Potluck, or Guess Who Else is Coming to Dinner

One moment he/she was someone you might pet, minutes later, a transformation has taken place. Now the hormones of horror, the neurotransmitters of fear and some of the poop and pee and putrid intestinal contents squirting about become part of your body, your mind, your soul… if, and every time you eat or drink of another animal’s body.

Come on people, this is not fit food.

I have witnessed that sometimes the SAD hosts take offense when a CAD guest declines the generous invitations to try a little… I have, in years long passed even earned the scorn of an aunt and grandmother for excusing myself, and forgoing a slice of Pig (Ham) or some holiday ‘bird’.

“Oh, come on little salad boy, one bite isn’t going to kill you”.

Even though I have long been aware that ‘one wrong bite’ does, in fact kill more than ten million people every year, just from direct infection alone… that never was the point. I knew, as I know today that I would likely survive exposure to the parasites in the slice of ham, and it would take more than one serving of Grandma’s meatloaf to clog my arteries.

Selfish, personal welfare never was the primary motivating factor for dropping the meat. No, one bite of burger, brisket or bacon isn’t going to kill me or you, but you can’t get that bite without killing someone!

What it comes down to is that a standard potluck is rather like a funeral, with some obvious distinctions. The analogy however still works and the differences do not diminish the sadness elicited.

The potluck is a funeral for more than one individual and the attendees probably have never seen the face of, and did not personally know the deceased. At a human funeral the air may offer the smell of flowers, maybe with undertones of formaldehyde, while the air at the potluck is thick with the aroma of the cooked bodies of the ‘victims’.

At the human service, people recognize positive qualities associated with the ‘host’ and excuse any less lovable character traits, while there may be no appreciation observed for the ones ‘laid-out’ at the potluck, no recognition of the supreme sacrifice made, and not a hint of dignity directed toward the individuals lying cooked and hidden under spicy sauce.

That seems quite perverted to me, and a shameful illustration of the character and moral quality of humans.

I have never attended a dinner party with ice age cave dwellers, where the excuse might be that the hosts wanted to serve a lavish fair, but couldn’t acquire a bloodless main course because, after all it was an ice-covered world where plants and grocery stores were hard to come by. In an age when we can grow some food plants if we have a patch of Earth or a balcony and we can, at a whim, exchange dollars for any: vegetable, fruit, nut, bean, grain, fungus Etc., in endless varieties; fresh, packaged, raw, cooked, dried Etc., from anywhere on the globe, some people wonder why others would rely heavily on animals to dress (Or Disgrace) their plates. Why do some folks rely on animals to deliver nutrients ‘second hand’ when that system inevitably incorporates terror, torture, murder Etc. and delivers a dramatically inferior form of nutrition along with high concentrations of a wide variety of poison chemicals and high counts of bacterial and viral agents?

This system of producing food (Cycling nutrients through livestock), also is responsible for the greatest share of pollution, resource waste, human disease, economic waste, hunger/starvation and diabolical meanness of all industries.

If it is variety we are after that induces us to eat animal bodies, well elementary math demonstrates that an exponential explosion of dishes results from starting with a large number of compatible ingredients, as with the hundreds of commonly favored plant foods (Or many thousands, if we include more exotic edible plants.) The worn-out reliance on 3 or 4 animal species (Or expand the number to 6 or 8 if you count the more obscure beasts,) multiplies out to a comparatively tiny number of final entrée possibilities.

Adding 3or 4 animals, or a dozen different animal forms for that matter to the hundreds / thousands of plant varieties will not increase the ‘product’ of possible dishes by a meaningful degree.

The tradition of braking bread with friends is older than bread itself and is literally a ‘soul-nourishing’ activity. The practice of potlucking, where all participants bring an offering adds a further dimension of communal sharing. What is not good about sharing nourishment in the company of friends?

This is a component of the joy of life.

So why would anyone insult the spirit of the party by displaying the guts and pus of others who have been denied any and all of the joys of life that the good neighbors are celebrating at the potluck?

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