Photon Sound Beam, points to ponder

Photon Sound Beam, points to ponder

What are noble gases?

Rare gases (Noble gases, Inert gases) are a family of chemical elements, unique because they are inactive chemically, they do not combine with other elements to form compounds. The noble gases are found in small concentrations in the air on Earth.

Which gases are used in the Photon Sound Beam?
Argon, Krypton, Neon and Xenon. These elements are harmless.

What about “Light”? Light chases dark

…This can be a metaphor exemplifying the way that in a given volume, the more Good / Heath-full / Appropriate influence within, the less room, opportunity or tolerance there will be for Bad / Unhealthful / inappropriate influences.

For whatever reasons, people have long associated “Light” with:
Safety, Healing, Wellness, Goodness, God / God-ness, Knowledge, Information, Happiness, Optimism, Warmth, Basically those things which feed, nourish, balance, heal and fulfill us.

We have for just as long and with equal passion equated “Dark” with the direct opposites.

It is at any rate clear to see that “Where there is Light, there can be no Dark”.

The Photon Sound Beam offers a convenient proven way to put light into your be-ing.

And this light carries with it energetic qualities that the animal body (Human included) find balancing and restorative.

How does the Therapeutic energy get into the body (Become part of you)?

The particular frequency utilized by the “Active” side of the Photon Sound Beam (728 hertz) is “Riding on”/”Carried by” the high voltage current. In a typical treatment, the user holds the Rare Gas Probes (RGPs), (Glass tubes) in the hands. Inside the unit’s base, the 728 Hz is coupled to the high voltage current, travels through the cables, is injected into the rare gas, “plasmizes” (Energizes) the gas and energizes the tubes.

Now, as some of the energy from the plasma reaction migrates through the glass, countless micro-sparks jump between the tubes and the skin, each of those micro-sparks actually activate radio frequency transmissions (More on that later)

1. The current that goes directly into the body caries with it of course, a record (Signature) of the 728 Hz. Therapeutic energy.

2. The phenomenon of Plasmizing the gas in the tubes emits light…
Each of the countless photons of light energy caries with it a signature of the 728.

3. The spark gaps and the transference of energy from the tubes to the body release some energy in the form of sound waves, the vibrations above, below and within the audible range carry a signature of the 728.

4. The high energy released by the RGPs splits some of the oxygen in the air which then recombines as 03 (Ozone), the short-lived, highly reactive, powerfully sanitizing species of oxygen, after a few minutes of operation this reactive oxygen can be smelled. Now the olfactory sensing mechanism informs the body’s nervous system that the 728 is coming in… You smell the therapeutic energy.

5. Carrying on this scenario, you will, if you try, and pay close attention actually be able to sense the 728 rich oxygen with your taste.

With no particular conscious effort all five “Common” senses are acting as welcoming portals bringing in the therapeutic offering.

6,7,8… We sense our environment in numerous ways; the five “Common” senses are by no means the only, or necessarily the most important interface systems that we use. Therapeutic transference via the subtle receptors is vitally important but more challenging to discuss in exacting terms.

Magic of the spark

The spark gap is a magic energetic entity, the word magic is used because…
Spark gaps are known to occur on a very large scale (Lightening), and on a microscopic, even what is called a sub-microscopic scale
(Examples are electrical interaction/communication between two plants, plants to air or air-born entities Etc.), and at every level in between. Spark gap observation was practiced hundreds of years ago and the magic-of-the-mystery was appreciated millennia past. More recently the fathers of radio technology used deliberately manufactured sustained sparking components to create and broadcast radio signals.

Tune to a good station

… And a word about frequency technology in health

To understand frequency and the use of frequencies for health, it is first necessary to recognize that everything, absolutely everything, is vibrating … even “Solid” materials are made up of atoms that are vibrating. Sophisticated instruments are able to detect and measure these vibrations.

Materials or substances, whether they are animate or inanimate, are different from one another because of their different rates of vibration. The difference in vibrations is measured by the frequency of vibration. This is measured in cycles per second. The unit for expressing the frequency of vibration is the Hertz (Hertz is a unit of frequency of one cycle per second. It replaces the earlier term of “cycle per second `cps`).

Vibration produces Both sound and light, as well as all other manifestations in our world. Very slowly vibrating substances produce very long wavelengths or low frequencies. Frequencies that we can actually hear range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Very rapidly vibrating substances produce very short wavelengths or high frequencies. Frequencies that we can see as light range from 4×1014 to 7.12×1014 Hz. These frequencies are in the Giga-Hertz range. Obviously there are many frequencies produced by substances that are either below or above the range detectable by the human ear or eye.

