 17, Some 150 dedicated ‘Life-Savers’ and No Cal residents gathered in Davis, California, at Monsanto’s office on 5th Street and effectively interrupted business as usual.
Let’s encourage King M to go on extended (Perpetual) vacation.
After all, it would seem, He is responsible for an awful lot of sick days for people, [other] animals, plants, waterways, land, air Etc. ‘round the world and already well into the future…

Story sources include:

Monsanto Shut Down by Occupy UC Davis (video):

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