Organic Grains to be Phased Out on Planet Earth~

Organic Grains to be Phased Out on Planet Earth

There is a diabolical plan underway which serves to threaten the ability to produce organically grown grains, and it’s even worse than that, as it is a plan within a plan that actually threatens most food crops and most plant species on the planet.

“Plants feed the people, and the animals that people eat; they (plants) clothe us, provide our medicines, building materials, clean our air…”

From ‘Jonathan Drori – All of human life, all life depends on plants’

“Just think for a moment. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a small African village or you live in a big city. Everything comes back to plants in the end. Whether it’s the food, the medicine, the fuel, the construction, the clothing–all the obvious things. Or whether it’s the spiritual or recreational things that matter to us so much. Or whether it’s soil formation or the effect on the atmosphere, or primary production. Even the books here are made out of plants. All these things, they come back to plants. And without them we wouldn’t be here.
And they are also under threat because they are sharing a planet with people like us. And people like us want to do things that destroy plants and their habitats [irresponsibly playing God with genes]. And whether that is because of food production or because of the introduction of alien plants into places that they really shouldn’t be, or because of habitats being used for other purposes. All these things are meaning that plants have to adapt or die or move. And plants, sometimes find it rather difficult to move, because of mighty cities and other things in the way. So if all human life depends on plants, doesn’t it make sense that perhaps we should try and save them? I think it does.”

Jonathan Drori: Why we’re storing billions of seeds


It’s very real, the mechanism by which this may take place is quite easy to understand, it can affect crops worldwide and there is no known way to reverse it after full initiation.

No known way to reverse it!

This may sound a bit alarmist to those who haven’t been keeping up with what’s been going on in modern ‘laboratory agriculture’ for the past 15-20 years. Those of us who have been watching, know that the above statement is in reality, an understatement.We may still be able to stop it, but we must get active, our grandkids are counting on us…

1. As many of our readers know, organic varieties of food are superior to commercial (poisoned, nutritionally devalued) varieties and obviously much kinder to our environment. And organic varieties, it should go without saying are vastly superior to genetically perverted Non-Food. Growing food in a sustainable, non-poisonous manner is of course the only option for those who wish to act responsibly with regards to ‘the commons’. It’s a no-brainer, but it bears repeating until it becomes a ‘Know-Brainer’.

2. A plant does not produce an organic food if it is Monsanto-ized (genetically modified) or genetically contaminated. If you are not someone who chooses to eat any organically grown food, your food choices, prices, safety and availability will still be negatively affected because of the GMO invasion… They already have.

3. Cross-contamination of victim plants is inevitable and occurring at an alarming rate as GM (genetically modified) crops expand. Cross-pollination is one form of cross-contamination infecting the world’s food supply, there are others, some as yet unknown… Pollen from GM crops all too easily contaminates crops and wild plants of related types. As a dismal example, virtually all heritage varieties of corn in Mexico (the origin of all corn, seven thousand years in the making) have been found to have some GMO contamination. Canola, alfalfa and cotton also cross-pollinate easily.

There is absolutely no way to contain the genetic contaminants expressed by GM crops planted outside, period! Wind blows, water flows, pollinators migrate, birds eat-fly-deposit and so on.

Once unleashed there is no going back.

Once unleashed there is no going back.

Already, the organic and standard Hawaiian papaya industry has been all but wiped out by contamination from genetically modified papaya test sites and plantations.

There is no way to predict the actions and interactions as gene-spliced material mixes with victim plants and finds its way into the bodies of humans and other animals,
but we have seen that there can be an endless cascade of effects as a intentionally altered genes turn on or off, or up-regulate, down regulate, or otherwise pervert ‘un-targeted’ genes (*).

(*) but we have seen that there can be an endless cascade effect as an intentionally altered gene turns on or off, or up-regulates, down regulates, or otherwise perverts ‘unrelated’ genes. One time in a trillion, trillion this could produce some kind of SuperHuman, many other times it’s likely to make trouble in human bodies. The unpredictable alterations upon alterations certainly could, as likely as anything else, (in fact the odds assure it) produce SuperRats, SuperMosquitoes, SuperBacteria, SuperVenus Flytraps, Super-Trouble; God knows this is a Super Stupid Experiment.

Indeed we have witnessed numerous derangements as genetic contamination has drifted and infected wild plants and ‘someone else’s’ plants, often huge tracts of valuable food crops. (By now, It’s virtually impossible to grow organic or conventional canola anywhere in Canada because of rampant genetic contamination from GMO rapeseed) … Monsanto never compensates the farmers whose crops are poisoned, whose livelihoods are ruined and they never compensate the citizens for the ruination of ‘The Commons’ (the wild-lands, the air, the water and Earth’s own seed stock which belongs to all of us and our grandchildren).

