Potluck, or Guess Who Else is Coming to Dinner

I have for many long years avoided the issue unless asked about it, but it occurs to me that abuse-by-silence may be abuse just the same. (*1) So it is with a certain respect for my SAD friends, and everyone eating according to television commercials, that I call to your attention the wrongful folly of “Eating Factory Farmed Animals”. And if you refuse to look the issue square in the face but instead, insult me as being ‘one of those holier-than-thou’, be-like-me fanatics, I respectfully ask what do you think truly expresses the holier-than-thou attitude more than terrorizing, torturing and murdering someone just because you can, and doing so to fulfill no actual need, and with the same stroke, laying waste to the environment, which by the way, belongs to everyone or no one equally? The Might is Right attitude is no more a sound a psychological trait than is the holier-than-thou.

Likely, I’m not the only veg’n who has been called antisocial for his reluctance to participate fully in the potluck/dinner party thing.

I know that recognizing and accounting for the rights and welfare of ‘everyone’ is in fact profoundly socially responsible, this makes me pro-social.

Again, we can illustrate the indefensible double standard with the pet/livestock comparison.
Try it sometime.
Walk into a dinner party, notice the flesh, fat and milk from numerous tortured and murdered ‘slaves’, notice the normality and how there is not a smidgen of remorse associated with the sinful spread. Next, speak harshly to the host’s puppy or kitty, just speak sternly, you need not kick the pet, you don’t need to burn a brand into his ear or prod him into a small cage with 200,000 volt jolts. Just for a moment treat him like a little less than a human. The hypocrisy exposed with this experiment is astounding as the master defends the pet’s rights and scorns your un-called-for abuse.

So, as the potluck/dinner party is typically a showcase for ‘ill gotten goods’ and displays the results of torture and murder, it is not really an appealing setting for joyful interaction or for ‘Celebrating Life’.

And if the words torture and murder strike you as too sensational because you like to think that non-human animals can only be mutilated, not tortured… and slaughtered, not murdered, let us not butt heads over terminology and instead agree that the flesh and flesh by-products on the table are there because someone, who would have liked to go on living, and who struggled with all available might to survive was indeed KILLED!

That’s just plain hard to swallow.

Ordering the imprisonment, and murder of livestock individuals so that we may savor a veal cutlet or Mc-scarf some Mc nuggets is a means to an end. Simply because we satisfy our craving does not necessarily justify the means taken, even if we deem the reward very pleasurable.

The pain and injustice inflicted is not lessened by a single degree because we did not personally know those murdered on our behalf.

…Just a means to an end. Stealing is a means to an end. If you covet something you do not have, and steal it from another… Well most people agree that steeling is wrong.

The active conscience behind the moral foundation of most folks won’t let us step on another to advance ourselves up the proverbial ladder. If enough monetary value is involved, it is universally accepted that taking someone else’s diamond ring or big screen TV is wrong, even if the victim does not actually need the item, yet stealing a ‘life’, the only life the victim has, is condoned and supported by most of the same ‘just-minded’ people.

Doesn’t add up does it?

I wholeheartedly appreciate invitations to social events and like it when folks accept my invitations too. Communion with friends and making new ones is psychologically nourishing and life-affirming-ly fulfilling. Yet I can do no less than care about the welfare of all thinking / feeling beings. So when an event showcases the murder of someone(s) who would undoubtedly have liked to live a long, happy life, that event takes on a different light. It in fact becomes more ‘dark’ than ‘light’.

I’m not into torture and murder and so must do what I can to prevent it… And I could use some help.

Whoever you are, rest assured that if I foresaw serious harm coming your way I would intervene, or at the very least call attention to the injustice so as to help prevent future harm. And if you are not available while a loved one is threatened I will defend your friend or family member no matter his/her color, religion or species.

I honestly think that we all understand that dividing rights and justifying treatment standards along lines of color, gender or species is a poor substitute for fairness and in no way exemplifies what is civilized about a civilization. But many people are just too comfortable in their long held comfort zone (Stuck in their rut), and can’t imagine running with the smaller pack, being an outsider. I understand those fears, and that it seems like a socially risky inconvenience.

But can such concerns justify unnecessary torture and murder… and environmental ruination? NO!

