Potluck, or Guess Who Else is Coming to Dinner

The rewards (just some):

Right now, the animals you eat, even though their sacrifice is supreme, provide absolutely nothing necessary for your well being which can’t be supplied more easily and economically through ‘Direct Nutrition’. The animals that people eat do however supply the eater with an unholy host of harmful and dangerous elements which automatically negatively affect well being in many ways and on various levels.

For those who just reduce their consumption of the products of Factory Farms (CAFO = Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations), which supply virtually all of the meat and milk that Americans and Europeans use, personal benefits will be both immediate and long term.

Those who very much, or completely kick the habit will surely realize undeniable improvements in personal health, even those individuals who are already quite well.

Making such a sensible lifestyle adjustment will place you among a worldwide group of thoughtful people, a group whose membership is growing every minute, who, while they are not ‘better’ than others are automatically taking a huge load off the accumulative stresses that so harm and poison our only Earth.

Those who opt for Direct Nutrition (A Compassionate Diet) will be very much appreciated by more and more people as time goes on, as the population grows, the planet effectively shrinks, resources become more scarce and as members of the ruling species (Humans) are forced to produce food and other consumer items in sustainable ways.

I am certain that future human beings will curse the short-sighted selfishness that some people may have continued to exercise by relying heavily the biggest product of suffering and the worst offender of planetary health.

Future human beings will of course, praise the wisdom and thoughtfulness which will have spurred many of us to live in the most responsible manner that we can so that everyone, now and in the years to come, can have their fare share of clean air, clean water, fertile/productive soil and a healthy population.

They will thank us for deciding to reduce the collective suffering in this wonderful world. They will understand that because we said NO to useless, pointless abuse and killing, we made the world a better place and helped to make their lives better. And with each new day we will thank ourselves for reducing dysfunction and increasing happiness and health for ourselves, our children and their children.

Ultimately, the only lasting future that we can have in a NON-VIOLENT one because our increasing level of ‘violence technology’ will inevitably remove human life from the future unless we cure the ‘disease of violence’. This makes the responsibility of drastically reducing our participation in, our complacency with and our support of needless violence (Eating Animals) absolutely paramount.

It is not a difficult decision when you think about it. You either do your only physical body a tremendous dis-service, while spreading disease, pollution, causing extreme pain and committing murder on an ongoing basis, or you clean up the planet, fortify your health, give the kids a good foundation, stop wasting valuable resources… You can kill-no-more, you can add to the love in our world. We all feel the state of our world with some subtle ‘extra-sense’. The collective consciousness running through all of us keeps us apprised of the overall feeling of things in our world.

Every act of kindness instantly and automatically helps everyone, everywhere feel better. And the better we feel, the better we feel!



I am not judging my human brothers and sisters. I am evaluating the ramifications of our choices and actions… I mean no disrespect by the candid expression of these observations.
Most everyone cares about ‘someone’. And even for those whose concern and compassion is singularly selective, we should be aware that the best we can do for our special loved-ones includes all of the things that we can do to support the health of the planet and everyone living here… As we are all connected… It is all connected.

Acting responsibly and being truly loving to our ‘personal favorite-special loved-ones’ necessitates our non-participation in unnecessary violence, and a supportive attitude (And Action) towards kindness.

Our loved-ones can live in a peaceful world only if we help to make it so.

Our loved-ones can live healthfully in a healthy world only if we help to make it so.

Everyone can have enough, and your loved-ones can have plenty to eat only through efficient/sustainable food production methods.
Using the products of Factory Farm Animal Agriculture cancels out these key ideals and automatically harms your special loved-ones.

This issue must be addressed if only to help yourself and those closest to you. And being on the sensible side of these choices you will also be a saving voice for the billions of feed-lot, hen house and slaughterhouse prisoners… You can help stop the insanity without ever saying a word if that’s your style. By simply not partaking of the ‘cadavers’ you will prevent tremendous suffering and SAVE LIVES. Even if you make the change quietly and live your new and improved life privately, somehow others will be tempted by your example also to eat more of the fruit-of-kindness and less of the root-of-carelessness.
Every time and in every way we substitute the dregs of death with the foods of life everything everywhere is made better.

… Much harm is already done, the crime has been committed and the very real threats to the future represented by this single, void-of-conscience industry have grown at an alarming rate since I first started paying attention to the bloody mess. And the insults upon human health, [other] animal welfare, economic stability and all that is the environment continue to amplify exponentially.

Up until a few generations ago, most of the food people consumed, even in the U.S. was produced on private farms. Before giant chemical companies needed a new market for the chemicals used for munitions and chemical warfare in the World Wars, poison soil amendments, herbicides and insecticides were not used on food / feed crops.

Until that time people ‘round the world ate meat occasionally and sparingly, if at all. The exceptions were some of the filthy-rich who made ‘special occasion’ items into every-day meal components. These were the people who suffered from disease conditions which now are common in the modern population.

Most people younger than myself, have little or no awareness that many folks today (Who are not vegetarian) still eat meat in small portions, and only occasionally. Nor can they conceive of a time, just those few years passed when, even in the U.S. most families had diets of mostly whole-foods, organically grown, and also ate animal flesh only occasionally and generally as a side dish. Understandably, such a different culture would be difficult for a young person living in the U.S. today to imagine. That young person after all, lives in a society where most ‘foods’ come out of brightly colored plastic packages, meat and dairy are components of most meals, and daily meals are named according to the meat portion of the meal. Already by the time I was a kid, if I asked Mom “What’s for dinner”, even though the meal might include coleslaw, mashed potatoes, green peas… the answer was “Meat loaf”, “Hamburgers”, “Pork chops”. The fact that we now take a large percentage of our food bulk and calories as animal produce in many different forms, and at almost every meal, means that we must grow and kill huge numbers of ‘commodity animals’, many more per capita than a few decades ago. Multiply that by the factor of the population increase in the same period and you begin to see why some 1 Trillion animals are sacrificed each year to feed the perverse cravings of humans and their pets.