Now back to the opening statement:
“Organic Grains to be Phased Out on Planet Earth”

4. The classification of food which has so well and reliably fed humans as to allow for what we know as ‘civilization’ and for humans to crowd the Earth with seven Billion people is GRAIN.

About ten thousand years ago, after stumbling around for roughly a million years foraging and hunting, agriculture was born. That earlier nomadic lifestyle might have been pleasant and healthful, I don’t remember, but it did make it hard to maintain a permanent home and it could not support population expansion, also it left little free time to explore other interests in life. More than anything else, development of grasses, that is to say, the cultivation of GRAINS changed all that. Agriculture made it possible for civilization(s) to flourish.

Cereal grains are, and have been the biggest part of agriculture.

Wheat, corn, rice, barley, sorghum, oat, rye and millet provide about 60% of the calories and over 50% of the protein consumed directly by Earth humans and much higher percentages when the wasteful practice of cycling grains through livestock is figured in (that is to say that people living on the Standard American Diet / SAD, which relies on meat and milk are actually eating little else besides Grain and soy with a smathering of vegetable and fruit, because the animals they eat consume huge amounts of grain and soy, that’s another story). At this point we would not be able to support but a fraction of the planet’s 7 billion people and could not put but a teaspoon of meat on the weekly menu without the contribution of grain.

So, organic or not, grain is a big deal.

5. The grains that we know so well, like Wheat and Corn (which most westerners eat in some form at, and in-between every meal), and all of the true grains (including rice, barley, oats, rye and others) are actually the seeds of grasses. Grain is grass seed. (World English Dictionary: 1. the small hard seed-like fruit of a grass, esp. a cereal grain).

6. The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, after bullying the USDA into submission is poised to introduce its GMO Yard and Lawn Grass product to the individual consumer, and commercial clients. This could bring the ‘Bad Seed’ to your neighbor’s lawn and the local school play ground as early as 2012.

There are some enormous problems associated with the plan. Along with the ‘Bad Seed’ comes huge, horrific, life-squelching applications of Scotts’ and Monsanto’s favorite poison Glyphosate, popularly known as RoundUp (the toxic weed killer that has been linked to birth defects, breathing difficulties, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome and is the stuff which has killed over 100,000 Indian farmers) (* See: Monsanto Indian Farmer Suicide, 5 minute video at the bottom of the page) and vastly increased requirement for water.

Thanks to the ‘Poison The Planet’ mandate shared by Scotts and Monsanto you may soon find yourself surrounded by super-poison, sick-grass lawns and all the poison and environmental devastation that goes with such insanity, but additionally, you can bet that Scotts and Monsanto are lobbying hard, bullying and lying (their standard MO) to have the lawns of primary schools, college campuses, municipal parks, ballparks, roadway sidings and medians and the rolling hills of country clubs carpeted with their blades of destruction. A sea of deadly green.

From Seeds of Suicide to Seeds of Hope: Why Are Indian Farmers Committing Suicide and How Can We Stop This Tragedy?

The Bad Seed is genetically designed to withstand horrific ultra-saturation applications of the poison RoundUp such that barefoot-ing in the park will be a deadly pastime.

The vision of kids romping in that stuff, grinding the poison into their skin, bringing it home in their clothing (which may sit in the hamper and be washed with the baby’s blankets) and breathing the chemical deep into their young lungs while they are playing hard and respiration is accelerated, exposes the extreme criminality of forcefully marketing such systems. (‘System’ because generally a GMOized seed product like this represents an endless loop of ill-gotten profit for Monsanto and in this case Scotts because [if it is a seed generating plant] it may carry the ‘terminator technology’ trait which renders the plant sterile such that any expansion of the crop (lawn) requires another purchase of seed, and the plant will ‘need’ the application of the herbicide RoundUp sold by the same company, and so on.)

Other ‘externalities’ include, here a just a few:

A hyper-poisoning of the environment as the poison Glyphosate (which on GMOized food and feed crops is often applied at a rate 15 times the normal rate of application for regular commercial crops) runs off to foul streams, rivers, lakes; the volatiles and contaminated particles fill the air and everyone’s lungs (bodies) and the endless ills and health complications which result from further mass-poisoning… and the un-calculable cost associated with that downward spiral (a less productive population as more people are more sick more of the time), accelerated species extinction, Etc .

