Nuclear mishaps


Nuclear carrots and sticks:

Germany, Carrot: In 1998, Germany’s coalition government proposed the complete abandonment of nuclear energy. The country is now in the process of phasing out nuclear power, with plans to shut down each of its remaining 19 reactors at the end of their operating lives.

Japan, Stick: Japan currently has 54 operating nuclear reactors and one of the highest earthquake rates per area and per capita in the world.

France’s 59 operating nuclear reactors produce 76 percent the country’s electricity, making France the most nuclear-reliant country in the world. This is NOT a distinction to be proud of. France gets a big stick for sticking it to the future, radioactive-izing some of the most beautiful land and most sparkling water in the homeland and for spreading their dirty trash around the planet.
Nuclear promoters on this side of the pond, including U.S. Presidents, often hold France up as an example of superior nuclear success. A peek behind the veil exposes the ignorance and/or deceitfulness of these promoters.

Actually, just to be clear, the French nuclear program isn’t even French: 54 of its 58 reactors are the American Westinghouse design.
France has built reactors and various other atomic installations in areas known to be vulnerable to earthquakes. That’s responsible!
French Nukies managed to lose several kilos of plutonium in a forgotten corner of a nuclear facility, plutonium is the fissile trigger component of nuclear weapons. That’s responsible!
French-government-owned Areva corporation has mined uranium in Niger for more than 40 years where, as in many countries , as usual it has disproportionately affected indigenous peoples who have seen none of the economic benefits but have suffered and will continue to suffer from health and environmental impacts. Wars in northern Niger and The Congo have been sparked by conflict over uranium rights. The French say “forget human rights, we want uranium rights”. That’s responsible!
Some of us know… many French citizens know that France’s civil nuclear program was created specifically to generate plutonium for French nuclear weapons. Money, Power, Imperial control.

There are now numerous hot spots around the beautiful French countryside where ‘low level’ waste is buried… The one that reporters are sometimes aloud to visit has just a little ‘barely radioactive’ stuff buried so that a Geiger-counter on the surface makes it look safe. The high level stuff is shipped off to third-world locations.
France has 210 abandoned uranium mines around the world… that we know of. The leftover radioactive dirt (hot tailings), along with radioactively contaminated rocks, have been used in school playgrounds and ski-resort parking lots. Efforts to force Areva to clean up its mess have been met with resistance. That’s responsible!
The body that you call home is now infested with at least millions of radioactive isotopes which originated at French nuke plants form routine releases and from the waste they ship around the world.
As in the U.S. the French nuke industry exists only because the people are lied to and any sane ‘nuclear cautious’ or anti-nuke politicians are blacklisted and blackballed.

The French anti-nuclear network, Sortir du Nucléaire, has more than 840 member groups, reflecting significant public opposition to nuclear power.

Each year, polls show at least 60% of French citizens would like to see nuclear power phased out.
Oh yeah, let’s never forget that the pro-nuke French government sent a team of secret agents to prevent the Greenpeace ship, the ‘Rainbow Warrior’, from interfering with French nuclear testing in the Pacific. Agents of the French secret service succeeded in bombing and sinking the flagship and committing murder in the process.
The name ‘Rainbow Warrior’ comes from a North American Cree Indian prophecy.
Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior

France has, for hundreds of years produced (harvested) some of the finest ‘living salt’ which is highly valued by wellness minded people and practitioners of healing-arts This special and rare salt is a true ‘food’ and not at all like the ‘dead salt’ (often labeled sea salt) that people generally use… Five star chefs like it too. They also produce high level curative and restorative sea water plasma for human consumption. This is a valuable medicine. Relevant to this discussion is that the quality and safety of these time-honored medicine/foods may be in question (in my mind). I have no evidence that these items have been adversely affected, but logic suggests that the nukieness of France can’t be good for this stuff that comes from French waters, and surely if they continue their extremely irresponsible nuclear behavior it will be the end for these rare and important products.

And the further nuking-up of France hurts the U.S. directly and immediately:
1. Two majority French-government-owned corporations – Areva and Électricité de France, would reap huge U.S. taxpayer funds if nuclear power is expanded in the U.S.
2. Areva is attempting to influence U.S. policy by lobbying for reprocessing and, through its U.S. contracts, for new U.S. uranium enrichment and nuclear power plants.
That’s just the tip of the French radioactive iceberg.

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Please sign our letter to Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Obama! Dear President. Obama:

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Hot Links, Nuclear Energy Videos, Audios, Lectures
Hot Links, Nuclear Energy Videos, Audios, Lectures


Nuclear mishaps, A short list…
Nuclear mishaps, A short list…

Hot Links, Nuclear Energy Videos, Audios, Lectures

Stop Nuclear Insanity, The President Needs Your Help

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