And if we are so concerned about what others think, can we be comfortable knowing that our grandchildren surely will want to ask how we could have so selfishly and profoundly stripped and poisoned their planet. And as society inevitably moves back again more towards a plant based diet out of necessity and reawakened compassion, what will those people in the near and distant future think of our personal choices of barbaric behavior?
Anyway when you come over to the ‘kinder side’ you will not be alone… Not by a long shot.
No fewer than two of the semi-viable U.S. presidential candidates, from two different parties in the past two races do not eat or exploit animals and have each lived that philosophy for a long time. And in a national poll conducted by Harris Interactive®. for 2006, 6.7 percent of adults aged 18 years or older in the U.S. said they never eat meat. The percentage grows daily of course, and the numbers are higher, much higher in some other counties. There is now a trend, even recently reported in mainstream news of children choosing to reduce their ‘Blood Footprint’ and declaring themselves vegetarian. One young person whose interview I digested with delight made the decision at age three; it was approved by his parents and pediatrician. Many of these kids live in non-veg homes. Fairly typically, as one might project, eventually the parents come around. The poll sited above used the word “never” [eat meat]. Dropping the word never raises the percentage significantly as various other polls have documented. And then there are those folks who simply claim to be Veg because it is becoming more and more a positive status symbol. The point is that it’s no longer an exclusive club, support abounds. Google the word VEGETARIAN today and you’ll get 41,500,000 entries, VEGAN yields 3,300,000.

Few people claim to really know what life is all about, what is the purpose of life, but most seem to agree that it works best when it is lived with attention to the altruistic and that life should be about life and love. Many people even subscribe to spiritually derived ‘commandments’ which include an outright prohibition on killing. From all of my discussions with, and observations of people as well as my own inner investigations is clear that humans innately lean toward the ‘humane’.

A number of developments however have combined to fool people into stunting expression of their (Our) humane-ness and to commit grievous crimes against the humane ideal on a daily basis.

~ Sometimes doctors (Whose average 2 ½ hours of elective nutritional lectures qualify them as ‘Un-Authorities’ in the field of nutrition) indicate by suggestion or example that eating animals is harmless.

~ The government, and it’s relevant agencies which are heavily lobbied by the meat and dairy cartels allows those corporate entities to design the graphic ‘food pyramids’ and food related educational materials for the schools… All of it.

~ Billion dollar advertising specialists effectively convince a brain-dead public that “Beef is what’s for dinner” and “Pus does a body good”.

~ The low class blood N’ guts entertainment on TV and extensive war coverage deadens the senses to the pain of others.

~ Mis-interpretation, poor interpretation, self serving interpretation of some Holy Books make possible justification of anything at all, if you really want to do it.

Whoever you may be, I am convinced that if the essence residing in your human form had been born into the body of someone of the opposite sex, covered with a different color skin or became the spark of life in a curly-tailed pig you would want someone, anyone, everyone to come to your rescue in the event that your rights, even your life were threatened, even if the abuse were ‘perfectly legal’, socially acceptable and in fact supported by regularly practiced, never questioned, learned behavior of the masses.

Plainly, pain is pain, killing is killing. Nobody likes those things; at least no one likes to be on the receiving end of them. Sometimes pain can arise spontaneously and no one is to blame… We don’t yet know how to prevent all pain.

But when a steer, a chicken, a pig or a Korean dog is imprisoned, tortured and slaughtered at a young age so that someone can poke at him or her with a fork, someone IS to blame.

That pain could have been prevented. The premature death, the killing may not have occurred at all. The wrongdoing was the direct result of a simple decision. An entirely different decision could have been made, and at the very next opportunity a more reasonable decision can be made.

As members of the Planet’s ruling species, our ability to do harm far outweighs our right to do harm. This runaway ability in fact, now threatens the well-being of the entire planet and all life-forms residing here, and profoundly reduces the likelihood that our children’s children will know the smell of clean air or the taste of pure water.

Legal rights mean nothing in the realm of actual right and wrong, at least they offer no comfort to the oppressed ones. Consider some places in the Middle East where it is perfectly legal for men to beat and rape women. Recognition of ‘the law’ does not in the least ease the pain, OR EXCUSE THE CRIME!
Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.
~ Martin Luther King

We can never excuse outright and elective crimes against ‘Humane-ness. And we can ease the pain, as we should of course, at every opportunity, only by preventing it in the first place.

With regards to the issue at the heart of this discussion, preventing the pain is amazingly easy.

Simply remove one category from your personal consumption habits.

Right now, most of us are independently the direct reason for much ‘crying and killing’ that goes on 24/7.
Any one of us… Every one of us can suspend our participation in this horror story.

In an instant you can make one adjustment to your life which will serve to ‘Celebrate’ not ‘denigrate’ life.

Request a vegetarian starter kit today…

You could lay your head down this very night knowing that; no more do others cry and die because of you.

Just preventing some pain, however mild or severe, however little or much is reason enough. Who can argue that?
But it is not a one way street.

The rewards for moving towards a CAD (Compassion Affirming Diet) or ‘Direct Nutrition’ / ‘Plant Based Diet’ are many and major.

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