Neither last nor least, the creation and feeding of uncontrollable, invasive Superweeds, as nuisance weeds adapt to repeated RoundUp applications and become more hardy and invasive… As the (already well underway) superweed problem grows, surely Monsanto and Scotts will be there with ever stronger and more deadly chemical concoctions to address (not fix) the problem that they created (intentionally). There’s that deadly endless loop thing again.

All this nonsense for a yard covered in grass… Grass just wants to grow automatically anyway. Broadcast some seed give it a drink and it grows. In most places I’ve been where lawns are common, a decent lawn grows thick and lush with little care, save regular applications of water (water which might better be used for drinking, washing or conserving, but that’s not my business), no poisons necessary, ever. Lawns that I have grown were clean and green, so thick with healthy grass that little else could grow between the blades. So you may find a few happy, yellow Dandelions volunteering, great, Dandelion is a wonderful food, beverage and medicine.

If you don’t start with Scotts’/Monsanto’s ‘Death Seed’ and you don’t saturate the natural carpet with poison, you’ll have something that is not only pleasing to the eye but healthy to be around, and if a dandelion pops up, you’ll have good, clean, organic food-medicine-beverage.

If you go the GMO lawn route, right outside your door will be a toxic freak of anti-natural laboratory invention, not closely related to divine creation, that no one can play on, walk on or even go near without harm, and the poison will not only spread throughout OUR environment (that’s not nice), but will infiltrate your home as the sticky poison is picked up on shoes, or bare feet and the volatiles and particles are carried by air into every nook and cranny. I guess you have the right to poison yourself, but neither the poison, RoundUp (or whatever) or the genetically deranged pollen and various GM compounds can be contained and will spread without restraint.
Particularly since this nonsense threatens the world’s food supply, seeding a GMO lawn is really stepping over the line. So please Say NO to GMO.

What about the phasing out of organic grains?

Here’s the connection:

Widespread planting of genetically modified grass will result in pollen from those plants contaminating organic and traditional crops (both wild and the critically relied upon commodity crops)
, destroying their value and threatening the supply of the most relied upon food for humans and commodity animals on the planet, grain(s) (food grasses).

There are already over 165 million acres planted with invasive, destructive GM plants in the U.S., that’s more than 1/3rd of the tillable land we have. This in a county where the vast majority of polled citizens want nothing to do with GMO infected food.

Based on past experience and extrapolating the obvious, we can expect that if the GMO sick-grass plan takes off, (and it has the full support of Washington, a town under the control of Monsanto) ‘organic grains’ will become a thing of the past…

Your grandchildren may never eat healthful, organic ‘anything’…

That’s because of the inevitable, uncontrollable migration of genetically deranged traits from GMO grass ‘infecting’ similar plant types, GRAINS.

Genetically modified grass planted in the open = genetically raped (altered) cereal grains (other varieties of grass)… Genetically perverted material drifts from the host plants and infects similar plant types easily. Kentucky Bluegrass is grass; wheat, rice, corn is grass… Never yet has the infection of victim plants by rouge genetic material from GMO crops resulted in the expression of positive traits. Nor is it predictable what characteristics will be expressed, and the ultimate outcome of genetic rape on victim plants is absolutely unpredictable!. Additionally, the spreading of ‘genetic infection’ does not stop with harm to related varieties, it only starts there.


This has happened too many times already with organic corn, papaya, canola and others. It has put many farmers out of business and they have generally had no exercisable recourse against the government supported dark monster Monsanto.
In fact when GM material infects the crop of an organic or conventional (non-GMO) farmer, Monsanto generally sues the grower whose crop sustained the damage.

I’m not making this stuff up.

GMO, Percy Schmeiser vs Monsanto

The complete annihilation of organic grains worldwide, for all time is almost certain to occur eventually if we don’t stop the insanity. Even for a demonic corporation with no conscience, that seems a bit excessive, but that’s what these guys are into.

That’s how we will likely take organic grains from the table to the history books. In the grander scheme, the terminator technology [which has been] programmed into some GM seeds may eventually render all seeding plants sterile. Then, the only way to grow most of the [food and other] plants on Earth will be to purchase patented seed from, guess who. Yep, there’s that deadly endless loop thing again.

There are numerous ways in which drifting genetic contamination may result in sterilization (and other lethal derangements) of plants, but the so-called Terminator Technology programmed into seed stock which has been used in the past and is set to enjoy a resurgence in tweaked versions, in seeds sold by Giant, multinational ‘Seed Pirates’ makes a good example because it is easy to understand.

Think that’s farfetched… a stretch? You have not seen farfetched until you’ve looked at some of the despicable non-sense these thugs have engaged in.

That’s only the beginning.