The condition of tomorrow’s world is decided by the choices we all make today, and the way life ‘feels’ to people everywhere depends very much on how we behave right now, at home, mostly in the kitchen.

No one should be allowed to dictate what we purchase, or what you eat. Likewise no one should be allowed to harm unnecessarily another by his actions.

People on the trigger side of the second amendment, if I may generalize, believe that all responsible citizens have the right to possess a firearm, and to shoot it. But no one believes that it should be permissible to fire the gun when it is pointed at another person posing no threat. We have a right also to purchase and consume food; yet eating factory-farm meat directly kills other people who pose no threat. It kills the individuals eating it habitually as well, but suicide is a right that I choose not to argue.

Does it seem inequitable, even downright wrong that we, in the U.S. feed 80% of our corn, 80% of our combined grain, and 95% of our soy and oats to the animals people eat; and that we tie up about 90% of all the country’s agricultural land, which equals one half of all our land mass just to feed the steers, pigs and chickens? That’s kind of lopsided don’t you think? If these statistics don’t make you shake on their own, consider please that we always (So far) have enough to feed the pigs, chickens and cows (Who waste at least 90% of the food value they eat just for the energy it takes to maintain life), but we can’t seem to feed the millions of starving humans!

Actually, in a sense, it is not accurate to say that agricultural animals ‘waste’ over 90% of the energy input provided as food/feed.

What does not end up on humans’ plates is converted into body heat, huge mountains of manure, and methane gas, some of which leaves their bodies as burps, most of which enters our common atmosphere as farts. Waste may be an acceptable term because the products of that 90-some percent of energy input which are not used as food are ‘bi-products’ for which we have no useful avenue of application. More appropriate words to describe the bi-products could perhaps be: pollution, poison, disease and the stuff of life threatening climate change.

It is a bummer… that methane gas is about 25 times more potent as a global warming greenhouse gas than is the more talked about CO2, and methane is as noxious as heck.
It is a fact… that most human induced (The vast majority of) methane is produced by livestock animals.
It could be comforting… if we get some cooperation here because, unlike CO2, which lingers in the atmosphere for over 100 years, methane cycles through in about eight years, which means that kicking the meat addiction, or even reducing that vice will have a relatively immediate positive effect on the climate change problem.

Releasing much less methane into our air would of course be a very good thing. But just think of some of the other problems created by the meat habit that might begin to improve as we clean up our act.

Raising animals to eat is so insanely inefficient, wasteful, disease producing and environmentally destructive that:

So far, in modern times,
something like three hundred million (300,000,000) acres of ancient rain forest have been laid to waste and converted into short-lived grazing land for cattle. This does not include the countless huge tracts dedicated to growing feed used for the ultimate fattening of the same animals… Every 8 seconds another acre of rain forest is sacrificed for burgers and beefsteak.

One skinny little greasy hamburger ruins 70 square feet of irreplaceable rain forest (The lungs and the medicine chest of the Earth)… interesting to think that just a burger or two will burn down a chunk of forest the same area as the open floor space in the average American kitchen.

That one hamburger could be called a ‘4,000 gallon burger’ because that’s how much fresh water is used to produce it. Much more wasteful than using 10 –15 gallons to produce a potato don’t you think. That 4,000 gallon figure by the way represents only the amount of valuable fresh water used to produce the meat, oceans of water are polluted in the process as well. Both serious, inexcusable insults to a thirsty world.

Is THE reason why the Ogallala Aquifer lying beneath the middle of the U.S., the largest fresh water source in the world is forecast to totally disappear into a bone dry history in fewer than fifty years. The ancient Ogallala Aquifer is a national treasure for God’s sake, one with far greater ‘real’ value than George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello or even the original documents of Constitution and Independence. In spite of this, some Fat-Asses sitting on the boards of a few power-bloated corporations, too many political officials and the likes of the American Medical Association will just let it happen… If we are too apathetic to “Just Say No”.

Is the reason for the unprecedented modern phenomenon called ‘The Dead Zone, the best known is an area in the Gulf of Mexico, as large as Massachusetts, and growing, that no longer supports aquatic life.

Actually consumes 3/4ths of the fish pulled from our already stripped oceans.

Is the origin of serious historic infectious diseases and many modern ones.

Absorbs 3/4ths of all antibiotics used in the U.S., a practice which sneaks deadly amounts of these health ruining pharmaceuticals into the bodies of consumers (And eventually ends up in our waterways) and is the genesis of modern, medication resistant Super-Bugs.

Injures critically balanced biodiversity with its reliance on GM crops for feed (See GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) 100… GMOs as food homicide) and the taxpayer funded mass-murder of a wide array of wild animals… The program has been adjusted from one that included plans for a total elimination of domestic wolves to the current ‘accessory’ pact with the meat products industry, which now exterminates 1 ½ million members of our wildlife population annually who pose no threat to people but may interfere with ranchers activities.

… And it’s crazy but true that it is more economical and ‘green’ to drive a Cadillac any distance than to walk the same distance IF YOU EAT A STANDARD AMERICAN DIET, BECAUSE OF THE MEAT/MILK COMPONENT!

(When a significant portion of your calories [energy] comes from meat and milk, the ‘true’ economic cost and negative ecological impact is so great that your body is less efficient than an eight cylinder car… So if you scorn the driver of the Hummer whizzing by you in your economical compact for his blatant anti-green, oil drinking, carelessness, better tone down your Hummer cursing if you’re having Cow, Chicken or Pig tonight.)

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