Potluck, or Guess Who Else is Coming to Dinner

Eating is one of the most joyous, even blissful activities in life. It seems to be necessary of course, but can be very enjoyable as well, and is in fact ‘truly nourishing’ only when the full spectrum of senses are employed, as when we use our awareness to fully appreciate the color, the scent, the textures and layering of flavors, and when we think about how the dish came-to-be, and mentally / emotionally give thanks. We are, in fact, nourished [only] to the degree that we participate in the experience.

We are nourished to the degree that we are in alignment with our perception of the ‘quality’ of the food. Quality, in this context refers not nearly so much to a measure of vitamin content or the monetary price, but to the overall inherent ‘energies’ contained in, and transferred to us… through the food.

Whole aspects of our being go virtually un-fed if we eat super, new-and-improved, fortified, high priced, vitamin enriched ‘health food’ but don’t fully participate, and in a pleasurable manner, in the partaking of the gift.

Whole aspects of our being are confused and deranged
if we choose to eat things for which our bodies are not physiologically designed. Flesh from any animal and the milk from a foreign species or even our own mother’s milk after weaning age (Apr. 18 months) are good examples of poor choices.

Whole aspects of our being are poisoned, if we choose to eat things that contain chemical, biological, hormonal, or energetic qualities or residues beyond our ability to process fully and naturally.

This helps explain why nutritional supplements can have significant shortcomings, why 20 minutes in the sun will serve your Vitamin D needs, and thus your bone density and immune integrity better than a bottle full of ‘D’ pills or a tanker-full of ‘fortified’ Cow’s milk.

This helps explain why the Carotenoids contained in Cole slaw, sautéed veggies, or pumpkin pie will fulfill your Vitamin A needs in ways that a handful of ‘A’ tablets may fail.

And this helps explain at least two reasons why many potluck parties fall short with regards to nourishing, in a healthful way all [any] of the attendees.

When a typical SAD potluck is attended both by folks who like regular junk-food and flesh-food, and by people who prefer to eat a cruelty-free and/or a natural food diet, it doesn’t work well for either group:

The SAD potluck-ers, well, no human or any animal for that matter, will be moved any closer towards wellness/vitality by scarfing greasy chips, other blatant junk food or from any tasty pasta dish, bakery or whatever if the starch bulk comes from refined grain (Flour.)

The SAD folks may also dig into the fried chicken, something cheesy, maybe burgers off the grill or hot dogs (Yes people actually eat that stuff.) Down south (South East U.S.) people really go for ‘barbecue’, that’s Chopped Pig in a sauce of tomato, smoke flavor and almost enough salt and sugar to cancel each other out.

Well, obviously the salmonella and campylobacter in the chicken, the antibiotics, heavy viral loads, zillions of allergens, pus, and hormones in the cheesy stuff or anything from milk, the e. Coli and mad cow prions in the burgers and the Trichinella worms (Trichinella spiralis, a nematode parasite in all pigs which loves to reproduce in humans) in the pig stuff don’t sound good, and they’re not.
The very high concentrations of agricultural poisons used to grow the feed which fattens those animals and which concentrates densely in the flesh, fat and milk is not good.
And that’s all painfully obvious, and easy to demonstrate scientifically.

Even through the thick and expensive smoke screen maintained by the meat and dairy interests,
independent, unbiased studies find the for-mentioned bacteria in about 80% of chicken and chicken products (Including organic) randomly selected, and likewise with the other animal sourced stuff. It’s easy to test for the infecting biological contaminants, and also easy to isolate and quantify the chemical residue. There are very long lists of health degrading, highly infective and extremely toxic freeloaders that are delivered automatically with all meaty and milky things, and I think most folks have some sense of that, though many don’t let themselves think about just how severe the situation might be, or they just can’t bear to face it.

I understand that some people think government agencies are monitoring the industries and keeping the food supply safe. Think again!

These are just some of the biological and chemical goodies that you get as unavoidable side dishes with the meat and milk.

What is possibly less obvious, yet also very, very harmful are the endogenous chemical, hormonal, and energetic compounds and influences created in the body of the food animals (Livestock) as a result of, and in response to the intense discomfort, fear and desperation that are the constant life experience of those unfortunate individuals.
One example would be the ‘adrenaline rush’, the inevitable flooding with ‘fight or flight’ hormones that occurs in the body of the animals moving down the conveyor to the end of the line. They are at that time surrounded by the horrific sounds and smells of industrial holocaust, they thrash with all their might, but can’t get free, some hormones spike 150,000 times baseline, moments before the end they lose control, they poop and pee where the floor is deep with urine, feces, blood and guts.

That right there, that place of poop and pee and blood and guts is the very place where a living, loving being, in an instant, becomes your meal.

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