When all grass in poison:

People have always relied on time spent (invested) in natural surroundings to regain baseline sanity, to recharge, recuperate, drain away toxic stress, rejuvenate, improve mental/emotional outlook and so on. This cure-all becomes more and more important (necessary) as life continues to become more busy and hectic. As wilderness continues to disappear under concrete and steel, parks are the refuge from negative stress. Intentionally placed green spaces are priceless and their use makes people and pets happier and healthier… We need them, we need more of them, and we need lots of them.

If Monsanto and their pawns at Scotts have their way, surely all such spaces will sport waves of sick blades (GMOized grass), company reps have stated so, and that will insure that the grass will be saturated with highly toxic sticky poison. A refuge no more. Then the park may look picturesque, but will be no safer than the back of an exterminator’s truck. Might as well put the neighborhood playground in a chemical dump. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. It’s happening.

~ Scotts is Monsanto’s exclusive agent for the international marketing and distribution of consumer Roundup® (POISON).

I counted 18 different RoundUp products on Scotts’ site.


GMO ‘terminator technology’ has already caused the apparent sterilization of ‘victim species’.

GMO Bt technology has already caused the internal generation of pesticides in victim plants and in the gut of humans! The affected plants and animals (humans) spontaneously manufacture pesticidal bacteria… And we don’t know how to stop it!

GMO RoundUp Ready (RR) plants are responsible for the release of huge volumes of the POISON Glyphosate into our only environment, sickening to a greater degree the people working the fields, people and other animals eating the food and people and all living things everywhere as the poison spreads. The indiscriminant, irresponsible planting of GMO RR crops is the main causative factor behind the exacerbation of the serious superweed problem, and has literally killed countless farmers in India.

This plea asks everyone to care enough to help save not only organic grains, but all [non-GMO] grains, Humans’ primary food. And to preserve so much more, including basic freedoms which we have taken for granted but which The Monsantos connive to take from us as they work to take ownership of more and more of life itself.

Monsanto is such a vile, conscience-less, mean-hearted, selfish, control freak that their typical behavior is to sue if a bird or bee, or the wind current picks up some deranged pollen from a GMO field and deposits it on a virgin plot, could be hundreds of miles away. If one of the plants in the non-GMO plot expresses characteristics of the patented GM plant, or if a crack in your driveway sprouts a GMO canola plant, Monsanto agents in black suits may pull up in a black SUV, pound on your door to deliver threats and a notice of law suits… It’s happening all over the U.S. and Canada. Opinion you say. No, straight fact.

WE MUST ACT to save all grains (not only organic) from extinction…
Simple grains are the world’s most reliable and important food!!!

What can we do individually to save organic grains from extinction, to save all grains (the world’s main food supply), to keep our world’s plants healthy and viable and to preserve our right to keep a backyard garden, to save seed and replant without repeatedly paying the devil whatever he demands each season?
What can we do to resist the tsunami of GMO invasion and absolute corporate control of all food, water and medicine (Yes, it’s that crazy)?
And what can we do to reduce the degree to which we are poisoning the kids’ one and only planet?

Specific to the Toxic GMO Lawn fiasco, here are a few suggestions:

Join the boycott of Scotts openly at these links:

Boycott Scott’s Miracle-Gmo Products at FaceBook

Let the boycott of Scott’s Miracle Grow begin!

Learn more:

And please, any effort will be so much more meaningful if you contact the Scotts company directly. It’s best to use email, telephone and snail mail. (All communication forms, organized picketing and ‘occupying’ are very good as well)

Here’s the contact information:

Join us in sending complaints to Scotts about their pursuit of GMOs.

Click here to send Scotts an email.

Then call them by phone at 888-270-3714 (during normal business hours). When you call, let them know you are strongly opposed to their pursuit of GMO Kentucky bluegrass and that you will stop buying all Scotts / Miracle-Gro products from here forward unless Scotts announces it will back away from GMOs.

You may also mail them a letter by sending it to:
Scotts Help Center
14111 Scottslawn Rd.
Marysville, OH 43041

Learn more:

Please keep in mind that this Sick-Seed, Poison Lawn plan is a plan within a plan that actually threatens most food crops and most plant species on the planet, and even goes far beyond that in its diabolical intent.

The corporation(s) behind this movement are among the most powerful in the world and have held the top seat as the most belligerent and dangerous entities ever conceived for some time.

As you join the movement to;
First, pass legislation to require comprehensive GMO labeling, and second, to outlaw GMOs in the open completely, you do a great service.

