No Meal is an Island

No Meal is an Island

When you fuel your being with the products of compassion and wholesome-ness, you become a product of compassion and wholesome-ness.

If you fuel yourself with the products of pollution, pain, inefficiency and failure, you are a product of pollution, pain, inefficiency and failure.

There is a lot connected to (Many fingers of association) the production of a food. And all of the embodied, accumulated history of the food’s life becomes part of the body and “Energy” of the consumer.

Consider the ideal model of the natural meal, made in a natural setting and designed for an un-adulterated fugivorous-omnivore (Physiological Classification for the Human Being)…

A plump, deep red, ripe apple dangling from the branch of a 50 year old tree. The tree’s roots reach deep into the crust of the Earth searching for just the right elements.
Using some mystical instinctive intelligence and operating within the symbiosis of the unseen world of minerals and microbes at home beneath the orchard floor, the interfacing physics beyond our scientific understanding allows for energies and nutrients to become part of the body of the majestic plant.

Above the surface, in our world, we can see the “meditating monk of a tree” that way back half a century ago was pure potential sleeping in a seed. He is now built of hard wood and tough bark and stands strong, embracing the elements after many years of practice and quiet patience, knowing his place as whiteness and participant in the natural world.

The rigidity of the trunk is balanced
with the firm grip of the roots and the flex of the branches. Apple tree’s upper body reaches toward the sky and spreads a little wider each year. And after winter thaw, he sends out paper-thin solar collectors, tens-of-thousands of them that we call leaves.

Somehow, zillions of individual photons (Wave-Particles of light), after traveling through millions of miles of vacuum and a few miles of atmosphere are taken into the “Collectors” and combine with tree’s favorite gas from the air (CO2), then the magic of photosynthesis happens mixing all the right ingredients to make food (Energy) for Apple Tree to use in living a long happy life.

During his life he may produce about 100,000 sweet spheres of juicy nutrition for five generations of humans. And all that from one seed as small as a raindrop. That one seed, possibly delivered by a bird who ate some apple from the parent tree, then [the seed] covered over by windblown soil took nothing from modern technology or human design to make itself into a home for innumerable species, and a food production facility unequaled by the best inventions of man.

We have learned how to work with (And Against) Apple Tree and his cousins to suit our production desires. But given the natural deposition of the seed, some freely available rain and a few visits from bee or butterfly (These pollinators love apple blossom nectar and work for free), Apple Tree will grow into an aesthetic delight and prolific provider of high quality food year after year without a single application of insecticide, herbicide or poisonous, soil killing organo-phosphate fertilizer.

Apple Tree will use not one drop from our limited supply of oil
to manufacture agricultural chemicals or operate tractors. He will actually enrich the soil with the automatic organic mulching that is part of his cycle, and will strip literally cubic miles of CO2 gas out of the air and replace it with pure life-giving oxygen, and do it all for free.

And then, if you should walk by Apple Tree in late summer and gaze upon his majestic form, your attention will more than likely be drawn to a ball of irresistible nourishment, your mouth will water, you will experience true “Appetite Arousal”. You can then approach Apple Tree reach up, gently shake his hand, and the apple gift will fall into your other hand.

You hold in your hand the colorful, fragrant culmination of Apple Tree’s best work. In your “Apple Gift is the best that could be made from the richness of the soil, the refreshment of the rain, the light from the sun, the caress of the wind and maybe even the energy from a jolt or two of lightning.

What a deal, it’s a resource accusation operation, manufacturing and packaging plant and attractive store front all in one, and the pricing structure is unbeatable. If you should wish to take some extras home to share or store for later enjoyment, just pick the ones you like, they come prepackaged in their own edible container. No waste, nothing to recycle. And, like the old Cracker Jack box, each package contains a prize, unlike the popcorn and peanut stuff though, you always no what the bonus is in this package.

…It is the incredible potential for new life, actually about ten little potentials. If you picked well-developed apples, each one of them will offer ten little apple-trees-to-be. Now, in addition to giving 2 dozen fruits every day for a whole season, that one single tree supplies twenty thousand seeds, every one of which can become an apple tree. And that’s just one year’s work.

Although intensely managed commercialized apple trees are replaced after about 50 years, a very happy tree can keep “Apple-ing” for 90 of its 100 years. It’s a giver. From one tree, to twenty thousand and one potential trees in just a year, all of them happy to give food and clean the air. That’s what they do.“`

After the trip to Apple in wonderland, consider and alternative channel for the acquisition of food (Food?).

You must choose a farm animal, in some Asian countries they grow lots of different kinds to eat, but in the U.S. (That’s where I am), people involved in the practice; eat primarily only a few different varieties. The best known and most ubiquitous (Parts of them are found in the widest variety of “Food Products) are what people call cows. That is a gender specific term though, and people eat both the guys and the ladies (People often eat the very young children as well), so I refer to the big gentle grazers as Bovines.

