Nuclear mishaps

Nuclear Bomb Tests and Testing Facilities

26 April 1953
Radioactive rain, the result of above-ground nuclear tests, fell on Troy, New York.

5 September 1961
President Kennedy ordered the resumption of nuclear testing, “underground, with no fallout.”

10 December 1961
Clouds of radioactive steam escaped from an underground nuclear test, closing several New Mexico highways.

4 June 1962 The Bluegill nuclear test, designed to detonate a nuclear device in the atmosphere, was aborted 10 minutes after launch when the missile tracking system failed prior to nuclear detonation. The nuclear device was lost at sea.
20 June 1962 A failure of the Starfish nuclear test, designed to detonate a nuclear device in space, caused radioactive debris to be scattered across Johnston Island in the Pacific Ocean.

9 December 1968
Clouds of radioactive steam from a nuclear test in Nevada broke through the ground, releasing fallout and violating the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty signed 5 years earlier.

18 December 1970
An underground nuclear test in Nevada resulted in a cloud of radioactive steam to be thrust 8,000 feet in the air over Wyoming.

15 July 1999
A spokesperson for President Clinton announced that thousands of contract workers at U.S. nuclear weapons facilities, exposed to toxic and radioactive substances during the previous 50 years, could seek federal compensation for related illnesses.


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