Photon Sound Beam

Thank you for your interest in the Skilling Technologies and the Photon Sound Beam. I have met with Mr. Skilling on numerous occasions over the years, used various devices of his design, currently work closely with his only authorized tech man and remain very satisfied with results.

Health maintenance…
-The Genuine PSB-

I, and many with whom I am in touch, have personally used Ed’s revolutionary technologies for 20 years.

I have worked specifically the Photon Sound Beam (PSB) for the past 15 years and consider the practice of regular PSB treatments to be very worthwhile to say the least !

Many people with whom I am in touch take advantage of frequent, periodic Energetic-Lymphatic Massage, using the rare (noble) gas glass tubes of the PSB, while simultaneously receiving the profound benefits delivered via the RF(Radio Frequency) probe (Flat Pack).

A maintenance and a remedial instrument

Certainly with regards to the PSB “What the instrument offers is profound and the benefits many, and on various levels”. “I would not choose to be without the PSB, and have witnessed many BREAKTHROUGHS in the progress and evolution of its users, This is both a maintenance and a remedial instrument, designed to help maintain overall balance and a high degree of wellness”.

Through our experiences since the early 90’s we have learned a thing or two about how to absolutely Maximize the GOOD that the PSB provides. Some of what this instrument does for you is comparable to other practices that are Good For You… and some of what it provides is exclusive to the PSB.

As it is our practice to evaluate health related products, and we are often called upon to do so for clients, we have tested the “clones and imitators”, some looked almost identical on the outside, and one version was priced at 6,000.00. Time and time again it has been reinforced that there is only one genuine PSB. It is not unusual for inventors to be ripped-off. The fact is… Mr. Skilling gives his developments away (On paper). Sometimes the essential essence of the design is simply not duplicable by anyone else.

Currently there are two people on the planet who can manufacture a fully functional PSB, one of them is Ed and the other is the only other human possessing a certain intangible “Knack/Gift” and who has been laboriously trained and authorized by Ed Skilling, and pays the appropriate royalties to the Inventor.

Wholistic Wellness Associates / TechKnowledgee and
the Genuine PSB

Wholistic Wellness Associates / TechKnowledgee is Honored to include in our limited “Top Shelf” line, the Genuine PSB and pleased to offer comprehensive Training, Instruction, and Guidance for achieving maximum positive results. The Photon Sound Beam is a LIFE ENHANCER that no home or health clinic should be without. It is not just for treating illness but very effective at maintaining a high level of wellness and whole-body balance. Imagine…

If a medicine or nutrient this effective (Considered Absolutely Essential and Life Saving by many), could also be extremely cost effective…

At the current Year 2007 price of about 2,000.00, give or take a couple hundred, take a look (Remember one of the really great things about home-use electro-therapeutics is that a single purchase provides years of use, and for as many users as you wish). $2,000 @ 20 years use = about .25 cents per day for a single user, obviously a family or “Party” of five is enjoying the Nutrient/Medicine/Balancing Therapy for A NICKEL A DAY !
…And of course, as with any undertaking which supports and/or enhances Wellness/Fitness, the user saves money through increased Productivity and Up-time. It is always more efficient and economical to maintain wellness then to have to regain Wellness.

Wholistic Wellness Associates; can be reached at;
1-800-811-1482 / 928-776-0596 ask for Billy

E-M to:

Thank You! `

…Some discussion about the components;
“ ~The Gas Probes,

More effectively than anything else you can use; Access, Mobilize, and Purify the Lymph.
~728 Hertz universal healing frequency produces a broad range of beneficial harmonics ~

RF Sound Probe operates at 100 megahertz (24 and 50 mHz optional), 20 milliwatts to deliver the 728 UHF ~

Base unit plugs into a grounded wall outlet and is internally fused In general terms you may think of it this way;

The RF Probe uses Subtle Energy to work on various levels, it does so in Harmony with the body, in part by Key-ing the body to Access and “Remember/Read” It’s Perfection Template. The RF energy has absolutely no barriers in the body.

With this technology you can deliver the therapeutic energy to all recesses of the body…

No longer are we dependent on delivering the therapeutic dose still intact (Unaltered by metabolism), via what may be a questionable are under-functioning blood supply…

While the Rare Gas Tubes are the most Effective/Safe means we have for Moving… Blood, Lymph, and Energy (Breaking up Stagnation) Photon Sound Beam $1995.00

For More Information E-Mail Us At … Please type PSB in subject line.


Available only though… Wholistic Wellness Associates
The Official Photon Sound Beam,
The Sound Maji,
and The New Face.

Authorized by the American Naturopathic Association

These are the same units (PSB), with the tested and authorized upgrades, endorsed and used by the American Naturopathic Association (Photon Sound Beam).

At Wholistic Wellness Associates we actively maintain our status as a leader in both developing and resurrected “wellness relevant” technology. We concentrate primarily, but not exclusively on those technologies directly related to human health enhancement.

We currently enjoy a Research and Development partnership with former NASA Aerospace engineer Gary Griggs.

W.W.A. had nothing to do with the design and has had only limited influence on any evolvement of the official Photon Sound Beam. We feel that The Photon Sound Beam is the Electro-Therapeutic instrument that every home and clinic should have…
Wholistic Wellness Associates 1-800-811-1482 / 928-776-0596

Thank You!

OUR PSB Electro-Therapeutic Unit is endorsed by;

*The World Natural Health Organization,

*Association for Rational Health Care,

*International Association for Oxygen Therapies,

*Medical Missionaries Foundation,

And certified by The American Naturopathic Association and used in the training of ANA practitioners.

Photon Sound Beam $1995.00


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PSB, single RF unit

PSB, single RF unit


PSB, dual RF (practitioner’s) unit

PSB, dual RF (practitioner’s) unit


PSB with case

PSB with case


PSB, Photon Sound Beam, with spiral probe

PSB, Photon Sound Beam, with spiral probe


PSB Graphic,

PSB Graphic,

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