We are right on the edge here, the future is in our hands. This is no time to wait till tomorrow, no time to be silent.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said “A time comes when silence is betrayal” This is that time. Please don’t betray the children, the future. Say “NO” to GMOs, say it loud and clear, say it the best you can with your consumer choices so that we will always have a choice. If you know enough to say no to GMOs great, if you are undecided, learn more (You deserve to know). Do yourself the favor of looking inside the issue, you could spend weeks researching on the net, you can call me and I’ll try to explain it in plane english. However you address it, I highly reccomend a copy of Jeff Smith’s groundbreaking book ‘Seed fo Deception’, it’s actually a very engaging read. It’s already ten years old so there are probobly used coppies available for five bucks. Heck they’re only 12 bucks brand new at Amozon

Seeds of Deception ~ Exposing Industry and Government Deception About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating
By Jeffrey M. Smith ~ A 10-Page Summary free right here…

Only the people can fix this mess. Tell everyone what is going on. Most don’t have a clue because,.. Well you get the picture.

We have on our side some big, energetic, influential groups passionately engaged in getting the Monsantos out of our lives. Please join in. You will be in good company. Personally, I offer assistance in any way that I can.
Below are some of the best resources:


Millions Against Monsanto A Project of Organic Consumers Association
The Institute for Responsible Technology
The Center for Food Safety
GM Watch
The Nature Institute: Nontarget Effects of Genetic Manipulation
Organic Consumer’s Association
The Organic & Non-GMO Report
GMO Compass

… And additional info and articles on GMOs:

More important info on the GMO Invasion at the following links:

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GMO To Go, GMO Videos, Informational

We have a chance if we get serious about boycotting the GMO insanity.
We must boycott GMOs! Please help. It’s is reasonably easy to at least avoid purchasing GMOs for the most part.
There is no need to feel overwhelmed. THERE IS A GREAT NEED TO GET ACTIVE.

The future, and the people who will want to live there will not be able to forgive apathy by those of us who have the means to turn away from the deadly course set by Monsanto, Scotts and other Monsanto wanna-be companies.

If we don’t say (very loudly) NO GMOs, our children will be but peasants kneeling at the boots of ‘King M’ (The Monsantos). King M is not a benevolent overseer, King M, is mean-hearted, selfish and terminally ruthless. King M in his ultimate expression will make Hitler look like Mother Teresa.

Ideally we can resolve to never ever purchase that which we know to be GMOed again. As I said that is quite simple, if you are willing to read labels. For produce it’s a no-brainer, for packaged foods, just check the label, discover what is ‘clean’ and stick with those brands. Then review the labels occasionally to see if the manufacturer has sold out to M. Many packaged items will state ‘GMO FREE’ or ‘NON-GMO’ right up front, that’s helpful. And frankly, I think that the manufacturer of every product not printing a statement like ‘GMO FREE’ or ‘NON-GMO’ prominently on the package deserves personal phone calls (most important), letters, faxes and emails asking “Why?”.

Starting from the dietstyle typical of folks in the first world, the biggest dent is easily made by simply not eating or drinking animals, as each bite of beef or chicken, for example, equates to a whole bushel of GMO corn, soy, canola and soon (unless we prevent it) alfalfa. So called ‘organic’ meat and milk are much less likely to harbor GMO residue, but in reality plenty still sneaks in during the unregulated cycle from conception through slaughter.

Please take these steps and never look back, your body, your children and the planet will thank you.
Please lets all do whatever we can.

Thank you for your consideration and all your efforts.
Please call on me if I can help in any way.


Monsanto, one of the world’s most unethical…

The well respected investment resource group ‘Ethical Investing’ rates Monsanto the world’s most unethical and harmful investment
They even site Monsanto as the best example of what to stay away from in their mission statement… That statement speaks volumes.
Mission Statement:
We are dedicated to providing investment resources, including stocks and mutual fund investment resources, to those who are looking to make ethical investments. The Techniques and Philosophy section will serve as a suggested guideline for investing ethically. The ever-growing Resources sections for positive, ethical investments will be contrasted with the example of Monsanto, one of the world’s most unethical investments that could be made so that investors will know what to avoid when investing responsibly.


Millions Against Monsanto, 5 minute video:

Monsanto Indian Farmer Suicide, 5 minute video

In defense of weeds:

A weed is really any plant that grows where you don’t want it.

“I see a world without sickness, sorrow, or mental disturbance in which we are living in perfect balance, abundance, health and harmony.”
– Dr. Ann Wigmore

Born in Cropos, Lithuania on March 4, 1909
Raised by her grandmother who taught her the ways of natural healing. Ann’s grandmother showed her how to use ‘weeds’ as powerful medicine.

Ann Wigmore Foundation

RARE Ann Wigmore Sprouting Video

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