Potluck, or Guess Who Else is Coming to Dinner

To a steadily increasing percentage of North Americans and Europeans the idea of torture-for-food is obscene and the display of the ‘finished product’ is, as my brother so aptly puts it, pornographic.

In some parts of the world of course, high percentages of the population have always viewed it in these terms.

Fewer than 150 years ago
many or most Caucasian North Americans would not have given a second thought to the moral/ethical implications of a system which allowed for the taking control of a black human being at birth, controlling every aspect of the slave’s God-given life and forcing him/her to provide whatever the master ordered, throughout his entire life. It was also, just those few years ago, normal to provide only the most meager and poor quality life support needs, and to abuse in any way, the slave. It was quite acceptable to do whatever it took to squeeze every last bit of productivity out of the captive and end his life at any time, and by any means the master wished.

As with the livestock food production system today, the law was on the master’s side and the prevailing social norm is quite comfortable with the system the way it is. We are allowed, even encouraged to abuse, mutilate and murder members of certain species.

Most of the people around us do it too. It is accepted, daily practice to capture, cage, poison, inflict unspeakable pain upon, and murder at a young age, those individuals considered ‘commodity animals’.

Most of us do it every day, if only by ‘contract’… utilizing the power of supply and demand. Being on the demand side of the system is committing murder just as sure as wielding the cleaver, but with the comfort of hiding from the dirty deed and disguising the act with euphemisms and condiments. It’s all perfectly legal, even supported and heavily subsidized by our corporate controlled, Dark Age government. Strangely though, treating a dog or a cat the way that meat eaters treat pigs, cows and chickens is socially unacceptable and even illegal in some states.
Weird ha.

People may sometimes defend their contribution to the murderous system on the grounds that “my doctor says I must eat some meat or my health will suffer”. The statement, while it has no basis in biological reality suggests: “It is appropriate to torture and kill someone else in order that my desires are met”.

Boy, you don’t want to be on the other side of that arrangement! That rather hollow statement takes my imagination again back to, oh say, 1870, not that long ago, it was already a modern world, automobiles, electric lights and telephones were about to come on line. Many intellectuals, scholars, church leaders and political officials would agree that: “The plantation owner can’t plant the tobacco or bring in the cotton without [driving] the slaves”. That had to change, and it did. Well the process has started anyway.

As an analog to the racism backed by our own government in the near past and still practiced in the shadows today, the ‘Speciesism’ discussed here involves favoring the interests of one’s own species over those of another.

Speciesism is an ‘accepted trait’ among humans, who routinely discount the fundamental interests of non-humans to satisfy the generally trivial interests of humans. The modern agricultural system is designed in such a way that many billions of animals live under horrendous conditions most or all of their lives and then are inhumanly slaughtered while still children, so that some humans can taste flesh. Flesh, for which the humans have no nutritional requirement.

By the way, ‘legal’ is not the equivalent of ‘right’. As recently as 1858 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a black human being “Is not a Person” but “is equal to a wagon wheel or a horse”. That LEGAL ruling stood for some 20 years until another challenge in 1879. Doesn’t that blow your mind? Racism, sexism, speciesism are all equally wrong, and we all know that. One by one, we have been forced to face the injustice fostered by various ‘isms’ that society has been OK with.

Obviously if we, as a society had been more realistic, honest and compassionate, African Americans, Asian Americans, and women oppressed through sexism, would have been spared much suffering, and the shame and insult built into our history would now be comfortably less. All the long years that it took to change the collective mindset about ‘black slavery racism’ cost the oppressed ones dearly and perversely altered the quality of our society’s character. Some hundred years ago we could not wait for the courts to catch up, we had to face the sin, personally and societal-ly. More and more people stood on the side of ‘right’ and eventually the law followed.

Tremendous unnecessary suffering occurs today because we are too slow, timid, or selfish about standing up for what is right.

People are coming around, but the sluggish, incremental degrees of improvement leave many in sad situations which shames us as a people and will stain the history made today, leaving us unable to answer ‘why’, tomorrow.

Request a vegetarian starter kit today…

Unsavory hypocrisy pops up again and again when present day people support and defend the rights of African Americans and discus ‘civil rights’ over a hamburger.

Even if the welfare of a hungry human were more sacred than that of an intelligent being with fur instead of freckles, the fact is that there is no nutrient, essential for human nutrition that can’t more easily be obtained from plant foods. And ‘direct nutrition’ (Eating Plants) is in every way safer, cleaner and much more cost effective than cycling valuable nutrients through filthy-factory-farm-animals. And direct nutrition, especially if it is organically oriented is kind to the environment.

Conversely, eating mass-produced animals is devastating to the environment and so inefficient that it must be very heavily subsidized (Otherwise a skinny burger would cost $20.00 and a steak more than $80.00.)

A dietstyle which features organically grown plant food (Direct nutrition) can be easy on resources, virtually non-polluting and actually build up the topsoil. These two systems are head-butting, absolute opposites.

Without a doubt, animal agriculture the way it is done today, the way that it must be done to satisfy the everyday meat eating habit practiced by so many of our soon to be 7 billion neighbors is completely un-sustainable. Any first grader can do the math.

Even the United Nations and the prestigious Union of Concerned Scientists have been warning for years that this eating animals nonsense can’t go on. It is so ruinous to the environment that no other industry is worse, and it is so ridiculously inefficient that ‘IT’ alone could be blamed for all the food shortage related starvation in the world.

Ya see this is a very important issue.

In actual fact, every 13 seconds or so another child under the age of five passes away due to food shortage starvation and 800,000,000 humans are malnourished… This while the typical American/European eats animal produce representing on average a 30:1 nutrient and resource input / to food value recovery ratio.

An understatement is that it is hugely inefficient.

A fair analogy is a compact car that gets ½ mile per gallon and pollutes like all get-out. The redirected nutrition realized by switching from animal agriculture to direct nutrition could actually feed all the world’s humans at least three times over.

So you can see, though I realize that you may not have thought about it clearly before, that this actually is a big deal, and it’s not easily overlooked, for supporting modern animal agriculture:

Does harm the environment more than any other venture.

Does spread illness like nothing else that we would tolerate.

Does add pain and misery on a scale far greater than all other crime and all war.

Does harden the psyche of people to suffering and add immeasurable negativity to our collective consciousness.

And it is one of the biggest economic blunders ever conceived.

So probably, participation in such a system should not be overlooked anymore. Certainly not, if only for compliance with political correctness.

I think the time has come for those of us who see what’s going on to remember that there is nothing ‘politically appropriate’ whether or not politically correct about:

Making everyone sick.

Raising everyone’s health insurance rates.

Ruining our natural world through unprecedented pollution and resource wasting (Which is to say STEALING OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE.)

Throwing good money after bad.

Causing extreme misery and early death to some over 1,000,000,000,000 individuals every year.

Sentencing millions of human beings to unnecessary death by starvation…And all the rest.

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