The Photon Sound Beam works on principles highly evolved and far more advanced than a simple “Dial-up Frequency Generator”, the best of which facilitated a large body very impressive results clinically as far back as the 1920s.
Certain limitations were/are unavoidably built into a Rife style black box.

What the early researchers (Royal Raymond Rife included) were able to do with a variable frequency generator and beam tube was impressive and effective. Such a device did/can deliver a specific “Lethal Frequency” to an invasive organism and the pathogenic opportunist could be inactivated.
However, in short some important problems with such a treatment mode have to do with…

1.Accurately identifying the “Bug” in its very narrow sub-species variety so that the correct “Lethal Frequency” may be administered.

2. Delivering the “Designer Frequency” before mutation of the “Bug” has occurred to the degree that the chosen therapeutic input will be ineffective. This scenario speaks to a most dismaying problem [See Biological Terrain] electively brought on by poor lifestyle and treatment style choices mostly over the past 60 years not limited to, but most grossly exemplified by the indiscriminant use of, and over-reliance on antibiotics. Such unrestrained abuse has, like no other influence in history, negatively altered the very foundation of what our bodies are. This has created races of infectious and insulting entities which are much better able to run and hide and disguise themselves, even rapidly change form into something that a designer medicine will not recognize and can not affect.

3. Die-off (Herxheimer reaction) , also referred to as internally generated toxic overload. On those occasions when a “Black Box” (Used to refer to a frequency generator therapeutic instrument, whether dial-up or a “Sweeping” design) hits the target it may be so effective at killing or aggravating the “Bug” that the body may be left with to much inflammatory debris to comfortably handle.
Such an overload can be debilitating, very uncomfortable and can even put one’s healing/strengthening/recuperating path into reverse. ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Biological Terrain

The short of it is that, ultimately the overall condition is due not to what one is “Exposed to” but the quality / character of one’s “Internal Environment” [See article; Biological Terrain].
This leads one to think more about balancing, nurturing, tonify-ing the body, uplifting the life-force, and treating the be-ing as the “Whole” that it is, and be much more prudent when considering conventional “Killing” therapies (Antibiotics, strong suppressive drug programs Etc).

These potentially offensive, invasive medicines by the way can be regulated pharmaceuticals or more naturally derived products.


Medicines, supplements, Etc. whether ingested or injected can only alter conditions in the body in the desired manner if the substance can reach the target and only to the degree that it remains intact (Not oxidized out of commission, combined into a new compound or metabolized beyond usefulness).

Therapeutic “Energy” directly offered to the body may have a much better chance of not only gaining access, but reaching the “Target” in tack. Additionally, a life-affirming Therapeutic Energy may not poison, irritate, stress the body, or risk further imbalance, as can be expected with a pharmaceutical preparation and may the case even with gentler, more natural products.

The Therapeutic Energy offered by the PSB is transferred through Light, Sound, Electric Current and Radio Waves. This way the balancing influence has virtually no barriers. No Limits. With this technology we can go where no conventional preparation can go with certainty.

