Potluck, or Guess Who Else is Coming to Dinner

And all for what?

To maintain a habit of learned behavior (As eating ‘tiger-food’ and pink-colored, fake-flavored, perversely sweet, pretend-food is certainly not instinctive) which never serves us, and then pass the habit down to the next generation, the members of which are already inheriting the Planet-choking pollution, the super-bugs, the disappearing forests and dwindling resources, the sickness and the ‘Racist’ thinking that allows the torture and murder of some of those who speak a different language and can’t run fast enough.
Careful not to utter a ‘Moo’ or use a word that may sound like ‘gobble’.

If you think that your God entrusted humans with ‘dominion’, I hope you understand that dominion, by no stretch of Webster’s interpretation can possibly mean ‘unrestricted, mean-hearted abuse’.

This stuff is not in the least appetizing.

All of these discomforting realities cannot be untangled from the addictions that create the problems, the addictions that cover the table.

The Jell-O (Concentrated renderings of toe nails, snouts, hooves, fur and bone mixed with tons of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or even more poisonous artificial sweeteners and various high-tech, un-pronounceable additives) is anything but food. This fact is verified by simply reading the ingredient list, if you know what the word gelatin means and can translate the rest of the poly-syllabic terms. Nowhere on the package of Bill Cosby’s favorite flavor of Jell-O is there a hint of the sins of abuse, the environmental destruction, and the immeasurable pollution that made possible the wiggly treat.
And not even the finest of print on the brightly colored package will make mention of the superb carrier/transmitting medium of incurable Mad Cow Disease that gelatin represents. (The prion molecules which cause Mad Cow Disease, and are present in most of the cattle in all large herds and factory farm feed lots can survive almost any conditions, and gelatin is the medium of choice for growing microorganism cultures.)

That’s not appetizing.

The Mac N’ Cheese is benign enough right?

Well we weirdoes (Plant Eaters) have versions that qualify as food and which don’t incorporate any ‘melted murder’. But generally the namesake ingredients of standard M-N-C are exclusively the starch (Missing the fiber, protein and most nutrients) from commercially grown (Poison to the people and polluting to the planet) wheat, and some gooey stuff which used to be mostly cheese made from cow’s milk and rennet (Rennet is a coagulating agent scraped from someone’s intestines and/or a powder made from the desiccated fourth stomach of a young cow.)

In today’s ‘cheese-like-substances there are, as you might imagine, increasing percentages of chemical plasticizers, colors, flavors, stabilizers and such, and still some actual dairy-milk. Actual dairy-milk of course represents every bit as much torture, pollution and the like as flesh, it is referred to in some circles as liquid meat, and this is not a compliment.

In at least one way, milk is even more heart-wrenchingly inhumane than what people call beef or pork because the short life of a modern dairy cow is every bit as torturous as that of the steers and pigs that people eat, but she (The unfortunate milk-cow) is kept pregnant and nursing continuously and genetically and pharmaceutically altered so that her udder is engorged to the point of dragging on the floor and chronically infected. Yes, that’s horrible, but the really sad thing is that her children (And there is an undeniable strong emotional [two-way] bond which appears equal in intensity to the bond between human mother and child) are taken away on their day of birth, never to be reunited.

This dramatically depressing kidnapping is inhumane… is beyond words.

Her female children will carry on the tradition of providing pus-rich milk for humans’ self-poisoning, and her male calves will be locked in a cage with insufficient room to turn around and force-fed a disease producing diet and soon (After about four months out of a 25 year life-span potential) become the sin that some people call Veal.

The dairy scam is a murderous one indeed. Even if you would boycott veal on the grounds of the extreme abuse visited upon the young male prisoners, murdered in infancy, but still willingly partake of milk products, you should know that each sip of COW’S milk, every cheese melt and scoop of ice cream is a vote in favor of veal. See: MILK MATH

The veal industry exists because of the dairy industry.

Yes, veal is undeniably ‘child abuse’, culminating in peticide/infanticide (Murder of children.)

That doesn’t taste good.

Milk is in part the torture and infantile murder of the cows’ baby boys.

The milk-cow really gives her all.

And I am strongly inclined to suggest that if you like to partake of cow’s milk (Take note of the name here, it is Cow’s Milk… The Cow’s part is possessive) or any of the other dairy products, all of which are profoundly deranging to the HUMAN system (See: Milk, and the many ill conditions it causes
), that you pay a visit to a production facility. If you do, understand that you won’t be visiting a pasture, you will not see any grass. The excursion will be memorable, I assure you. You will want to wear high boots, and you’ll wish you had brought along a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, and you will know that you are getting close miles before you arrive, your nose will tell you. Upon returning home you will likely want to burn your clothes and shower for a few hours. I think we all owe it to ourselves, to see where (Or Who) our ‘food’ comes from. Such investigations do clearly illustrate what constitutes appropriate food, based on what we are genuinely attracted to in its natural state.

Everyone is different I know, but the sights and sounds and certainly the smells in a 1,000 – 10,000 head dairy complex will not generally make a person salivate with desire to partake. In fact, I doubt that there is one-person-in-a-billion who would be naturally drawn to access cow’s milk in the ‘natural way’ even from a healthy, happy cow milling around in a field of grass. And I’m not sure she would appreciate your crawling up under her anyway. At any rate, the green pastures are only in history or are illustrations on dairy packaging and advertisements.

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