In order to grow your bovine as a food in the standard way, you must take charge while she is very young, brand new really, because the “Growing Animals for Food System” requires that after giving birth, the mom must focus all of her energy on producing milk (Which Obviously is Designed for HER babies) to pack into plastic bottles for sale to humans. So the new babes can’t have any, except maybe a few sips before “Separation”. So many of the little “Guys” go directly to the “Veal Cages”, you don’t want to know about that. The other guys and most of the gals, including yours, get to live longer, and in some cases get to smell fresh air (Mixed with the overpowering scent of mud consistency cattle poop, from the inches thick, constantly replenished ground cover) when she’s not locked shoulder-to-shoulder inside with her peers.

Cattle raised for beef are “Packaged” after a little more than ONE YEAR out of their natural life span of about TWENTYFIVE YEARS. Basically for the rest of her life “00”, we’ll call her, because she does not get a name, only a number, is on a super high input, forced feeding schedule. Early on, 00 will be given an array of pharmaceutical concoctions and since this adventure takes place in the U.S. she will receive a hormone “Implant”. The last time I checked, other countries were still maintaining a ban on the practice. And yes, you may be assured that when you eat the body of 00 you will receive doses of synthetic estrogen from the slow release implant. The hormone is designed of course to resist break-down and so will also “Hormone-ize the land that the manure and urine comes in contact with, the waterways downstream and the animals, fish Etc. living in, on or around those environments.

And that is but the beginning of a lifetime of pharmaceutical folly and completely un-natural treatment that your steak-to-be will undergo. 00 will probably never taste her natural food “Grass”, which in a natural setting is a beautiful, balance of symbiotic cooperation, bovine eats grass, fertilizes the pasture (Just a Little), grass grows, Elsie eats, you get the picture. In fact such a picture book setting does not exist today for 99 % of the cattle grown for food.

Instead her diet will consist mostly of corn and likely some soy as well. Corn of course, or soy for that matter does not resemble in any way a food that the bovine digestive system is designed to process.

The same logic holds true for a biological system as with a mechanical devise, which is… “Supplying a fuel other than what the design calls for, can only cause a malfunction of that system (Animal)”. 00 will be eating 25 pounds of corn in a day. Additional items fed and / or administered to 00 should include frequent “heroic doses” of assorted antibiotics, thick black-brown “Supplement” concoctions, some times more specific medications, some dried alfalfa and even more shocking and perverted, all manner of animal parts.

Yes, the creator designed 00 and all of her species as grass eating “Herbivores”. There is no argument there. But standard “Factory Farm” procedure at the CAFO Mega-prison where 00 will reside includes regular side dishes of flesh, blood, bone, and fat, pus, and skin, feather Etc. from various animals. I know it is a ridiculous idea to break the natural dietary rules to such an outrageous degree. Feeding bovines corn and animal parts surely makes them sick, the same way it predisposes humans to disease and dysfunction when we ignore our physiological design requirements and limitations. Dhaa!

But to think that various parts of the bodies of the really sick, deranged, diseased animals, the grossest of the unfortunate captives from filthy, crowded populations of bovines, pigs, birds and others can be rendered down or pressed into “Protein Supplements” for anyone, let-alone herbivore creatures that you will in turn eat is not appetizing to me. How about you?

But yes, even with serious, highly infectious diseases connected to various strains of bacteria increasing in veracity and frequency… even with mad cow disease and hoof and mouth disease under-reported, poorly tested for (That’s an understatement), and turning up in factory farm animals in numerous countries around the world, such nonsense (Feeding animal parts from unhealthy animals to vegetarian animals) is standard operating procedure in modern factory farms.

So, even if you are apathetic about the living conditions and the profoundly “Abbreviated” life-span (No Judgment of you by me) of 00 and her fellow inmates, and I have not even mentioned anything about the many creative examples of mistreatment other than those related to feeding and medicating… Even if you don’t bat-an-eye contemplating the conditions leading to her “juvenile murder”, can you possibly believe that growing “Food” in such a manner will produce a product, a cut, a fillet, a roast, an entity, an energy, a “Feeling” that should become part of you?

And by the way… Does all this have anything to do climate change? It has everything to do with climate change!

It is estimated that tied just to the corn pumped through 00 in her short maybe fifteen months of service will be the consumption of about 300 gallons of oil. Her feeding, care (I know, care is not the right word); slaughtering, cleaning-up-after, transporting, refrigerating Etc. will cost plenty. Most of the cost will however be deferred to future generations.

To make a 1,200 LB slaughtered and packaged bovine who will provide 600 pounds of (Call-It-What-You-Will) for people and pets to eat will cost our planetary system plenty of;
Land area

And the process will also produce;
Greenhouse gasses;
Carbon Dioxide
GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) pollution
Infectious microbes and disease spreading bugs
Horrendous working conditions
Hardened intellects.

And a pathogenic suppression of the expression of deeply buried, but desperately needed humanitarian / altruistic emotional integrity…

See how many land animals have been killed for the meat, dairy, and egg industries since you opened this web page…

Let’s see… Apple or Burger, what’ll it be?




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