The inventor and his best work

Ed Skilling – The man behind the Photon Sound Beam technology
Ed Skilling is a pioneer researcher and inventor in electro medicine.
His life’s work has been dedicated to healing the human body. From a very young age, Ed Skilling had always shown an exceptional aptitude for working with electricity. At the age of ten in 1928 Detroit, he constructed his first radio and has been building and experimenting with electronic equipment ever since.
Through an early experiment, he realized there were benefits to sound frequencies. On the family lawn, he transmitted radio signals underground from one copper pipe to another. To his surprise, the grass between the two copper pipes grew profusely. When he sent radio frequencies through soil planted with alfalfa seeds, he found they grew higher and faster than usual as well.
Ed trained as an electrical engineer, though his passion for engineering drew him to the fields of mechanical and hydraulic engineering. Rather than work in a conventional industry, Ed Skilling devoted his efforts to his true passion, which was developing his own inventions.
Ed’s hobby and rapidly growing knowledge led to industrial engineering positions. He worked in Aerospace Engineering from 1950 to 1983. As his knowledge of electronics, mechanics, and hydraulics became known, he secured steady promotions. Eventually he was advanced to a position as an electronic engineer and section head with the first guided missile plant in the United States. Ed’s ability to solve aerospace and industrial problems by inventing innovative machinery attracted several companies over the years.
The U.S. Psychotronics Foundation awarded him the “Man of the Year” award for his work in the field of energy medicine.
He was the first to build on the frequency research of Royal Raymond Rife after his work had been dropped in the 1950s. Collaborating with a group of prestigious doctors in the 1930’s, Rife utilized radio tubes to demonstrate how frequency could be used to cure cancer. The American Medical Association eventually succeeded in burying Rife’s work.
In 1988, Ed attended a meeting during a conference in Los Angeles, where several medical doctors showed interest in applying Rife’s work with frequency to cure AIDS. Rife had used high frequencies in the radio wave range to kill a variety of viruses associated with specific diseases.
Ed had been researching frequency devices so he volunteered to further develop Rife’s work to develop a frequency generator.
Ed had also studied the work of Georges Lakhovsky. Lakhovsky had worked with hospitals in the application of frequency in the 1920s. Lakhovsky recognized that cells have a natural frequency that keeps them healthy and resistant to viruses and other pathogens. In order to restore this natural frequency, Lakhovsky developed a Multiple Wave Oscillator to produce high frequencies. The frequencies, in turn, produced a broad range of “Harmonic frequencies”.

When an object is exposed to its natural/healthy frequency it will pick up or resonate with that frequency. This is what happens when two violins have been precisely tuned. If the string on one violin is plucked or vibrated, the same string on the other violin will start to vibrate as well. When exposed to the harmonics produced by Lakhovsky’s Multiple Wave Oscillator, the cells could pick up their natural frequency with the results that their strength and health would be improved.
In a Radio News Magazine article published in February 1925, Lakhovsky wrote: “In conclusion I wish to call attention of the reader to the fact that I have obtained very conclusive results not only with a wavelength of two meters, but with longer and shorter wavelengths. The main thing is to produce the greatest number of harmonics possible.” (Our Genuine PSB is designed to produce the greatest number and widest range of beneficial harmonics, to date; no other electrotherapeutic device is engineered to do so).

Skilling devoted his talents and genius to the design of a unit incorporating the research of Lakhovsky and Rife to produce a healing frequency and also a broad range of harmonic frequencies. Skilling does not strive toward developing units for specific diseases. Rather, he designed a unit to output 728 Hz which is the Rife frequency considered to be the most healing.

Ed has coined 728 Hz “The Universal Healing Frequency”. This frequency is carried on a radio frequency wave to transport it into the body. This works in the same way a radio transmitter carries the signal for a particular radio station so it can be received by a radio in any given area. The RF Flat pack (Passive probe) operates with a very gentle 100 milliwatts of power, a lot less intense than the Rife version. The carrier wave of 28, 50 or 100 MHz is in the high radio frequency (RF) band (Depending on model). The 728 Hz modulates the 28.322 MHz to create a great range of harmonic frequencies – up into the Giga Hertz range.

The cells can then pick up their resonant healthy frequency. The immune system can gradually grow in strength, thus allowing the body to heal itself naturally rather than creating an artificial homeostasis through the use of “Lethal” frequencies.


The noble gases are the elements in group 18 of the periodic table. They are the most stable due to having the maximum number of valence electrons their outer shell can hold. Therefore, they rarely react with other elements since they are already stable. Other characteristics of the noble gases are that they all conduct electricity, flouresce, are odorless and colorless, and are used in many conditions when a stable element is needed to maintain a safe and constant enviroment.

The noble gases are: Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon and Radon

A quantum of electromagnetic energy. Like electrons, photons appear as both waves and particles at the same time. Quite often, a photon is said to be a “particle of light.

A single light photon can cause a neuron in your retina to fire.
The quantum of electromagnetic energy, regarded as a discrete particle having zero mass, no electric charge, and an indefinitely long lifetime.

Herxheimer Reaction
The Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction referred to as “Herx” is a reaction caused by organisms (bacteria) dying off and releasing toxins into the body faster than the body may comfortably handle it.
The die-off” effect that is referred to as a Herxheimer reaction, is the result of the rapid killing of microorganisms and absorption of large quantities of metobolic toxins, cell particles, and antigens. Symptoms may get worse before they improve. …
The “die-off effect,” or Herxheimer refers to symptoms generated by a detoxification process.


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Photon Sound Beam, points to ponder



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